10 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Purchase a LoL Account

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Randomly a thought comes in your mind when you keep playing the same video game over and over again. It never leaves your mind, and you keep thinking, “this game needs something new, something different.” At first, you don’t know what it may be; probably you’re looking for a new champion, or a custom game, or even some of those pretty skins. But what if I tell you that maybe is something completely different. For example, start all over again with a new League of Legends account and see where it goes.

League of Legends Account
Ride it!

Unlike waiting for Riot to update the game for a new champion (which you’ll need to unlock), that may not be compatible with your favorite role; or a custom game that may not please your liking. You can (literally) take the “rains of the train” and try to revive your enjoyment of the game with just a few bucks.

Still not convinced? No worries. In this article, we’ll discuss more reasons that’ll shine the idea for one Smurf account. After you have read all the elements noted in this piece of writing, you may find this recommendation a lot more compelling. The only thing that all the gamers want is to have fun for a couple of hours; League of Legends still has more options which can captivate our interest a little while longer.

10 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Purchase a LOL Account

1. More champions to play with:

When you get one Smurf Account (Ranked Ready), it is going to have twenty champions to unlock the Game Mode. These new acquisitions probably create an entire list that isn’t compatible with your main League of Legends account. Having this “new” perspective may guide you in trying different things in the game and keep it more interesting in the League of Legends journey. Who knows, maybe these new possessions may require that you learn different roles in a match; which in turn, I’ll open more experiences for you to experience something new in the game.

After you feel comfortable with the new options available for you, there’s always the option to go back to your main lol account and continue using your collection in any match. This kind of freedom in League of Legends can guide you in appreciating different gaming mechanics that each champion contains; besides the idea of how are they useful in their respective lane.

But, if you’re one of those people that want to try their luck in the famous League of Legends RNG(Random Number Generator). You always have to option to choose one Smurf account that only contains capsules for you to unlock and see what outcomes you may get.

Still though, if you want this new option to be more “precise,” you also have the opportunity to get one Smurf Account with some Blue Shards available for you to spend in the champions that you’ll like. Just see the number of shards and calculate how many are required to unlock what you need.

2.Different Skins for you to enjoy:

League of Legends Account
Skins for Days!

Speaking about RNG, what about those free skins that you can have while playing? Don’t you hate it when you’re trying your luck, and you get a “terrible” skin to unlock? Well with more than one League of Legends account, you get the change to roll more times and get better stuff. Gone are the days when you pray to the gods of random numbers for something accustomed to your needs. Remember that with two lol accounts, you’ll get the chance to increase your “champion” options, which means that you’ll probably have good skins to brag in your matches.

Another plus is the “personal store” that activates when there’s a sale. Almost all of us felt disappointed when some of the random discounted skins that we got where not that great. Fear no more though, with different lol accounts, you’ll get the chance to “reroll” for better options. Depending on your results, you may want to take full advantage of the sale for one League of Legends account and ignore the rest.

We all know the difference that it makes when you own cool skins for your favorite champions. Thanks to the work from the artist in Riot, we get to experience our collection in different ways. By making new cool themes, astonishing visual effects and sometimes even new animations. So why not take a little extra advantage when it comes to getting great skins for you to enjoy.

Besides, if you feel like a particular League of Legends account keeps getting stuff that you probably dislike too much, well I got some news for you. You always have the option to sell your lol account and get some revenue of your misfortunes.

3.More Quests to Complete between Events:

League of Legends Account
Questing Around

Sometimes things may end up so quickly (like the quests), and you got nothing else to do until a different event hits the servers. Well, with some Smurf accounts, you had the opportunity to do it all over again. It’s beneficial to count on this strategy, especially on those events that direct you in choosing a quests path. Once you chose your side of a list of the quest, you can’t go back, and you only get one part of the rewards. Now with a different League of Legends account, you get to pick the other part of the event and continue the fun.

If you take the example from the reasons above, with the more Smurf accounts you have, the more rewards you can get when these events are available. Now you have the option to experience everything that the happenings bring to the community; and with a little more extra time, you’ll be able to get more shards for your collection.

