2019 World Championship

The Best of the Best

Welcome to the more significant eSports event that comes to us every year related to League of Legends – The LoL World Championship. However, before we continue, we should dig a little bit about what these tournaments exist in this video game. First of all, the “multiplayer” gives us a way for both, create cooperation between players, and a conflict with the rival team.

Let the Games Begin

Furthermore, in every MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like League of Legends belongs, collaboration is probably substantial to win matches. Indeed, without unifying the same goal with all the players of your team, the least probabilities you’ll have for victory. Most noteworthy, almost all casual gamers tend to use the “Solo Queue” system to find a random match and continue with their practice to become the best.

In contrast, though, some players take it to the next level and tend to shorten the journey to success by implementing different methods. Therefore, a player that feels involved in League of Legends and wants to pursue the professional side need to sacrifice more than the usual. Hence, they train every day with gaming sessions exceeding eight hours of endless gameplay. Moreover, they focus on unlocking almost all of the champions as soon as possible to vast their options for counter picks. Indeed, they try to find a gaming team that shares their goals and dreams, from which they tend to master one assigned role. Last but not least, they practice with other groups at the same level and try their best to obtain victory.

The eSport Scene

Once the persistent player starts to earn more victories than usual, without a doubt, he or she will catch the attention soon enough. Afterward, contracts come around, and sooner or later, a dedicated player will usually receive a paycheck for playing League of Legends. Due to the skills that these players possess, they often create flashy plays and outstanding responses that leave us impressed. Therefore, when dominant teams gather in revenue and compete for a monetary reward, they never miss making entertainment for the rest of the World. Most noteworthy, as time goes by, sponsorships and contracts have a positive exchange for the overall prize pool. Hence, instead of participating to earn around $500 per tournament, they now get the chance to win millions of dollars.

Learning from the Best

Moreover, thanks to tools like Twitch, Mixer, or Youtube streams; we, as an audience, get the chance to watch these competitions live.  Similarly to any famous sports tournament (the FIFA World Cup, for example), we have the opportunity to see every match from the houses. Above all, it doesn’t matter the continent or the country; through the Internet, we get the chance to obtain live video streams in a reliable (most of the time) source. Furthermore, thanks to the tools from League of Legends observer client, we get all the stats and information to get a clear idea about the situation of the games.

What is the 2019 World Championship?

Visit Europe with the Pros

This competition is, without a doubt, the biggest eSports tournament for League of Legends so far. Its current organizer is Riot Games, and it usually contains the strongest and skilled teams from around the World relative nearby venues (Europe this time around). Therefore, to the professional player that focuses his attention on this particular game, this is one of the milestones to reach. Indeed, by being a participant in the most famous tournament for League of Legends, you show to the rest of the glove that you belong in the top lists. In other words, if you qualify in any World Championship, you have proven not just to yourself, but to your friends and close relatives that you haven’t just “wasted your time” at all in this game.

To all the viewers around the planet, that also play League of Legends regularly, this is always the tournament to watch. First of all, you get to see fantastic gameplay from all the professionals. Therefore, just by watching the competition, you’ll surely learn a new trick or two about your favorite Champions. Furthermore, you’ll have a clear idea about the current META of the last patch. As a result, the professionals will “tell” to the rest of the gaming community about what picks are the strongest, and what items you’ll need to buy first. Most noteworthy, in every “Single Queue,” you’ll probably see those Champions that had a highlight or two as the tournament takes place and the next weeks after its conclusion.

How does a team qualify for the Tournament?

First of all, there are three specific conditions that you need to comply with before entering a team and fight for the best title in League of Legends.

  • Player
    No player shall be considered eligible to participate in WCE before
    his or her 17th birthday, defined as having lived 17 full years.
  • Residency
    and Work Eligibility:
    Each player must meet the eligibility requirements
    for the region they are representing at the tournament.
  • No Riot
    This means that any person that belongs in the development team
    of Riot Games automatically has no possible chance to participate in Worlds.
    Indeed, they probably have too much work to do in these couple of weeks or know
    too much about the game.

Surely almost all the community in League of Legends, making these conditions the natural part to achieve. In contrast to the rest of the players, though, it’s undoubtedly a high climb to overcome. For example, almost all of us find it hard to belong in a team of fight people and practice around eight hours per day. Moreover, winning other tournaments or even regionals feels almost impossible.

Either the case, to be invited for World Championship, your team needs to win prestigious tournaments in the League of Legends eSports scene. Likewise, there’s an option to those teams that reach higher positions and earn enough “Championship Points” through their performance in the entire year. Either the case, you’re always competing with the best players in your region, which try to overcome the same milestones as you.

What do they gain when a team wins?

