15 Tips to Learn for ADCs – The Mechanics Behind the Role

The ADC is the core role in every League of Legends game and is probably the most fun role to play. An ADC has the power to carry games and as Uncle Ben once said, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. The thing is that other roles are susceptible to mistakes. But, an ADC is a role that can’t afford to make mistakes. That is what this post is going to be all about. We’re going to list out fifteen tips for ADCs that we learnt ourselves from the very best in League. Some of these tips are basic stuff, but most of the tips were gathered from pros players that we analyzed over the past month. So, let’s drop right into our version of tips for ADC role.

1. Creating Combos With Your Support

Any ADC can stay in a lane and last hit efficiently, but you need to go above and beyond not only to increase your farm, but annoy the heck out of the enemy laner at the same time. While there are a lot of ways to do that, we suggest creating combos with your support. You could ask your support to pick a specific champ that will make the lane a nightmare for the other team. Most supports will listen to you if you explain exactly why you think that champ is a good pick, so crack your fingers and get typing. 

Let’s not slip away from the topic at hand. The thing is that there will be always be a time when pure skill simply isn’t enough. The enemy laners can be extremely good and in such situations, you will need to have something extra. An ace up your sleeve, a backup with which you can profit from the mechanics of the game. This is what this ADC tip is mostly about. 

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So, let’s talk about a couple of ADC / Support combos that can dominate the bot lane. 

Tristana / Taric

Tips for ADC - Tristana Taric combo
The Handsome and the Cheeky

The first combo we have for you is Tristana / Taric. Even now, several patches later, this combo can still pack a serious punch. As a support, Taric has evolved from decent to a powerhouse in the current meta, especially when paired with Tristana, as this combo can become pure cancer. Taric can really stun opponents well with his Dazzle Dazzle and at the same time, Tristana can place a bomb using her Explosive Charge Explosive Charge .  

But, even if you don’t use those two abilities in succession, Taric can generally really complement Tristana’s abilities. His Bastion Bastion and Cosmic Radiance Cosmic Radiance allow Tristana to take huge amounts of risks – Risks that she wouldn’t be able to take on her own. Taric not only protects Tristana from being ganked, but he can also help her dive into the towers with very minimal risk. 

Thresh / Vayne

Tips for ADC - Vayne Thresh combo
Just Pure Cancer

And now we have yet another OP combo that you should really give a shot, Thresh and Vayne. I’ll let you in on a little secret. If Thresh hooks you up with his Death Sentence Death Sentence, you’re as good as dead. This combination is so lethal, that you’re not safe even behind your precious tower. Thresh can just drag you out of the lane with the impending thread of death while Vayne will just farm in peace on the lane. And while recent patch changes made this build a little less scary, there’s still little you can do to counter these two. The only way to not get dragged into oblivion would be to dodge those hooks coming your way. Do not let Thresh get too close to you and that way, Vayne won’t be able to take you out. 

Vayne packs a lot of damage from her passive, Silver Bolts Silver Bolts, which will make any target in her path melt away. The only true way to counter this combo would be to pick a really tanky laner. You will drop to less than half HP, but at least you won’t die. Not getting much farm is a way better scenario than Vayne taking in some kills. 

Caitlyn / Morgana

tips for adc - caitlyn morgana combo
Caitlyn & Morgana Combo

Our third combo on the list is a very much appealing one. Both in the looks but in the power it packs into the battlefield as well. The synergy that can be achieved by Morgana and Caitlyn on the lane has been a community favorite for years now and it’s still a viable.

So let’s get to it then. Morgana can help out by keeping the lane safe and fishing up an easy kill with her Dark Binding tips for adc - dark binding icon. Then, Caitlyn can just put a little pause on her easy farm thanks to her duo partner and come in to snatch in that easy kill. If the timing manages to get right, Caitlyn can also use her Yordle Snap Trap tips for adc - Yordle Snap Trap or 90 Caliber Net tips for adc - 90 Caliber Net to her advantage. She can snare the target close to her and then with the help of Piltover Peacemaker tips for adc - Piltover Peacemaker BAM! Target’s down.

This combo’s fun to play with, we can’t deny that.