Yeah, it probably means that the rewards will split between Smurf accounts, but remember that Riot loves the RNG thing; which means that at the end, you’ll probably stick with the League of Legends account that got the better stuff. You have the freedom to experience all the content that is available to you. And don’t worry, there are lots of cheap lol accounts for you to pick. The only thing to look for is the free time for you to enjoy the events a little further.

4.Hextech Chests to Collect for you Smurf Accounts:

League of Legends Account
Hextech to Collect

Don’t you hate it when you already got the Hextech Chest from your favorite champion, and you cannot earn another one until the new season starts. The same thing can happen when you already unlocked the Hextech Chests of the week, and you have to wait for them to be available again. You probably feel that all those S- (or higher) grades at the end of the match are just going to waste. But hey! Now you don’t have to worry about that once you get your collection of different Smurf Accounts.

After getting the Hextech Chest from your top champions, change the League of Legends account and do it again! Yeah, is that simple to get more. You don’t even have to worry about unlocking the four Hextech Chest for the week, just like the champion thing, you have the freedom to continue with this endeavor.

When you got a big collection of Hextech Chest, the next thing to worry about is the keys. You either have the option to just buying a bunch of keys from the store, or you can only hope that the famous League of Legends RNG gives you enough fragments to unlock everything. Either way, we all know that such chests become restricted per season; if you don’t have enough keys, wait for a little while.

5.Another option if the rank in your main account is too high (or low):

We all know how difficult it is when you’re always fighting for a few wins in the ranked matches. The “tryhard” level still needs to be in the maximum level, and you still need to be aware of everything that happens in the map. It feels like you have no other option, you always need to be on your top level or some miss plays may occur, and people will start flaming. And when the “blaming game” starts to happen, you know that everything else goes downhill. Your teammates may begin to doubt your commitment to the game, and they’ll try to get in your nerves until it is over.

With another Smurf account, you don’t need to worry about such nonsense. If you want to have a break from the “tryhard” playing style, log out and go to another lol account. This freedom makes everything simple for you or anyone that already has a higher rank. With the options that are available once you get a new League of Legends account, you can have the ranked mode unlocked and keep going.

LoL Ranks Symbols
LoL Ranks Symbols

Why not just going casual(you may ask)? Well, competitiveness is not there. Plus, in ranked you always have the option to ban those overused or overpowered(OP) champions. You know what we are talking about, especially when a new OP champion becomes available to the game.

After you have some laughs and feel a lot more comfortable, you always have to option to change lol accounts and turn the “tryhard” on again. You have the freedom to do what you want and how to have fun in the game.

6. Trying Different Regions:

Have you heard the rumors about the different playstyles from all those regions around the glove? Like for example, it is true that the EU region tends to become more competitive due to the success of esports. Or the Asians that always try to make nice plays in every match and always try to stick to end in case something good happens. What about the “trash talking” from the American Servers where they work to insult your entire family before the 15-minute resing option? Well in the lol account shop, you can find different smurf accounts from around the World.

There are tons of cheap lol accounts in the catalog that may dismiss those rumors and let you try for yourself. It’s always interesting to explore how different are the playstyles according to the region you’re playing in those servers. Even sometimes, some people find it easier to get winnings because they can adapt to a playstyle that suits them better.

League of Legends Account
Region Skills

With just a couple of clicks, you can quickly acquire a lol EUW account and try new experiences and adventures in this part of the planet. The same thing is also real for other regions that are available in the shop. Just grab an LVL 30 lol account, and you’re good to go.

Be aware though; you always need to check your “ping” before going for the big leagues in ranked mode. Still, though, the game is playable, and you’re always in point with everything that is happening in the match.

7.Another Summoner’s Name:

League of Legends Account
You name it!

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you probably type random things for your lol account name until it got accepted. When you realize what the final result from your League of Legends account was, it’s now too late. You may think that maybe as time goes by, you’ll get accustomed to such atrocity. But in the end, it never fails to bother your “existence.”

We know, you always have the opportunity to buy the “Summoner Game Change” in the official shop. Still, though, the Smurf shop has cheaper options for you to try out. Besides, even with the same price, you have tons of more benefits. Like for example new champions, shards, capsules, or even a new region.

