14 Mistakes To Avoid When Playing League of Legends

Are you a team player? Can you sacrifice your abilities for the sake of the team? Here are 14 Mistakes To Avoid When Playing League of Legends.

I know what you’re thinking, what do I need to be a team player when we are talking about gaming, right? Perhaps its time you reconsider your beliefs especially if you are a fan of League of Legends and you have been on a losing streak.

Why? Well, League of Legends, unlike other games is a multiplayer game: this means that the game is meant to be played by multiple players on one team as a whole rather than as individuals. So, the first step that will garner points your way is teamwork.

And, there’s more. League of Legends is unlike other multiplayer games you could have come across online as it boasts a robust roster of your playable characters and each player has a unique set of skills plus abilities which may need honing. Taking these factors into consideration, it isn’t surprising that it takes a lot of time and effort to understand, play and move up the levels.  However, you need to know that the learning process is rewarding, only if you learn the tricks of the game and avoiding major loopholes that could lead to the failure of the team.

And, noting that your team has the highest chance of winning if you make the least number of mistakes, this article outlines some of the important mistakes that are costing your team points.

Mistakes To Avoid When Playing League of Legends

  1. Ignoring farming

An almost rookie behavior that takes you up to the skewers faster than you anticipated is ignoring farms. This mistake is common with beginners who fail to focus on their economy. With farming as an integral part of League of Legends, getting up to three times the gold that the enemy gets puts you in a naturally stronger position than the enemy.

You also need to remember that if you kill between 12 and 18 minions you earn the same number of points as you do when scoring a champion.

  1. Assuming that the games in the low ELO appear harder to win than those in the high Diamond levels

The gold, silver and bronze players often have one thing in common – assuming that low ELO is the hardest level. While this appears to be the truth, it becomes true for many people because of a shared philosophy that the level is hard and also because of the selfishness of the players. Passing the level needs selfishness and players should be willing to sacrifice their talents, skills, and abilities for the team to win. By recognizing that you all need to be compatible, then your chances of emerging the champions increase. This means accepting some losses on behalf of the team.

  1. Underestimating the objectives of the game

League of Legends’ main objective is to get ahead of your enemy rather than going on a rampage to kill all your enemies in an uncontrolled manner. This means that you should complete your objectives as per the map.

While killing off the Baron or the Dragon gives you a great head start, focusing on the smaller and the neutral mobs is as effective or even more effective than taking on the Baron or the Dragon.

Pushing your lane to the enemy’s turrets allowing you to farm for the neutral mobs hiding in the jungle, rather than waiting for your enemies to push back is more effective.

  1. Choosing the wrong champion

When you buy League of Legends account or when you buy league smurf, you soon learn that you should kill then mid-bot two times. You also learn that you need to choose the right champion. But, what happens when you kill the mid bot but fail to pick the right champion? Well, when playing support with the wrong champion, it will be a suicidal mission choosing Tristana for a championship role since she cannot be a tanky unit. This is because support should be the tanky unit to take on the heavy damage and to protect the team’s AD Carry.

It is, therefore, wise to choose Nautilus or Braum over Tristana when you are in the support position. To increase your chances of winning, you should select a champion that fits the assigned role: it means that you have to go through the champion guides to understand the strengths and the weaknesses, as well as the roles of different LoL champions.

  1. Exhibiting toxic behavior

By being the toxic player who buys the league of legends accounts, it means that the whole game dies when the number of players flaming is greater than the number of players who aren’t flaming. If you a disruptive player buying one of the cheap LoL accounts, you should know that your disruptiveness will affect nine others and that will easily take down your team. Unless you want out of the game, you should show aggression towards your team players. Don’t forget that you lose your chances in the Honor System by exhibiting toxic behavior because only the good ones are rewarded.

Note this when dealing with players exhibiting toxic behavior: you should learn how to mute them. If you don’t learn this skill, then you will tilt and lose the game. You should mute more when a player speaks aggressively, and you shouldn’t look back. You won’t miss anything.

  1. Underestimating the in-game timings

In every game, there exists a threshold; a time during which your knowledge of the game doesn’t determine or guarantee wins. At this time, wins and losses are determined by several small things. While you can win with your knowledge in the early stages of the game, things change, and variables increase as you play more.

So, it only makes sense to memorize these timings. They include:

The Outer Blast Cones Spawn that takes place between 5:00 and 5:30 and it’s helpful when you’re in the side lane with the cone on the other side.

Midlaner Hits Level Six which happens after 6.30, Rift Herald Spawns at 9.50; the Minor Runes Activate at the 10:00 mark. The Minor Runes Activate a rather big game changer since there will be minor runes (Conditioning, Gathering Storm Magical Footwear, Transcendence, and Perfect Timing) coming online at the same time, and after season 8.