The liberty to make your own OP combo

Keep in mind that those are only a few examples of already successful combos that a lot of players use. The beauty in League of Legends is that you can make your own combo.

Pick two champions and look around their skills, see how they can work together to create an unstoppable force. It might take a few tries to get it right but it’s fun that way.

You can also check out the Summoner School on Reddit for more ideas people have on what works and what not in-game.

2. Playing with a limited Champion pool

Yes, you read that right. While it is something hated by many, it’s also a pretty much secured way to win. We will go ahead and say this first however, spamming a single champion is bad. Especially if you have zero game knowledge and somehow manage to get to a higher ELO by spamming one single champ. You can’t really call yourself a great player until you can play any champion based on what the situation asks of you. You can’t expect to get a dozen kills with a first pick Master Yi Master Yi , Yasuo Yasuo or Garen Garen and still be called an amazing player. 

The Jack of all trades phrase doesn’t apply here much

Although, this is honestly just a misconception. Spamming a champion might be morally wrong in the eyes of others, but it will still get you that win. On the first tip, we talked about how getting an edge on the mechanics can help you secure a win. Well, that line is even better implied in this tip. 

Only playing with a limited hero pool of 3 to 4 heroes gives you a great advantage. The advantage of knowledge. The other enemy laner may not be as experience with the champ they’re playing, but you’re already a master at yours and know the ins and outs of it. That’s how you get to gain the upper hand. For example, if you’re playing Zed Zed icon, you’ll know exactly how much damage Death Mark Death Mark icon  does and you know well when you can dive in for a kill and when to avoid being killed for it. 

However, if you’re new to the game, do not try this. This ADC tip is for people that do have the knowledge of every single hero in the game. They know their abilities and can play every champion to their highest potential. If you’re new and stick to a few heroes, you’ll really restrict yourself and won’t have enough room to learn more about the mechanics of the game and how other heroes work. 

You might learn how to properly play Caitlyn Caitlyn icon, but you will fail against Yasuo Yasuo icon, which is a hard counter and you won’t know this because you’ve never given the champion much thought. The best way to raise your skill and knowledge is to experiment and try out different heroes and playstyles. Once you feel that your knowledge is high enough, you can move on to playing a limited pool of heroes. If you wish to learn how to increase your champion pool, here’s a guide that we wrote on that topic. 

A small word of advice

Before you go ahead and try out this suggestion however, here’s an extra ADC small tip. Do not just spam a single hero. If you concentrate too much on playing with a single hero, you won’t be able to play any other champion without really mixing up some things here and there.

For instance, if you’re used to Caitlyn’s the Sheriff of Piltover abnormally large attack range, you won’t be able to get used to Tristana’s Tristana icon smaller range. You’ll be used to playing so much with long range that you’ll be shooting from a mile away, and these types of situations won’t look good and can get you killed. Also, the reason why we suggest spamming 4-5 heroes is that if you’re just playing one champion, it could get picked, and then you’ll be left blank. Be proactive, don’t limit yourself too much.

3. Map Awareness

Map awareness is one of the most important aspects in League of Legends and not just here, in any MOBA. We can’t put enough pressure on just how vital paying attention to the map actually is. Players in the lower ELOs never really pay much attention to their map, they just focus on the moment that’s in front of them, and that is why the ADC constantly keeps getting picked off and isn’t able to snowball into the late game. Now, if you’ve read our support guide, you will know how important map awareness can be to prevent ganks. But, if you haven’t, we’re more than happy to share that knowledge here as well.

So, first thing we’d like to clarify is that it is not the Support’s job to keep an eye on the map. Sure, it is the Support’s job to ward the map, but not to keep an eye on it and alert the teammates. If he does this, that means that the Support’s really good, but if he doesn’t, it doesn’t mean you have to report him. In reality, it’s everyone’s job to keep looking at the map and watch out for any missing enemies or movements. 

Good map awarness is the key to safe leveling – Great tip for ADC

As a carry, the first few minutes of the game are vital for you as the job is to stay safe and farm as much as possible. In some cases, you could be in a bad lane and that way farming becomes really difficult. This is where you have to do your other part exceptionally well. If you can’t focus much on farming, keep your eyes on the map and report back ASAP if you see any heroes off their lanes, because you could be in danger. If the enemy laner is already at an advantage, the team will make sure to pick off on the ADC constantly to assure that they can snowball and the losing ADC doesn’t have enough time to catch up.  

