10 Amazing Arcane Trivia That The Show Didn’t Tell You!

Arcane just released and it has instantly become a smashing success, breaking multiple records as the highest-rated Netflix show and passing Squid Game as the most popular show in 30+ countries. League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra fans are the most excited for the release as they see some of their favorite characters come to life. That’s why we’re bringing you more with some Arcane trivia that you probably didn’t know about or have been looking answers for since you watched the end of Act I.

10 Amazing Arcane Trivia From the Show!

First of all, SPOILERS ALERT! If you haven’t watched the show, you might probably read some plot points that might end up ruining the first act for you so continue at your own risk. After watching the first act of Arcane, we’ve found some mention of important plot points that people who don’t really follow the lore might not know about. The show doesn’t really need to dive into these details since it only focuses on the development between the core characters but it’ll help the fans make more sense into some of the events around those characters.

Arcane | Final Trailer | Netflix
Are you ready for some surprising Arcane trivia?

We’ve prepared some Arcane trivia that might interest League of Legends players and a few that can still be relevant even if they don’t play the game at all. Since the show is a standalone series that doesn’t require the player to understand the entirety of the Runeterra Universe, new viewers can still enjoy the fact that this show provides a lot of entertainment because of the amazing portrayal of the characters and the depth of their relationships and situations.

10. What are Hextech Crystals?

Hextech is the technology that brings about the creation of artificial magic. In the show, Jayce and Victor are attributed to be the co-inventors of this technology after they worked together to create a working formula. However, what that might confuse the fans is the origin of the Hextech Crystal or hex-crystals, which is the main material used to draw the energy in order to create artificial magic. However, hex-crystal is the only material that can do this since it has a strong magical source.

Jayce carefully placing a hextech crystal - arcane trivia
The cost of progress!

Hex-crystals are made from Brackern Essence. The Brackern are a race of crystallized beings with strong life energy, this is the race of the champion – Skarner. Skarner’s race went into hibernation deep within the earth to avoid the threat of mortals. However when those very mortals they went to great lengths to avoid accidentally excavated the hibernating brackern, they sought to harvest their essence and sell it to the black market, which caught the eye of certain Piltovans wanting to study its uses.

9. House Ferros

House Ferros was mentioned by the Piltovan Council and it plays a very significant role in the progression of Runeterra as a whole. As a handful of people might know, House Ferros is headed by the family of Camille (The champion) and is the primary distributor for hex-crystals in Piltover. However, the house has its dark side as the hex-crystals is an extremely limited resource so they have to resort to extreme methods to make sure that they monopolize the market.

Camille spoiled in Arcane
The mistress of House Ferros

In the current timeline set in Arcane, Camille’s brother – Stevan – is the current head of clan. The clan motto is “For family, I will give” which is a neat Arcane trivia and might prove to be relevant in the future episodes in Act II or III. In Act I, Camille might still be purely human but that might change in Act II where she finally manages to transform into the Hextech cyborg that she is in the League of Legends universe. The production of artificial hextech, which she oversees, might also be a main plot point in Act II and III.

8. The Hunt for the Golden Demon

In the Ionian Sage featuring the stories of Zed and Shen, they will once again work together to hunt The Golden Demon, who managed to escape after the war in Ionia against the invading Noxus. The Golden Demon refers to Jhin who has been given a new purpose by the Navori and has continued to indulge in his murdering ways. Despite Zed and Shen being enemies in this timeline, they will be forced to work together, bringing along Akali to hunt down the escaped criminal.

Jhin fighting against Camille - arcane trivia
The Mind of the Virtuoso!

There is a very small chance that the Hunt for the Golden Demon will make a small cameo in Arcane since Jhin will be travelling to Piltover/Zaun for a short time while escaping his captors. Of course, the series will need to focus on the original story which means that even if it’s added to the show, it won’t have that much screen time nor will it be explained further. Many people also theorize that Silco is Jhin but this is 100% false as Jhin resides in Ionia and is captured during the time they showed the flashback between him and Vander, and doesn’t like to work with other people.

7. Piltover Rhabdophobia

Rhabdophobia or the fear of magic is a prominent mindset in Runeterra. A lot of people are afraid of the arcane, Piltover and Demacia most especially. Demacia hunts down mages at an early age and has developed anti-magic weapons even though they hand-picked people that are arcane users themselves. In Piltover, magic is completely non-existent since most people here aren’t born with the gift or don’t wish to practice it due to the fact that the city teaches its citizens to fear it.

An airship flying over the city of Piltover - arcane trivia
“Magic has no place in the city”

The reason why a lot of people fear magic is because a lot of cities and civilizations in Runeterra’s history have been wiped out by the irresponsible use of magic, especially forbidden ones. Incidents such as The Ruination or The Decimation of Icathia; small incidents like Annie’s murder of her parents, all contribute to the belief that magic is a dangerous weapon that can’t be trusted. For people who are well educated in history (Piltover), the risk is clear as day.