There are lots of options in the smurf account shop about different cool Summoner’s names. Check them out and get the one that suits you better.
It may look a little troublesome just for the short name in your lol account. But remember that first impressions always matter. The first thing that your possible teammates see when you start a match is your Summoner’s name. And maybe “Tryhard_Ninja69” wouldn’t send the right message. You may try to post some notes to improve the image of you, but it is too late now. Yeah we know, life is the League of Legend world is too hard for those unfortunate players. Thankfully, they now have the options to recover their misstep and start to earn some winnings with a cooperative team.

8.Various Rune Builds:

It is always challenging to have the right Runes when you have lots of options with all the champions in your lol account. Additionally, some champions can fulfill different roles, and each of those roles requires a different set of Runes. Thanks to the many guides over the internet, you always have to option to choose the best stuff but in the picking phase is never enough time to change it. And after that match, you’ll probably need to change the same Rune page all over again.

League of Legends Account
To got to Rune it!

Again, you have to option to buy additional Rune pages in the official store. If you feel like burning $20 for the seven pages’ combo, you can go ahead. But like I stated before, these pages are going to be spent quickly, and you’ll probably are going to need more. The other option is to have different Smurf accounts, you may get fewer Runes pages, but the rest of the stuff is going to make it worth.

Think about it, in one lol account you may focus only on one particular role. Let’s say, for example, you concentrate one Smurf account with Mid champions. The rune pages are going to specialize in those characters that shine better in that role, making everything easier for you. Taking that into consideration, you’ll only need just a couple of pages to have it all ready for combat. Remember that you can get different cheap lol accounts that contain shards for you to use right away, make them handy and only buy those champions that require one role to play.

9. Recalibrate your Rank with an Entire new Smurf Account:

After those ten games to calibrate in a specific position, you can only pray that you got something similar from the last season. Sadly, must of the times, this doesn’t happen. When you’re doing those calibrating matches, most of the time, there may be some teammates that want to troll around. Not caring that much about winning or losing and probably “try out” their new champions from their collection in these crucial matches. Once your Nexus gets broken down into mini pixels, there’s no turning back. You got no other option but to accept your loss and keep trying in this endeavor; with you hoping that things may go better in the next match.

League of Legends Account
Rank Calibration

Having different accounts can make this process a lot less “impactful.” If you don’t like that Rank you got in a particular League of Legends account, don’t worry, log out. After cooling down your emotions and process what happened, learn from your experience. Log in another Smurf account and try again. Things may go better this time around, and you’ll probably get better results, which means a higher rank. When you feel satisfied with the results of a single lol account, you can focus your ranked matches in that one.

Besides that approach, you can always get some cheap lol accounts with Ranks already assigned to them. For example, you can quickly get a lol diamond account and continue the “fight” to the top. From now on, nothing can stop you from getting the best results for your starting Rank. We all know that the higher the rank, the more competitive your matches will get. At the same time, your teammates are going to be more capable of doing their best performance for their respective roles.

10. Another Option when You Lose your Main Account:

Little accidents may occur once or twice that leave you out of your account. Such problems appeared when you forgot your credentials, and you’re waiting for the support team to sort things out. Whatever the case it may be, you may be unavailable to continue playing until everything gets fixed. When such things happen, why waiting for who knows how long, when you can proceed with a different account. And well, after you got your original lol account back in action, you can either continue there or the Smurf account.

Having such freedom can reduce the stress from you if anything happens to you main lol account. After a while, you’ll probably have fewer things to care about once you’re having some matches in the League of Legends ranked mode. But yeah, after you have incidents like these, it is best to keep the vital information of your accounts in a safe place in case memory fails in the future.

Choosing LolFinity

LF favicon

After reading all those benefits, you’ll probably change your mind about having a new Smurf account that can help you in experiencing League of Legends a lot better. Still though, when you’re surfing over the Internet, you’ll probably find things that you won’t understand or don’t need in your future Smurf account. Worry no more, in this part of the article we’ll give you in getting the lol account that suits your needs.

There are lots of options to consider when you’re trying to buy these Smurf accounts in the shop. Do not worry though; follow these simple steps. First, click on *Here* to see the shop catalog with tons of different Smurf accounts. When the website becomes ready on your preferred web browser, click on the desired region. The region can be the same place as your main League of Legends account is, or you can try a different one. After the choice is complete, you’ll see another web site with the various accounts available for you to purchase.

