10 Scariest Champion Combos in LoL History

League of Legends champions may be diverse and each has a unique identity, but there are some champions that work well when paired with other champions. Champion combos have existed and are a popular strategy in both pro-play and non-competitive League of Legends. Among these combinations, some have been considered to be the scariest champion combos in League of Legends that they needed to be nerfed or removed from the game. Do you have a combo in mind?

Champion Combinations

Champion combinations or champion combos refer to the synergy that one champion has with another champion in terms of their abilities. Champions that have abilities that enable other abilities to increase the chances of getting kills or surviving fights are highly contested but only if there are players who work well together in the team. Most of these combos were even used as legitimate strategies in the official League of Legends tournaments.

Scariest Champion Combos

Here is our list of 10 scariest champion combos in League of Legends history. Please keep in mind that this list isn’t ranked in any particular order. In addition, some of these combos may be outdated or no longer viable since they’ve received harsh nerfs or changes to prevent them from being abused. You can still try using them n your games to test if they can be used. Worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work but you’re still able to have fun.

1. Xayah & Rakan

When it comes to champion combos, the original duo which were literally made for each other (not trying to be cheesy) is definitely worth the mention. Xayah and Rakan‘s abilities have increased effects when one or the other is nearby or is the target. Professional games often try to separate the lovers by picking or banning one of the pair to prevent them from gaining increased abilities which will work to their advantage.

The Lovers Duo, Xayah and Rakan
The Lovers Duo

Their combos aren’t exactly as flashy and noticeable as the others in this list, but with their consistent performance as a pair, they are definitely a scary duo to play against. Since these champions are originally in the bottom lane, they will mostly stick together throughout the game. Although, these champions (Rakan particularly) can both stand alone and are widely used even in solo queue games today without the need to pick the other.

2. Kalista & Kennen

The Kalista & Kennen combo was a popular bottom lane picks during the early days of Kalista’s release. Nowadays, people prefer Kalista & Taric but the deadliness of the previous duo was absolutely unparalleled due to how easy it was to get gold as a support back then. The main combo relies on Kalista using her ultimate ability to set up Kennen into jumping in the middle of the enemy team where he can use his own ultimate to set up a multi-enemy stun.

Kalista and Kennen Combo | Best Duo Queue Champion Combos #11

The laning phase was also extremely tough against these two champions since you’ll be facing a lot of poke from Kennen and Kalista’s Q abilities. Kennen can safely use his ultimate ability through Kalista’s ultimate since the impact will cause the enemies to be knocked airborne, which should buy him a few extra milliseconds to cast it. Pair it with Zhonya’s Hourglass and Hextech GLP and it should help him set up the perfect wombo combo to win a crucial teamfight.

3. Garen & Yuumi

The Garen & Yuumi combo was a popular bottom lane pick back when Riot Games decided to kill marksmen after the deadly marksman update. The duo utilizes double support items (Spellthief’s Edge for Yuumi and Relic Shield for Garen) to propel the gold lead faster. Yuumi is in charge of poking the enemies with her Q while Garen tries to farm the minion wave and survive incoming damage with his W and Passive abilities.

Garen and Yuumi side by side images
Delivering death

The main focus of the Garen – Yuumi combo was to propel Yuumi into a carry position by giving her the gold to buy items like Luden’s Echo and Mejai’s Soulstealer to increase her damage output. Garen is basically only part of this combo as a transportation system for Yuumi to get her Ultimate in range and survive a ridiculous amount of damage. Garen can also do a lot since he doesn’t have to worry about being poked and kited by the enemy team.

4. Yasuo & Gragas

Yasuo & Gragas is another bottom lane option popular after the marksman update. Just looking at the combo already gives you a general idea of how this combo works. Yasuo acts as the main damage dealer while Gragas provides the CC and support damage to help Yasuo secure the kills. The main charm of this bot lane duo is featured during teamfights where they are able to showcase a masterful CC chain to last for days at a time.

Gragas and Yasuo side by side images

The combo activates when Gragas either uses his E or Ultimate ability to knockup the enemy into the air. Yasuo then immediately uses his own Ultimate ability to lock the enemy in place, keeping them their a while longer while dealing a significant amount of damage. While Yasuo suspends the enemies in the air, he sets up his Q below the enemy so that it can charge up enough to deal a significant amount of damage to finish them off.

5. Hecarim & Zilean

Hecarim & Zilean is the first cross-lane combo champion in this list. The combo works by boosting Hecarim’s damage output and giving him an additional layer of sustainability. These two champions belong in their respective lanes and don’t work until much later in the game when they have enough items to make their combo work. Once this combo is activated, you can expect extremely aggressive plays that will catch your team offguard.

Hecarim + Zilean - Bomb Delivery - Break The Meta [League of Legends]

The combo begins with Hecarim preparing his E ability to increase his movement speed to charge towards the enemy team. Zilean plants a bomb on top of Hecarim and activates his E ability to further increase Hecarim’s speed. Hecarim will charge towards the squishiest member of the enemy team and try to burst them down using his abilities. Zilean may also add his Ultimate ability to the combo to prevent the enemy team from killing him immediately.