That’s what you need to prevent. Instead of risking your life for gold, stay safe even if you don’t have any farm. If you think that your map awareness is really bad and needs work, we created a guide with a few easy steps to do just that. Take a look at the guide before reading on. 

4. Harassing in lane

This is one of the hundreds of tips for ADCs that we could talk about for hours. Harassing is a diverse topic; we’ll do our best to cover it in as few words as possible. 

So, first off, we’ll be talking about harassing 101. Basically, these tips work best when you’re on a ranged ADC. Harassing with melee ADCs can work, but it’ll put you in a harm’s way and you could end up getting +damaged more than the damage you managed to inflict. Anyways, harassing is simple. There are two ways to chip off hitpoints off the enemy laner. 

The YOLO Way

This is a riskier way to harass, as we said earlier, you could get caught if you move up to get a few auto-attacks on them. You should only move towards them if they don’t have any reliable lockdowns or stuns to grab you and take you out. If the enemy laner doesn’t have any spells to nab you, then harass them and approach their turret. This aggression will really force the enemy laner to retreat.

But, be careful, if you’re completely immobilizing the enemy laner, you will draw attention to yourself. Sure, the attention on you will take pressure off your team, but if you die in a gank because you were playing too aggressive, then that pressure is just useless and you’re just throwing the game. The best way to harass the enemy out of the lane is to limit your aggression. Give the enemy laner time to get just one or two last hits so he doesn’t feel totally helpless and call for help. This method is purely psychological and it won’t work every time. But it’s good if you’re looking to really use these tips for ADCs and outsmart your opponent. 

The Safe Way

There are two ways to safely harass someone. The simpler one is when they’re trying to last hit. You can use your minion wave as bait. The enemy laner won’t sacrifice his life just for one minion, but he will be willing to get hit a few times to get that CS. In just a matter of minutes, you could harass him and drop his life to a point where he has to retreat. 

The second way is slightly trickier and needs a bit of precision. You’re going to have to walk closer to the enemy laner and this will create an opportunity for the enemy laner to harass you. They’ll come over to you to trade a few last hits. When this happens, you’ll come right back to your turret and the enemy laner will do the same. However, once they return, you’re going to return as well and get a couple of hits on them. This is a really effective way to harass and the laner can’t really do anything about it. However, you can only do this if you outrange the enemy laner. 

You can also check MOBAFIRE. A great place to find other crazy builds by other people and great ideas.

5. Letting Your Team Die (Tactically, Of Course) 

As an ADC, your job is to work towards the greater good. You don’t participate in the early game because your job is to farm and get enough items to sustain in the mid to late game. But, sometimes, the cancerous community of League of Legends doesn’t really understand the role of a carry. The ADC is supposed to farm away in the early game, and destroy everyone in the late game. It’s that simple, but every once in a while, you’ll get teammates that will really go out on you just because you’re farming and not helping them. 

The trick is to just ignore them. Don’t think that you’re a bad teammate if you’re letting them die. A carry’s main job, as we have said like a dozen times, is to stay alive and farm. Farming isn’t crucial, but staying alive is. If the carry dies in every team fight and can’t manage to get his items, the game ends 20 minutes earlier than it should.

If your team is getting into bad fights and contesting without any chance of winning the team fight, let them just die. But if you see a fight where your team has the upper hand and the enemy is missing key cooldowns like Destiny Destiny icon from Twisted Fate Twisted Fate icon, then go in. Take out a couple of enemies and just fall back when you think the water’s over your head. Remember, killing champions gives more gold than minions. So, only fight when you feel you won’t die and don’t listen to your team. Most of the time, their ‘words of encouragement’ make you angry and make you lose your focus. And, eventually, the game. 

A useful way to track all the effects these tips may have on your performance is through a statistics website. We have a guide on our top 5 favorite here.