To a player, besides the prestige of winning the best tournament in the League of Legends climate; the actual prize pool comes in second hand. Still, though, it never fails to amaze the quantity of the current monetary rewards just by participating in the tournament alone. At the moment, the overall prize pool has a little more than two million dollars. In other words, only by playing and winning World Championships in League of Legends, you’re already set for life. Therefore, the perception of the past generations about perceiving video games only as a waste of time is probably going to change sooner.

Who said bitcoins?

Thanks to the evolution of the eSports popularity and the number of rewards, Universities around the World already have careers involving Video Games. As a result, instead of having long lectures the entire day, you get to play in a computer and receive feedback from your performance. Indeed, there are more things to consider when we talk about being a professional player. Besides the dedication to your favorite Video Game, you also need to show that you’re capable and have some talent. Above all, if you have what it takes, you’ll probably get the chance to be a millionaire before reaching your twenties. Additionally, due to fame, streaming for a couple of hours in a day as the potential to increase your royalties for a couple hundred more.

Worlds Related Novelties

With every new version of Worlds Championship, there are always some additions to the League of Legends game client and outside the virtual part as well. Besides the constant changes between the Champions roster that still shakes the Meta and creates a new one, there are more things to unravel:

  • New Log-in Interface: That’s right. After all of these years, we have now a new shiny welcoming page that appears as soon as we double-click the League of Legends icon on your desktop. Furthermore, it sticks with the Words Championship theme, with attractive colors and art. Most noteworthy, there’s now the “Stay signed in” option that gives you the change to instantly skip this new acquisition and go straight to the queue.
  • Worlds Pass: With this option, you can now give a little more support to the development team and the tournament itself. Therefore if you have 1650 RP (around $15) lying around your account, you’ll get the chance to exchange that amount and unlock a bunch of new items for your collection.
  • Pro View: Learn more about the top professionals in the tournament by following their in-game camera, every single click, and keystrokes. Additionally, you have the option to look at different PoDs (Player over View) and multiple views from a single match, practically gaining full access to every game. Most noteworthy, you can have this whole experience by paying $15 with the “Worlds Access.”
  • Additional Merchandise: Now, you get the chance to show your support outside the game by buying figurines or different clothing items for you or your close social circle. Indeed, every piece in the store will be available for a while, so if you get the chance, grab a couple of sweaters and enjoy the games through your preferred streaming service.
When one stream is not enough!

What does the Worlds Pass contain?

Inside every bundle, you’ll receive the following items:

  • Exclusive Worlds Pass Icon
  • 4 Worlds Orbs
  • 200 Worlds Tokens
  • Worlds Tokens per match
More things to Unlock

Additionally, you’ll get missions to earn even more Worlds Tokens and Prestige Points.

  • First Win of the Day (win one game or play three
    games. Repeats after 20 hours)

    18 Tokens
  • Win a matchmade PvP SR match

    12 Tokens
  • Lose a matchmade PvP SR match

    6 Tokens
  • Win a matchmade PvP ARAM match

    8 Tokens
  • Lose a matchmade PvP ARAM match

    4 Tokens
  • Get 1st or 2nd in TFT

    10 Tokens
  • Get 3rd or 4th in TFT

    8 Tokens
  • Get 5th or 6th in TFT

    6 Tokens
  • Get 7th or 8th in TFT

    4 Tokens

As you can already tell, besides the cosmetic items, you’ll have more rewards as you play Solo Queue in every gaming session of League of Legends. Indeed, some may look a little difficult to overcome at first, but you have much time to win and get as many tokens as possible. Above all, it all depends on your judgment if you perceive that this Pass is worth it or not. Still, though, if you’re a hardcore League of Legends gamer, you should go for this package.

New “Free to Play” Missions

Like any other event in League of Legends, you get the chance to earn rewards by completing different missions as you play any random match. Besides the usual, “Win a Match,” you now can get items just by looking at the Worlds Championship stream for a while. Furthermore, as the event continues, Riot Games unlocks more missions every week with even more items to acquire. As a result, you’ll always have something else to do through all the upcoming month.

Up to the challenge?


Besides having the opportunity to see amazing eSports matches with this fantastic Worlds Championship, Riot also gives us additional content to the game. Therefore, once you get the chance to see a couple of matches live over any streaming service and witness the breathtaking plays. Indeed, you may get some inspiration and try the new things that you saw in the event.

Moreover, with the new Blue Essence from all of the missions, you may get the chance to unlock one of those Champions that currently are at the top of the Meta. Additionally, if you pair it with the new knowledge of the game, you’ll increase your winning chances in these couple of days. As a result, keep the replays in hand and evaluate the differences between the professionals and your performance.

Making It Higher

Last but not least, all of the cosmetics surely look amazing in the client. Furthermore, if you unlock the “Championship Ryze,” you’ll get the chance to contribute with the overall prize pool and increase the earnings to all the participants of the Worlds Championship.

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