The Smurf accounts contain the next information:

  • Account Level: Ideally the League of Legends account is always 30. With that level, you can quickly unlock the Ranked Mode and continue your dominance in the game. Now that raising the experience of one account has become less tedious, you can reach 50 in no time.
  • The Number of Champions/ Items: Depending on the Smurf account, you can pick whatever you like. For example, if you already want random Champion unlocked and ready to play, you have the option. Or if you’re going to try your luck, there’s also the option to buy one lol account with some capsules for you to unlock. Last but not least, you also have the opportunity of getting just champion shards and get what you want from the official shop.
  • Rank (if any): You have a different option in this particular matter when you buy a new Smurf account. You either get one that has no rank whatsoever and ready to calibrate, or you can get one lol account that already contains the desired rank for you to enjoy.
  • The Region of the Account: This part helps you corroborate what Region you want for your Smurf account to have. Remember, you have the option to continue in the same part of the globe or experience something different in another Region.
  • Rating of the Summoner’s Name: Sometimes, we get creative and pick unusual Smurf names for you to enjoy. Without too much effort, you have the option to become a well know player and get phrasings with that “Great Summoner’s Name.”
  • Email Status: When you get one new Smurf account, it is best that you check that the email is unverified. This element is crucial because you’ll later need to set up this part to make the lol account yours. When it’s verified, you’ll always get a lot of trouble when you’re trying to log online in the League of Legends client.

After you review all those essential parts of the account and you finally found the right Smurf account for you. You’re now just a few clicks away to make it yours forever. Add the “product” to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout (or go back to the shop if you want more). In the checkout page, you’ll have three ways to pay for the Smurf account(s). You can either use Paypal, G2A Pay or Bitcoins. It’s recommendable that you create one LolFinity account for you to get vital information for different purchases. Once you got everything sorted out, you’ll receive an email with the login information of the Smurf account, try it out and start gaming!

League of Legends Account
Have fun!

LolFinity Benefits

There are lots of advantages that you’ll get if you feel like getting a new Smuft account on the LolFinity website. Such benefits can be useful for you when you’re new in this “Smurfing” business, making everything a lot less complicated for you. Remember to take full advantage of all the assistance that this website has to offer. If you feel like everything is running smoothly, you still have the chance to get more League of Legends accounts if needed.

These Benefits are the follows:

Detailed Information:


You’ll get as much information as possible about the Smurf accounts available in the website shop. Everything is accessible for you to chose what suits better. Remember to take your time before you pick something, is always better to check twice to avoid any troubles after the transaction is complete. The ideal account for you may contain any number of champions, or some capsules, or even some shards. At the same time, you get to choose the Region and the Rank.

Another advice is this part is to have a better idea of how to unlock the Ranked Mode. Besides the 30 Account Lvl, you need to have 20 champions in your collection. Calculate how more champions you need or how to spend the shards available in the Smurf account.  If you feel like these calculations are a little too complicated for your tastes, don’t worry. Because other options can simplify this endeavor by getting cheap lol accounts with Ranks already on them.

In other words, you can quickly get one lol Diamond account waiting for you to take advantage and start winning some matches in the Ranked Mode. Above all, the choices are there for you, be patient and choose what it looks better for your needs.

Lifetime Warranty:

There are times when something in the process of making a new account and making it ready for you that merely got some troubles. Who knows what may have had happened that triggered some flags in the League of Legends system. When that inconvenience occurs, the lol account can be “marked,” and there may be unwanted troubles. Similarly, when you buy a Smurf Account from LolFinity, you don’t have to worry about this kind of problem, even though its extremely rare, this website can help you in overcoming such trouble.

Furthermore, when you get the information of the League of Legends account, and you try to log in for the first time in the client, there may be a pop-up message. Don’t worry though, if something like this happens to you, contact Support, and you’ll get a different Smurf Account.

Remember that this is a “Lifetime Warranty,” which means that you always have the chance to rectify this possible mistake.

Instant Delivery:

After the payment gets verified, you’ll get the required information for you to use in the League of Legends client. This method means that in a matter of minutes you’ll be queueing for a match in your new Smurf account. Most noteworthy, all the information is going to be available in the email that you registered when the LolFinity account was complete.

