11 Oldest League of Legends Pros

The League of Legends competitive scene has been around for quite some time. We have players from different backgrounds and ages playing the game every day, and the best of these individuals get to play in the professional scene in order to make a living. Let’s take a look at some of the oldest League of Legends pros that have still managed to stay relevant in the scene despite the demand for younger talent. Who do you think will be the oldest League of Legends pro on the list?

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Who do you think is the oldest League of Legends pro?

Oldest League of Legends Pros

The average career of an esports player is significantly short compared to traditional sports since an esports player’s peak starts early on in their lifetime. That being said, some esports personalities have managed to remain relevant in an environment where the dominating players are born from 1998 and above which are Generation Z. This is a surprising feat considering most organizations would have replaced them with younger talent that still has room for development.

In this list, we’ll be taking a look at the oldest League of Legends pros that are still active and are playing on the main roster. Academy players are still considered as long as they’re playing actively on the roster. Players that are inactive or are no longer playing for any team under the Riot Games competitive regions (such as Xmithie, LemonNation, Doublelift, etc.) will not be part of the list. Coaches are also out of the list since we’ll only be looking at players who are doing hands-on duty.

11. Darshan

Darshan or ZionSpartan is one of the original LCS players. He began his career as a Top Laner and continues to do so until today. He originally played for Team Coast before he moved onto Dignitas where his career really boomed. He has continued to play for different teams in the LCS since then until he got relegated onto the LCS Academy League on 2019. He has been on three different academy teams since 2019 which hints that he is falling behind.

Darshan preparing for his game
LCS Darshan
  • Birthday: November 12, 1994
  • Age: 26
  • Current Region: North America
  • Pro Debut: 2012
  • Current Team: Cloud9 Academy

Darshan continues to play professionally in Cloud9 Academy as their starting Top Laner. As one of the Top Academy teams, it looks like he hasn’t given up the chance to try and get back to the LCS as a starting mid laner for a major team. Being 26 years old is a significant disadvantage for a professional player but if he works hard, he’ll be able to go back if he wants to. North America has had older players in the past so we might not see a voluntary retirement any time soon.

10. CoreJJ

Everyone knows about CoreJJ. He’s a support player for Team Liquid and former world champion while he was still playing with Samsung Galaxy in 2016. The most surprising part about CoreJJ is that he’s the only Korean on this list. Koreans have very short esports careers because they need to attend Mandatory Military Training before the age of 28. Most are conscripted before that time even arrives.

CoreJJ playing with Doublelift
  • Birthday: June 22, 1994
  • Age: 26
  • Current Region: North America
  • Pro Debut: 2013
  • Current Team: Team Liquid

CoreJJ currently plays for Team Liquid as their superstar support player. He’s still 26 years old so he has 2 more years at most before he’s forcibly taken away from esports. This Korean law is extremely strict and the requirements towards making an exception are really strict. As of now, he’s probably building a future by earning as much money as he can while playing in North America. Despite his age, he is still rocking it in the bottom lane.

9. Vander

Vander has probably been around since the creation of professional League of Legends. He is one of the oldest veterans left in the LEC from the very early days of of the EU LCS. He still competes with the best teams in the region, with people looking towards him for leadership and experience about the game. Today, he plays for Misfits Gaming but he managed to play at the League of Legends Worlds Group Stage with Rogue.

Vander playing at the World Stage
LEC Vander
  • Birthday: April 18, 1994
  • Age: 26
  • Current Region: Europe
  • Pro Debut: 2011
  • Current Team: Misfits Gaming

Vander continues to be a relevant player in the LEC. Even though Misfits is barely holding onto a playoffs spot during Spring 2021 of the LEC, the bottom lane looks like their strongest area. He looks like he still has a long career ahead of him playing professional League of Legends. Who knows? In 4 years he might even continue playing and finally get the official record of oldest League of Legends pro that is still actively playing on the main roster of a team.

8. PromisQ

PromisQ doesn’t have the longest career in League of Legends nor is he one of the most famous players around. Most people probably know him from the G2 vlogs as their substitute Support Player. Although, he technically is an MSI champion since he was part of the G2 Esports roster that won MSI 2019. Regardless of his relevance in the esports scene, it’s still impressive that he still plays professional League of Legends despite being sidelined so much throughout his career.

PromisQ playing with H2K gaming
LEC PromisQ
  • Birthday: March 4, 1994
  • Age: 27
  • Current Region: Europe
  • Pro Debut: 2015
  • Current Team: Astralis

PromisQ currently plays for Astralis as their starting Support player so he’s finally found a place where he can truly shine on the stage. Even though Astralis is struggling really hard to compete against more experienced players in the region, the team will eventually find their own way to become a relevant team. Starting at the age of 27 ain’t so bad considering that most people don’t even make it into professional esports let alone land a starting position in a Major Region.

7. Ceros

Ceros is one of the biggest names in Japanese esports. He is a superstar mid laner and even said that he wants to become known as a Faker-like figure in his home country. Japan isn’t necessarily one of the biggest places to play League of Legends but if you Buy an Unranked Smurf in the region, you might find yourself enjoying one of the most fun regions to play in. It’s also one of the regions that have the oldest League of Legends pros in the world.