6. Communicate with the Support

Communicating with your support is vital to ensure that you win your lane and maximize your farm. Communication overall is important in League of Legends and we would like to say that communication is one of the most vital tips for ADCs. The bot lane is the only dual lane and there’s a good reason for that. Your support needs to babysit you in order for you to be effective later on. 

Earlier in this article, we talked about how you can create support / ADC to maximize the potential of the bot lane and really drive the enemy from the lane. Well, that isn’t possible if you can’t coordinate with your support. 

That’s not all, in the early stages of the game, your communication needs to be on point with the jungler as well. They’ll be the ones ganking the lane and providing kill potential. Talk to them about when they should step out and gank the lane and make sure that the time they’re taking from farming to help you is well-worth it. Here’s a video from Counter Logic Gaming explaining the importance of communication in a team. 

Say Anything: The Importance of Communication in the LCS

7. Pick your Target

This isn’t exactly one of the tips for ADCs, it’s a tip for all roles even the supports. The thing is that there are a few heroes that can just sit in the back lines and go ham on everyone in a team fight. A good example of such a hero would be Caitlyn. Now, Caitlyn is really squishy and if you can grab her, she’s a pretty easy kill. However, if you ignore her and go after other enemy champions, she’s going to stand at one place and absolutely destroy your entire team. 

Tips for ADC - Caitlyn Nautilus combo
The badass duo

This is where you need to be smart about the folks that you attack in a team fight. Most supports will usually pick something tanky like Nautilus to extend the abilities of their squishy ADCs. They’ll sit in the front line just soaking up all that damage and not enabling you to reach the back lines and even touch their ADC. This is exactly what you have to prevent. Nautilus can’t do much damage on its own, so just ignore him and move to the back and take the fight to them. This is when the enemy takes the fight to you, if you’re the one moving up to their side, wrap around the team so you hit the enemy ADC first instead of facing their tanky allies. It’s pretty simple, take out their main damage dealer, and you’ll win the team fight. 

Playing the squishy carry

If you’re the squishy carry that’s about to become the center of attention, then just back off. Stay alive at all costs or your team will lose the fight guaranteed. If the enemy team is chasing you, this puts them at a precarious position where they are surrounded by foes from all side. Get back and once your team initiates, return to the fight and ruin their hopes and dreams, pretty simple, right? 

This may sound complicated at first but don’t worry, with practice everything can get done. If you don’t feel ready yet, you can also try Improving your performance in League of Legends with our guide.

8. Wasting the Enemy’s time

So, basically, there are two ways to get a gold advantage over someone. You can either farm faster and get more gold, or you could make them lose farm and you’ll be automatically be propelled to the top of the net worth chart. 

The trick is to not give them kills even if you’re going to miss out on farm. You’re the ADC and you’ll be getting ganked often because the enemy team will want to make sure that you can’t snowball into the mid game and absolutely destroy. The enemy jungler will commit to ganks often and the support might also join in every now and then as well. This is the part where you have to stay alive at all cost. If there are too many people off the map at once, don’t hesitate to miss some farm and back off completely. If you’re sure that there are enemies hiding in the bushes, don’t be afraid to miss even a minute or two of farm because you’re wasting their time. 

As the ADC, you are not farming at all. But there are at least 2 and sometimes 3 people sitting in the bushes doing absolutely nothing. They’re just wasting time. You’re not farming but there are three people in the lane losing time at the same time. This might not seem like a good tradeoff, but it really is. As we said earlier, making them sit in a lane without any kill potential will make them lose gold and your team will be getting a gold advantage. 

Picking the right time

However, a word of advice – Don’t stay hidden for over a minute or two. It’s very rare that the enemy ADC would participate in the early game ganks. Instead, they’d probably be farming their butts off in their lane. Sure, you’re wasting the time of three people, but there’s one person still farming as fast as possible to outfarm you. And, if the enemy ADC gets a significant gold lead over you, then sir, you are pretty much screwed. 

If they’re still sitting in that lane, just teleport to another lane and start farming there. Or you could go to the jungle for a few minutes. In our opinion, the jungle will make the enemy ganking party think that you’re still somewhere in the lane while you’re peacefully farming the jungle. This will continue to deceive them and take more and more of their precious time before they realize they just got played. You could go to another lane, but that will make the gankers immediately disperse knowing that their main target is gone. But it will get you more gold than the jungle. 