This quick delivery can help you a lot, especially when you got some troubles in your main account. Being unable to play what you want, kind of sucks to anyone. As a result, this time you don’t have to worry any longer.


In some rare occasions, something wrong may have had happened in the middle. It’s always unusual, but sometimes it does. Don’t worry though; the LolFinity has a lot of ways that can help you overcome any nuisance. Above all, you won’t have to wait too much time for any solution on any inconvenience. Consequently, just remember to be respectful and a little bit of patience, and without even knowing it, the support team will get everything sorted for you.

Don’t worry about the day or time to ask for any aid. Because, the quicker you ask for the solution to the problem at hand, the faster the support will be arriving to fix the problem.  

League of Legends Account

Return Policies:

League of Legends Account
Aurelion Sol

We know that sometimes this can happen to anyone. Things may no go as planned and there comes a need to return the purchased account to the website. But, there are some requirements to follow before overtaking this procedure. First, it needs to be less than 30 days after the lol account got purchased. The other things to consider is that the Smurf account requires to be “intact.” By intact we mean that all still have the resources (capsules or shards) untouched. At the same time, the original email from the Smurf account is still the same, and no Hextech Chests became altered. Last but not least, the first credentials need to be present. If everything looks great, you’ll be able to do the return without any troubles.

Account Dashboard:

Once you completed all the information required to make a new account on the LolFinity website, you’ll get a new account. As a result, one of the benefits of doing that procedure is the Dashboard. In this place, you’ll have all the vital information from the Smurf accounts that you purchased on the website. Similarly, this advantage means that with a low effort, you’ll quickly have all the data from your lol accounts. In other words, if you lose the important emails with the credentials of your Smurf accounts, you don’t have to worry any longer. Everything will be available in the Dashboard for you to check if needed.



If you feel that actions only earn trust, well look no further than the constant reviews. Because, with a single click in the top menu of the LolFinity website, you’ll able to see what other people think about us. The design of the webpage can tell you everything you need to know about our clients. Furthermore, in little boxes, you can corroborate the ranking with starts, the name of the client, and his/her kind words with quotes. Feel free to scroll down and check all the information you require to make the last decision. If at the end of the day you’re “sold,” please leave a comment as well to continue with the tradition.


In this part of the website, you’ll find a lot of information that can help you in taking full advantage of your new Smurf Account. There are lots of articles from various topics about League of Legends that can help you in improving your game. At the same time, you’ll have a lot more knowledge about different aspects of the game, like for example:

Better understandings of the champions; with detailed lore, gaming mechanics and how to use their abilities. The different Roles in League of Legends; with some recommendations for you about what role to take, advice, and how to aid your team. Official events from League of Legends; how can you take advantage of the custom games that drop from time to time. Esports; with prestigious tournaments and highlights from distinctive professional players.

General topics about the “video game industry”; these articles always have a little touch from League of Legends to keep everything chained together.
If you have some free time, don’t forget to check a couple of articles, they are waiting for you.


So look no further, get your new Smurf account today and enjoy the benefits that come with it. With just a couple of clicks and minutes to burn, you’ll be able to experience League of Legends with a pair of new eyes. Certainly gone are the days when the development team had all the rules and the “keys” of the train. In contrast, now with this option, you have ways to “bend” some regulations and continue with the fun that you’ll like. No need to stick with the League of Legends RNG, which makes you sad when there are only awful things in return. Above all, you now have the option to “reroll” with different lol accounts and get better items for your enjoyment.

What are you waiting? Get those new champions to try on, try new regions from around the glove and make the ranking mode a lot better for you. As a result, the only thing that matter is that you have fun the way you want. With all the liberties that a Smurf Account can give you, there’s nothing to lose.

League of Legends Account

Besides the option for new Smurf account(s), we’ll be glad if you ask us for the assistance. Besides the League of Legends account(s), you automatically are eligible to lots of benefits from our website. Most noteworthy, these advantages will help in making the transaction a lot more smooth and faster, with little effort from you. Even more, if anything goes wrong, you can always count that our support team will fix any inconvenience as soon as possible.

With all these extensive information about the benefits of having one Smurf account, we hope that you now have a better idea about it. So, you have the last choice to make whether you’ll get one or not. We respect every point of view in this matter. Have a great day!

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