Ceros playing at the play in stage
JP Ceros
  • Birthday: December 7, 1993
  • Age: 27
  • Current Region: Japan
  • Pro Debut: 2013
  • Current Team: DetonatioN FM

Japan isn’t a region that’s restricted by age since the region has a very low playerbase compared to the other regions. This is why it’s hard to find younger talent that has a fresh instinct to shine on stage. Luckily, the old guards are willing to hold the torch for as long as they can if it means proving that they’re still the same pros that the fans have supported all those years. Japan is filled with potential and is one of the better regions to invest your time in right now.

6. Dimonko

Dimonko is a Russian League of Legends player that plays in the LCL with Dragon Army. He mains the Support Role but spent a good portion of his career in the coaching position. He isn’t as prominent as a lot of players on this list but he does fit the requirements of being one of the oldest League of Legends pros who is still actively playing with a team that competes in the Riot Games major tournament. He did compete in the 2015 all-stars tournament in the 1v1 tournaments.

Dimonko getting an interview postagame
CIS Dimonko
  • Birthday: October 20, 1993
  • Age: 27
  • Current Region: CIS
  • Pro Debut: 2013
  • Current Team: Dragon Army

Dragon Army isn’t at the top of the LCL but they manage to compete against some of the top teams in the region. This player has been competing for quite some time. Like many other minor regions, age isn’t the prime determinant of hunting for talented players. Sometimes, players that have more experience turn out to more valuable than younger players. Even if he goes back to coaching, he’ll be able to guide other players towards victory.

5. Meteos

Meteos is one of the oldest League of Legends pros in North America that still competes on the main stage. Everybody knows him from his time on the original Cloud9 roster that secured the championships so many times. Even though he isn’t as appreciated as he was during the peak of his career, Meteos is still valued as a jungler but is sadly relegated to the Academy league. He still manages to make the main team from time to time but his career has never been the same since leaving C9.

Meteos doing an interview with Ovilee May
LCS Meteos
  • Birthday: June 13, 1993
  • Age: 27
  • Current Region: North America
  • Current Team: 100Thieves Academy

North America seems to have some of some of the oldest League of Legends pros among the major regions. Before the start of the Spring 2021 split, Doublelift and Xmithie would have also made the list as they were also born in 1993 and later. Meteos is one of NA’s bigger personalities that our more traditional fans will definitely remember even when League of Legends is no longer as big of an esports as it is today.

4. Hachamecha

Hachamecha is another Japanese League of Legends pro. He currently plays with Rascal Jester as their starting Jungler. League of Legends in Japan came out fairly recently after high-demand for their own server caused Riot Games to take action and open up the Japanese server. Not many players grew up playing League of Legends unlike in regions like North America or Korea where players began playing professionally as early as 15 years old.

Hachamecha doing an interview
JP Hachamecha
  • Birthday: March 21, 1993
  • Age: 27
  • Current Region: Japan
  • Current Team: Rascal Jester

Rascal Jester is currently at the Top 3 spots alongside DetonatioN FM. Hachamecha spent 4 years with Japan’s Crest Gaming but moved to Rascal Jester at the beginning of the 2020 season. Looking at the pace of Rascal Jester during the season, we might be able to see them play at the Mid-Season Invitationals if they manage to win LJL Playoffs.

3. Aphromoo

Aphromoo is an NA boomer. He has been around since the establishment of the LCS much like most of the LCS pros on this list. He has outlasted a lot of his peers and is the only one from his generation that still holds a starting position on the main roster of a team in the LCS. He’s become one of the most irreplaceable players in the region where players look towards him for leadership.

Aphromoo giving out a big smile
LCS Aphromoo
  • Birthday: September 8, 1992
  • Age: 28
  • Current Region: North America
  • Current Team: Dignitas

Aphromoo was known with his duo alongside Doublelift where they were known as Rush Hour which was a play on the character duo in the movie the name was based on. Aphromoo is always on the starting roster and has never been sent to the Academy league (except for that 1 day he had to sub in) which speaks of his consistency as one of the top support players in the region. He always seems to be in charge of coaching developing ADCs wherever he ends up playing.

2. apaMEN

ApaMEN is the final Japanese League of Legends pro on this list and is definitely the oldest. Unlike most Japanese League of Legends pros, his career dates back to 2013 when he played with PeachServer Allstar (now called Rascal Jester). Even his picture says a lot about him and you know a gamer has spent a lot of time being dedicated to one game when those locks flow like a grand waterfall.

Hachamecha's Riot Games player profile
  • Birthday: December 5, 1991
  • Age: 29
  • Current Region: Japan
  • Current Team: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Gaming

ApaMEN has been a League of Legends pro for a very long time. Minor regions don’t have as much priority on younger talent than major regions do.

1. BrTT

BrTT is one of the more prominent players in the minor regions because of his personality and achievements as both a League of Legends pro and a streamer. He was once considered the best Draven player in the world, something that Tyler1 might be contesting in today’s era. He spent most of his career with paiN Gaming and continues to do so until today even though he switched rosters a few times before.

BrTT playing on stage | oldest League of Legends pro
  • Birthday: February 19, 1991
  • Age: 30
  • Current Region: Brazil
  • Current Team: paiN Gaming

BrTT is so old that his viewers call him Pai, which means Dad in Brazil. He is currently the oldest League of Legends pro in the world at 30 years old. Considering that he’s still one of Brazil’s most beloved players, he might continue to play for the foreseeable future.

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