6. The Noxian Invasion

The Noxian Invasion of Ionia is a significant event that transpires during the timeline of Arcane. While the war itself won’t physically affect Piltover and Zaun, the events that transpire might give a lot of ideas for Silco and the undercity to start an uprising against Topside. Rebellion is only inspired by those who rise up and whether the Undercity will learn from Noxus or Ionia will depend on the perspective of the chem-barons in the city and the approach they will take.

Darius leading an army of Noxians in war
A war affecting many

A good Arcane trivia is that both Piltover and Zaun supply Noxus in terms of technology and weaponry. After all, war is the greatest source of income and a developing city that has created so many advancements not only in the inventions of daily items but also in war, will definitely want to see how their creations work. This might change when Swain and the rest of the modern-day Noxian council begin their coup d’etat against the Emperor Boram Darkwill.

5. Was that Ryze?

In Jayce’s origin story, a mage wearing a hood teleported the near-death mother and son from the cold blizzards of Freljord to somewhere more vibrant. After which, the mage gave Jayce a runestone that would later inspire him to seek alternate ways to create magic. The question is whether or not this mage was Ryze, as it is in the lore that he travels the world to seek the World Runes and a woman and child in distress was lucky enough to find him. Our answer? It might be a no.

A mage in a hood in arcane - arcane trivia
Are you sure that’s Ryze?

The reason why we doubt that Ryze is the mage in the hood is that Ryze is extremely cautious about giving people ideas about the arcane and the fact that he gave a CHILD a runestone is uncharacteristic. Our guess is that the man in the hood was Brand before he got cursed by a World Rune since he was Ryze’s apprentice during the timeline and knew everything that Ryze could. Brand didn’t have the same moral compass that Ryze has so inspiring a child to take up magic is in line with his character.

4. The Warwick Theory

Out of all the Arcane trivia, people have been debating the Warwick Theory most of all. The theory states that either Vander or Deckard will be Warwick. We are 99% sure it’s going to be Vander and there’s solid proof that explains it. If players rewatch Warwick’s special interactions, you’ll notice that he has lines that interact with both Jinx and Vi that points toward one relevant point in the show. For example, Warwick remembers Jinx before his transformation and asks Vi who taught her how to punch.

Warwick's default skin line - arcane trivia
A fate worse than death

In Warwick’s official lore, it is stated that he was a good-natured man who put down the blade to live a better life. Vander uses steel knuckles in Act I but flashbacks with Silco revealed that he used a blade. It is also written that the only thing he remembers in his life as a human was a little girl screaming a name. If you watched the end of Episode 3, you will see that Powder (Jinx) is screaming for Vi to come back after the elder sister learns that Powder was responsible for the explosion.

3. Twitch’s Soft-Reveal

A cool Arcane trivia that players probably didn’t notice is that the series revealed the champion – Twitch. Before the chemical potion was given to Deckard, it was used on a rat to determine if it works. Sure enough, the potion would augment the rat’s physique and allow it to take down the feline threat. The scene ends with a splatter of blood on the tank but it’s not revealed if the rat was put down which we suspect is that they just didn’t care and it escaped.

Twitch in the city of Zaun - arcane trivia
An Arcane trivia you didn’t expect!

In Twitch’s lore, it is stated that he was a lab rat that was used to test chemtech and he evolved after escaping to become more sentient. Since he had to live in the sewers of Zaun, he had enough time to learn the ways of mortals and become a deadly hunter that scours the darkest parts of the city. While we’re not sure if the champion will make an appearance in Acts II & III. it’s safe to say that he had some really nice screen time on the show.

2. Champion Interactions that Make Sense Now!

We’ve already mentioned one of the previous Arcane trivias about Warwick’s interaction with both Vi and Jinx that now make a lot more sense after watching the series but there are others that also hinted some scenes in the series YEARS before the show was released. It’s really amazing how Riot Games can plan so far ahead and stay loyal to their plans despite the fact that there’s a lot that they can forget or throw away once the real thing is being made.

Swain Special Interactions
Swain reveals the truth about Jinx and Warwick in Arcane!

Special interactions include Fiddlesticks, who reveals Jinx’s most frightening thought which says “All your fault! All your fault!”, attributing to the fact that he disobeyed Vi’s orders to stay and ended up killing his entire foster family. Swain also has some special interactions as he is able to draw out a character’s secrets. Swain has special interactions with Warwick and Jinx. His interaction with Warwick is vague but in his interaction with Jinx, he also states that Jinx saw the faces fading in the flames knowing that it was her fault.

1. Vi’s Outfit

The final Arcane trivia that we have is Vi’s outfit, which is a combination of all her foster family’s attires in Act I. The most obvious is Vander’s gauntlets, which he used in his days fighting against the Piltovans and is used by Vi to fight against Silco’s goons in the undercity. Claggor’s goggles are also highlighted since she always wears it over her head as some sort of headband.

Jinx's default outfit inspired by characters in Arcane trivia
A love letter to her family

On her neck, Vi wears a raw hextech crystal which others might think powers her suit but might just be a piece that Jinx had used in a fight. She keeps this to remind herself of her beloved sister. The hard part is finding what Vi wears to remember Mylo. However, you can see on her side shoulder that she has a pauldron that looks like it’s seemingly pierced by something which attributes to the character’s final scene in the show.

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