6. Nocturne & Shen

Nocturne & Shen is one of the scariest champion combos that utilizes two ultimates that work together. Because of this, they’ll need to wait until they’re both level 6 for both to work. This is incredibly scary since the two ultimates are globals and semi-globals which work best reactively against enemy abilities. This means that the enemy will be too afraid to make a move against your team unless they’re sure that one or both of your cooldowns are up.

Shen and Nocturne splash art
The will of the shadows

The combo works with Nocturne activating his ability to dive an enemy champion or the enemy team. Shen will follow up by using his ability on Nocturne to give him a shield and join him in battle after a few seconds. Once both are in position, they will layer some CC by using Fears and Taunts to lock enemies in place as they assassinate the squishier members of the team. This will give your teammates enough time to catch up and join in on the fight.

7. Twitch & Yuumi

Going back to bottom lane combos, we have Twitch & Yuumi. The cat & rat champion combo works by utilizing Twitch’s Camouflage ability to hide both of them at the same time while waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Unlike most of the combos on this list, the thing that makes this combo scary is the fact that their presence can constantly be a threat throughout the map, making it dangerous to travel alone or even in groups of 2.

Yuumi x Twitch Montage - League of Legends

Twitch and Yuumi begin the combo by Twitch activating his ultimate ability or releasing a Venom Cask while Yuumi casts her ultimate ability at the same time. This will root all the enemies within the line and allow Twitch to hit multiple enemies at once and deal a ridiculous amount of damage. By the time the enemies are released from the root, they’ll be too low to retaliate against the duo and will be forced to run away or fight a losing battle.

8. Miss Fortune & Leona

Miss Fortune & Leona is a straightforward but dangerous combo. This is one of the few combos that will remain relevant no matter when. The combo relies yet again on the duo’s ultimate abilities which try to catch as many enemies as possible. The ridiculous amount of damage that Miss Fortune can dish out to enemies makes her a dangerous champion to group together against. This will force enemies to scatter and ultimately leave a crack in their formation.

Hand drawn Leona and Miss Fortune Champion Combos
Raining sunfire and bullets

The combo begins with Leona catching out multiple enemies with her E + Q Combo or Ultimate Ability. Miss Fortunate will layer both her E and Ultimate Abilities to deal a massive amount of damage to the enemies caught in place. If any enemies are still alive after this combo, Miss Fortune will be able to catch them with the help of her passive ability and W ability which enables her to give chase. Leona is in charge of preventing enemies from trying to interrupt her during the channel.

9. Galio & Jarvan IV/Camille

Probably one of the more recognizable champion combos, Galio + Jarvan IV/Camille works by catching enemies and layering CC down on the unfortunate victims. This combo requires Galio and one of the two champions since they basically have the same ability albeit for different situations. Jarvan IV can catch out multiple enemies with his ultimate but enemies can easily escape. Camille has an inescapable ultimate but will catch fewer enemies.

RNG's INSANE WOMBO COMBO! - RNG Jarvan + Galio Combo! (RNG vs SSG Worlds 2017 Highlight)

The combo begins with either Jarvan IV or Camille using their ultimates on the target/s. Galio will follow up by using his own ultimate to layer a knockup on the trapped enemies. Jarvan IV and Camille can then freely deal damage to the enemies while Galio prepares for a multi-enemy taunt using his W. Camille and Jarvan can also layer another set of CC to prevent one or more enemies from moving. If executed correctly, this combo is extremely fearsome.

10. Sona & Taric

Sona & Taric is the final champion combo on this list and was another prominent pick after the marksman update. The combo revolves around both champions getting a ton of gold to buy items which enable not only strong support items to dominate vision around the map but also strong AP items to make Sona a strong mage with a high amount of damage to kill squishy enemies while keeping her allies safe with the ridiculous amount of heals.

Meta Report - Sona & Taric Bot Lane

Taric also does a good job in keeping enemies at bay and locking them down with stuns. With Taric being able to get gold quickly, he can buy Abyssal Mask which will give him a consistent mana supply. With his mana supply being almost unlimited, he can just spam Q on cooldown which will supply your team with more heals and turn the fight in your favor. Teamfights are a pain to deal with when fighting against a Sona & Taric team composition.

Other Champion Combos

There are other champion combos that we might have missed but these ones definitely stand out the most. League of Legends is incredibly versatile in what you want to do and there are so many ways for teams to wins. Try playing these champion combinations when you have the time with your friend to and enjoy watching your enemies get frustrated by the cheese. Remember that not all of these combos can still be used in today’s meta especially with the new Shop Update for season 11.

What is a wombo combo in LoL?

A wombo combo refers to a flashy and exciting combinations of abilities that work well together to create the perfect opportunity for your team or a creative way to get a kill. Players often use this term when their abilities perfectly line up to create something amazing. It is also widely used in other games with the same definition as this one.

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