You also have the Baron Spawns and the Homeguard Activates which come online at the 20-minute mark, and lastly, you have the Elder Dragon Spawns whose tricky timing makes it the toughest to time. Why is the Elder Dragon Spawns timing tricky? Well, you have to consider that the Dragon spawns at 35:00 but, there is a catch: the pit should be empty for spawning which takes 6 minutes; meaning that the dragon must die at 29:00 for it to spawn at its earliest. Don’t forget that if the dragon dies between 23:00 and 29:00, a regular dragon appears in place of the Elder Dragon.

It is, therefore, clear that underestimating these times could easily cost your team points.

  1. Buying the incorrect item

This game focusses on building your scoreboard as well as watching what your enemies are stocking up on. Doing this lets, you buy the right items to fight your enemies. But, if you are buying similar items in every game, then you keep losing.

While you need to keep your core items constant, you also need to ensure that you are building your core with the right items. While searching LoL sales, you should also look at what star players are stocking on to up your game.

  1. Not owning an active pink wand

The pink wands grant permanent vision unless kills. This means that you should offensively plant all your pink wands to make a pick or place the defensively if you’re dealing with an aggressive enemy. The wands will also help you enjoy an extra-long vision.

A trick you should have up your sleeve is to buy a new pink wand and to find a new location if your wand is spotted then killed by the enemy.

  1. Losing your calm

In spite of your raging adrenaline and cortisol levels, you shouldn’t lose your cool when playing League of Legends. Even with all the elements plus champions affecting the dynamics of the game, you should keep your mind straight and calm, take advantage of the timings above, and don’t have a closed mind- things can turn awry in seconds. So, don’t charge at your enemy because you are frustrated to breathe deeply and play with a level head, always; even when you are losing.

  1. Taking on the Turret

Though tempting, most beginners make the mistake of fighting under the turret. This is a big mistake, and regardless of the number of times or months or even years you have been in the game, you shouldn’t try taking on a turret alone. Doing so means you risk losing your life and even your team.

Why is this a big deal? Well, turrets can cause damage that scales with different consecutive hits and the turrets will prioritize champions inflicting heavy damage to other champions. So, unless you are suicidal, don’t take on a turret, especially when alone and when you don’t have the firepower to battle a turret and win.

  1. Forgetting all about the trinkets

You need to improve your game if you don’t have a trinket wand on the cooldown. Keeping this in mind, you should have a vision of a map dictating how aggressively you can play without appearing or making yourself appear vulnerable. To be safe, you should glance at the clock when placing your trinket so that it becomes easier to place it back instantly when it’s off the cooldown.

You can only omit this step if you know the precise location of the enemy’s jungler on the map.

  1. Pushing the wave constantly

You are aware of the fact that the junglers will salivate all over at the thought of any enemy laner shoving the wave constantly towards the turret, right? Well, you need to know that.

This is a crucial cautionary step to take unless you want the enemy to win. Note that you can push the wave against your opponents when playing but, you shouldn’t do that when the enemy’s jungler is close by. So, unless you know the location of the jungler, don’t push the wave.

At the same time, you make a mistake when you fail to push in the wave before you back away. This is because getting that wave frozen on you is in no way fun. To prevent starving, you need to act by pushing your wave of minions towards the enemy tower while forcing the tower into executing the wave, and denying the enemy experience and gold as a result.

At the same time, you can also act if your health is deteriorating and when you afraid of ganking by pinging your junglers to help you push the wave to the turret. You have to give out some of your minions in exchange.

  1. Using your pings liberally

Though this move helps your team when you’re coordinating map movements, not pinging enough is a risk you shouldn’t take.

You need to ping more whenever your opponent goes out of the lane or when you are looking to teleport/ gank to another lane: that is, when the opponent overextends. You also need to ping more when you see the enemy’s jungler.

  1. Letting greed control you

Whether you’re chasing minions or looking forward to making a kill for farming, doing so greedily will land you in trouble, and it isn’t something you want to do as a beginner. Also, when playing the AD, ensure that you have support for protection during ganking and poking missions.

Besides acting out of greed, the other thing you shouldn’t do is quitting too early. This is a game like all the others you have played: death is inevitable and being a multiplayer game, your teammates could goof up, and you could be ganked when you don’t expect. So keep playing and learn from your mistakes.

Other mistakes include not giving your opponents enough credit, chasing kills for too long and leveling the wrong ability.

Finally, if you are ahead of the others, end the game fast.

Avoiding these mistakes after you buy LoL Smurf at the LoL sale will increase your chances of winning. With time, you will learn that buying League of Legends accounts is the simplest thing you can do and the tough bit is in the game.

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