5 Best LoL Streamers of 2021

The growth of streaming has become one of the biggest trends in the entertainment industry with gaming becoming a more recognized topic even among the older generations. League of Legends has continued to spearhead the streaming industry as the consistent number 1 or 2 most viewed game on platforms such as Twitch. With 2020 nearing its final months, let’s appreciate the best LoL streamers who delivered high-quality content in League of Legends throughout the year.

Who are the best League of Legends Streamers on Twitch?

5 of the Best LoL Streamers

The number of League of Legends streamers constantly grows by the day. It becomes difficult to choose from literally dozens of players on Twitch who are constantly streaming their games. Luckily, we’ve chosen our 5 best LoL streamers based on the entertainment and value they give to us as viewers of the game. Here are some of our picks for 2020’s best LoL Streamers who are actively streaming the game until today.

1. Tyler1

Tyler1 is one of the biggest names in League of Legends history, having a controversial history and a dramatic redemption story. He is beloved by a large percentage of the League of Legends community because of his personality as a streamer and his hilarious but non-toxic antics on stream. When it comes to discussing who the best LoL streamers are, Tyler1 will always be a part of the conversation after bringing so much to the game.

Tyler1 cosplaying as Draven after being unbanned from LoL
Reformed League of Legends Streamer

Viewers who want to get into Tyler1’s streams may find it difficult especially when he’s notorious for screaming into the mic which leaves most viewers half-deaf for the next few seconds. Despite Tyler1’s overly-masculine act, he has a goofy side which his community likes to pick on him about. Tyler1 recently reached Challenger by dedicatedly playing jungle to prove that it’s the easiest role to play in League of Legends.

2. Sneaky

Sneaky is a former professional AD Carry for Cloud9 but has been forced to do full-time streaming. Although, he was already an established streamer even while he was playing as actively on C9. He is known for his crossdress cosplays and bottom lane outplays. He is relatively quiet on stream but likes to interact with the community. Sneaky also likes to live for the memes so he comes up with different ways to make his streams spicier than usual.

Sneaky cosplaying 02 | Best LoL Streamers
Hot, Talented, and Sneaky

Players who would like to learn how to play in the bottom lane will like watching Sneaky. Professional players often undergo rigorous training to master game fundamentals and advanced skills. Sneaky is no doubt one of the best ADC streamers out there to watch especially since his channel is purely English. He might also do some streams while he is cosplaying as your favorite League of Legends character… if you’re into that, I guess.

3. Faker

Faker is dubbed as the greatest League of Legends player of all time. Watching him play is always entertaining especially when you just watch him constantly smashing his opponent in lane. He is the best LoL streamer in South Korea and is constantly among the best players in the world. The only downside of watching his streams is that he mostly speaks in Korean at all times during the stream so English viewers will not be able to understand a huge part of the stream.

T1 Faker giving a thumbs up
The Unkillable Streamer King

Despite the language barrier in Faker’s streams, there are still a lot of English viewers tuning in since the plays he makes by themselves are always entertaining. While Korean culture isn’t known for its memes, you can still find entertainment in watching the Demon King dominate the mid lane. However, even the greatest players in the world are still only human. You might see him fumble a few times live on stream.

4. TF Blade

TF Blade is the King of Solo Queue and is a mechanical genius when it comes to League of Legends. He is known for reaching Top 1 Challenger in different regions easily after climbing for a few weeks. His dedication to the game can be attributed to that of a League of Legends pro but for some reason has not found himself on the starting lineup in any LCS roster. Regardless, his skills as a player definitely put him among the best lol streamers in the game.

TF Blade on stream
TF Blade looking sharp

TF Blade likes to play champions with high mechanical outplay potential so that he can snowball in-game and solo carry his team to victory. With a player as good as TF Blade, he might likely play in the LCS as a starter in the coming seasons. For now, you can enjoy his streams and learn a thing or two about what makes this player so good. The best part about watching him is that he likes to talk about what’s wrong with other players.

5. LS

LS is a League of Legends caster for the LCK. He usually co-streams tournaments from other regions or games that he isn’t casting himself. As an analyst, he provides an educational output on League of Legends games by explaining elements of the game such as itemization, laning, and draft. He is constantly being memed for his analysis on certain things like his hatred for items like the Morellonomicon or picks such as Renekton.

LS and Deficio on the analyst desk
LS, aka the Liandry’s Salesman

LS is also very updated in meme-culture and is a hardcore TCG enthusiast. His most popular series is the coaching sessions where he is tasked with painfully trying to help other players who are in the lower ELO to improve in the game. He is extremely knowledgeable about League of Legends and likes to back his analysis on well-researched arguments relating to the computations of stats and the value of items or champions in the game.

Who are the best LoL streamers in 2020

Our pick for the best LoL streamers in 2020 are Tyler1, Sneaky, Faker, TF Blade, and LS. These players each contribute different things when it comes to the entertainment value brought about by streaming on Twitch.

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