Plus, it will still make them lose time because they either ran up or teleported to gank you. In either scenarios, they wasted their time because they either walked there or they are walking back to their lane. Yes, we used ‘waste’ and ‘time’ a lot in this tip for ADCs, but this a crucial mechanic of League of Legends. And, probably one of the most underrated ones out there. 

9. Taking the Right Fights

The primary thing differentiates a good carry from a bad one is the skill that consists of decision making. Every ADC is the game can get farm, buy a lot of items and possibly win the game. But a good ADC outsmarts the opponents and puts himself at a significant advantage by taking the right fights to enure the fastest growth in power. 

While this may seem like something that’s easy to do, it’s actually quite complicated and it takes a lot of practice and knowledge of the game. There are two scenarios where you should take the fight and we’ll go deeper into both of them right away. 

Tip for ADC – After the fight is over

It might sound unusual at first, but the best time to fight for an early game ADC is when the team fight is over. That right, your job in the early game isn’t to sit in the front lines and take all the glory. Your job is to sit tight in the back while the fight is raging on and when the enemy is fleeing at low health, snatch them up. You can almost always catch one person if you position yourself correctly.  

If you can react quickly and have champions that can cover the distance fast like Kassadin Kassadin icon with his Rift Walk Rift Walk icon, then you’re the perfect guy to get some late pickoffs. There are other champions like Twisted Fate Twisted Fate icon with his Destiny Destiny icon and Ryze Ryze icon with his Realm Warp Realm Warp icon that can keep farming and when they see that there is potential for a kill on a fleeing enemy, quickly transition from farming to fighting and get the kill secured. This does take some time to master but obviously, it’s well worth it. Killing will always give out more gold than farming waves and it also weakens the enemy team by a lot. 

Tip for ADC – No chance of dying

If you happen to stumble upon an enemy that’s carrying a losing fight near a place on the map where you have the advantage of a high ground and good vision and at the same time you know that they’re missing a couple of key cooldowns, you will know it’s the perfect time to jump into the fight and finish him off. 

Being at such a disadvantage and not even having his big team fighting abilities or backup on his side means that the enemy cannot get rid of you that easily. It’s always a good idea to scout the map for opportunities like these and secure a kill when you can. 

10. The Right Target in a Team Fight

This tip is slightly similar to the one where we talked about going for their main damage dealer first. But sometimes, it’s not the damage you really need to be careful about. It’s about the champion combos the other team can have. You might come across matches when an enemy team will create combos that can completely screw up your team fight.

One good example of such combo would be the ultimate abilities from Braum and Yasuo. Braum can use his Glacial Fissure Glacial Fissure icon and shortly after, Yasuo can decimate anyone with his Last Breath Last Breath icon. These two guys can really shake up the game if they come in together and also work well together.

This tip is also a good way to increase your ELO in the ranked games, and you can find out more about it in our guide about ways to increase your rank in League of Legends.

The combo

Tips for ADC - Yasuo Braum combo
One combo to end them all

Let’s take this combo as an example. If you come across it in game, instead of going for the more squishy champion in their lineup, it would be best to try to disrupt this combo. Braum can be quite tanky, so your best choice would be to go after Yasuo when he’s separated from Braum and take him out before he has a chance to drop all his abilities on you. It’s very likely however that if you’re one of them, the other will come after you and try to take you down with their flower power combo. 

This is why you have to let your team know that killing one of the two is the key to winning the team fight and no matter how much damage Yasuo does, they cannot get caught in the two ultimates. If you can pick the right fights and get the right kill, you will increase your chances considerably at winning the game. 

In the end yes, the focus should be on the main damage dealer, AKA the ADC. But in some cases, the damage from the ADC isn’t the main concern. Depending on the enemy lineup, you should go after the most efficient combo or champion in their lineup and take him down, preventing him to get overpowered. 

11. Appreciate your Support

Sure, this might sound like a cliché ADC tip but it’s actually quite important to learn to appreciate your support. Just think about how it feels when you, as an ADC, win the game and at the end of the match you get commended by someone and he praises you. It makes you feel good, it makes you feel appreciated and your hard work will have paid off.eone and he praises you. It makes you feel good, it makes you feel appreciated and your hard work will have paid off, making you feel more confident when going into the next game. The same thing goes for Support players. The difference here is that you need to appreciate their efforts during the game as their job can really be quite stressful. 

There will be times when your support will have to sacrifice himself to save you, or give up the chance to get some gold just to let you get the farm and become stronger. This makes him weaker during the early critical stages of the game. If you’re a carry and you bicker at the support guy throughout the game, he probably won’t do all of these things. He will not do what a Support is supposed to do. Won’t throw out warding on the map, won’t care about your farm and won’t listen to you or your allies when you cry for help. This will most likely lead to a lost game as a Support is very important in the game. 

Good manners can get you far – Extra Tip for ADC

Every time the support makes a successful gank, say thanks. If you made some sort of play to save you, say thank you. If they die in the process, say that you’ll commend them. This will make them feel appreciated. Yes, we know this tip really sounds ridiculous. But you’re welcome to experiment this in two matches. You will notice right away that being good to your fellow team mate can provide higher chances of winning the game and also get you the good guy look. 

However, the point to remember is that picking a support creates a false sense of achievement in a player that they deserve an award that they picked support. They think that picking Lux is good enough for them to deserve a commend. Sure, it’s nice that they’re thoughtful enough, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing something ground-breaking. While having a Support is critical to your match, it’s also very important to properly do the Support job. 

12. Don’t hesitate to buy Support items

Do not be that kind of carry that thinks that buying wards should only stay in the hands of the support. Sure, warding is the job of a support, but in certain cases, a support might not be able to get enough gold to ward effectively. Obviously, we all know supports die a lot. Sometimes, they could be at a point where they literally have no gold to ward. This is where you could help them out. 

Extra tip for ADC – Wards are the pillars of a good game

Wards on our tips for ADC

We really don’t know why carries feel like they’re allergic to warding. It’s a key aspect to every game and you could really help out your team if you have a great farm in the beginning and the means to provide. Carries don’t really think that it’s a waste of gold when they die because of a dumb move, but when someone asks them to buy a ward, they’re offended. How does that even make sense? They’re not the center of the world and certainly not above anyone else. 

This doesn’t apply to just the ADC, other laners can also buy wards for their own lane themselves. If you’re not the ADC, the support won’t come to your lane early game. The support will be babysitting the ADC so he can get good farm. So, instead of having the support waste time by walking all the way to your lane, the better option would be to purchase the ward yourself. This will let your support stay in their lane and help out the ADC. Look at the bigger picture, if the support is still beside the ADC, he has a much lesser chance of dying. But, if the support comes mid or top just to place a ward, the ADC could get picked off. 

In the end, good teamwork throughout the whole team is what ultimately wins the game. If there’s no synergy between all 5 of them, it’s going to be a hard match to pass.

13. Understanding Early Levels and Powerspikes

This is another one of the tips for ADCs that is really unknown in lower ELOs of League of Legends. Players often underestimate the power of their champion when they’re a level above the other laner. But, if you can abuse the level, you could get a really easy early kill. For instance, if your jungler Lee Sin get level two, he’ll have his slow that could be the game-changer in a gank on the bot lane. If you can understand powerspikes and how to use them, we guarantee that you’ll see a rise in your MMR. 

Getting levels quicker

Usually in the early game, ADCs just attacks the minions to get last hits. But if you have a champion that can abuse getting level two before the enemy laner, then don’t just rely on last hitting. Use your abilities and ask your support to get rid of the enemy minion waves as quickly as possible. Once you clear the wave and your own wave is still alive, you will get level two while the enemy carry will still be at level one. If you’re below platinum, the enemy laner won’t understand what just happened and how vulnerable he is right now. He won’t back off and you can quickly grab him and get a pickoff. 

Countering someone that’s getting XP quicker 

If you have enemy laners pushing as hard and as fast to get level 2 quicker, then do the same. Try clearing the creeps at the same pace to ensure that you’re not at an XP deficit in comparison to the laner. But, if they have AOE abilities and can clear waves quicker, back off as soon as they get level two. Because of the fact that they were clearing your wave, their own wave wasn’t dying as quicker. They will probably have three or four minions from the last waves and this will push the lanes. Soon, there will be a huge wave under your tower and you can get close to them in XP really quickly. Even if you’re losing XP, make sure you don’t die. Dying is the worst-case scenario and you won’t be able to catch up to the XP advantage the other laners have. 

Sometimes it just happens that the enemy line up is too strong for us to handle. But, there’s always room for knowledge to prevent that. Get more insight on the Art of making a comeback in hard matches.

14. Kiting

Kiting, or orb-walking, is a really complicated part of the game but crucial when you’re playing ranged ADCs. It’s not something everyone does in every game, but this list of tips for ADCs wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention this vital mechanic.

Kiting is a movement that you make to stay at a safe distance from enemy carries while hitting them at the same time. You’re going to be auto attacking the carry, but at the same time, you’re going to be moving away from them. Kiting isn’t as important when you’re at full health, but if you’re at low health and an enemy is chasing you, you can easily kite them and kill them. This is a mechanical skill but there’s a psychological point involved too. 

When you’re at a lower health and you start hitting the other guy, he won’t back out. He’ll think he can get you and he’ll dive towers too. That is where you can outplay them enormously. Keep hitting them and there’s going to be a point where the guy will think “Oh, damn, I’m going to die”. He’ll turn back, you can turn back too. He’ll think he can finally close the distance and come to you, keep kiting and voila! that’s an easy kill. 

Kiting against higher ELO players is sort of difficult because they know the extent of their hero and will be able to figure out if they can kill you or if it will be the other way around. But, in lower ELOs, this trick is pure gold. It takes a bit of practice to do successfully, but once you master it, your KDA is going to go up to the skies. 

Kiting Guide - Tips & Tricks to improve your Kiting!

15. KS (Kill “Secured”)

You’re probably thinking, “Woah, I’m reading an article on tips for ADCs and there’s a tip labeled KS? Am I reading this right?” Yes sir, you are reading it perfectly. We are going to be talking about stealing kills and yes, we are calling it a tip. 

We don’t really think kill stealing needs to be defined since a teammates kill steals almost every pub game. But, if you insist on the dictionary definition, then kill stealing is when one champion does all the work and drops and enemy to low hp and another guy comes in, hits the enemy once and gets the kill, the gold and the stats. It sounds like a retarded move, but if you’re the ADC, it works in everyone’s favor. Sure, you’ll have one angry teammate that’s threatening you to throw the game, but just bear with us. 

A support getting a kill is completely useless, and if the support starts telling you all the stuff he’s done with your mother, just ignore the guy. You can do much more with the gold from the kill than he can. At higher ELOs, players literally set up kills for their ADC and ensure that he gets the last hit. So, if you feel like you need the gold from the kill, ‘secure’ it. 

Learn to know when to KS and when not to do it is another great tip for ADC

But, if the midlaner is about to get the kill, you can still take it. A midlaner getting a kill means that the game hasn’t reached the 20-minute mark and you’re not completely online yet. But this also means that in the next ten minutes, the midlaner is about to become utterly useless. If it’s really early in the game, let your midlaner get the kills, don’t steal them. But, if it’s the mid-game, make sure you’re getting the kills. No matter how good the guy is, the game is about to get out of his control soon, and you need the gold to bring it back in control. Your teammates won’t like you, but they won’t be complaining when they win the game. 

Get more insight on this topic in our guide about The Three F’s in League of Legends. It’s a side step but still a crucial tip for adc.

While we’re on the topic of stealing kills, here’s a video of the old Evil Geniuses Squad talking about kill stealing. 

Closer Look: The Kill Steal

Closing thoughts on our tips for ADC

We just can’t pressurize how important these tips are. As we said at the start, we analyzed some of the top carries in to world today. We analyzed their gameplay and found over a hundred things that they do differently. We short-listed fifteen and created this guide named tips for ADCs. Even we applied these tips and began a winning streak and that means you can do the same. Try these tips out and you’ll literally feel yourself becoming a better player. 

Also, as an extra off the side tip, you can also check out the official League of Legends forums. It’s a great place to get the most up-to-date information about everything.

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