7 LoL Challenger Secrets Every Player Wants To Know

Challenger is the highest rank that a player can get. For most League of Legends player, reaching Challenger is the ultimate goal but is the one that seems impossible to achieve. Despite what you may think of yourself today, every player has the potential to climb the ranks and become one of the best players in your region. Here are some LoL Challenger secrets that is guaranteed to give you a chance to start climbing that ranks and become recognized as one of the very few people that are able to make challenger before the season ends.

LoL Challenger Secrets: The Facts Behind Every Challenger Player

Challenger players don’t just get to where they are without have a secret or two on how they became so successful in the league. People are always hungry on what’s the fastest way they can climb to the challenger ranks but truth be told, there’s really no easy way to put yourself to there without working really hard. It’s time to place yourself on the starting line by learning some LoL Challenger secrets that are necessary so that you can improve in the game.

Unlock the best LoL Challenger Secrets to help you climb!

The most difficult part about improving in League of Legends is accepting the fact that time and effort are the two primary factors. Most players give up trying to get to challenger because they accept that they can’t sacrifice the things that Challenger players offer on a daily basis. Becoming Challenger is a commitment and before you even dream about pursuing this course, you better be equipped with the mindset that you’re signing up for a grueling task.

1. League of Legends Is A Full-Time Job

Challenger players don’t just spend 2-3 hours a day playing LoL before they got where they are today. League of Legends, to the most competitive players, spend their entire day grinding the game. Even then, it takes weeks before they’re able to climb back the ladder unless they’ve already placed Challenger on the previous season and are climbing via their provisional games then it would probably just take a few days.

Vedius explaining the game to Medic
There’s no rest as a LoL Player

Challenger players would then need to spend the rest of the year trying to climb the ranks to get the number 1 spot. Being a challenger player is a full-time job because you always have a goal, even if you finally become the number 1 player in your country. Most players that are able to reach the Rank 1 spot love the game so much that they won’t stop climbing even when they’re already at the top. This is why Streamers or Pro-players are the ones who usually land this spot because they always have something to prove.

2. Accepting That There’s Always Room For Improvement

The biggest hurdle in trying to get to improve is the “I’m doing everything right” mentality. If you’re stuck in a certain division for a long-time, it’s time to stop blaming your teammates and accept that you currently don’t have what it takes to climb higher on the ranks. Of course, you can choose to continue blaming the system or start trying to pinpoint your problematic areas that need some improvement so that you can continue climbing.

TES Knight surrounded by coaches and other staff
Even challengers make mistakes

Even the best players have weaknesses, the problem with players who are in the lower-rankings is that they have too many weaknesses. To make it to the top, you need to start working on figuring out what your weaknesses are and start trying to get rid of them. You can pinpoint your weakness after 1 or 2 games but as we said before, climbing to Challenger is a full-time job and this is one of the things you need to figure out during your time.

3. It’s A One Man Show

Before you plan to make it to the top, you need to establish yourself as the person who’s trying to make it to the top. From here on, you’ll need to play with the sole purpose of trying to solo carry every game you play. You need to have the mindset that you’ll have some problem teammates every game. After all, if you think you can get lucky and have some strong teammates to carry you every game, you won’t be able to climb to Challenger no matter how long you play.

Showmaker showing his Jersey featuring his IGN
The game is in your hands

This LoL Challenger secret doesn’t mean that you’ll give up teamplay entirely. This also doesn’t mean that you’ll play selfishly. This means that you should always try to have a heavy impact in the game either by getting a crap ton of kills or being able to influence the macro state so much that your team is relieved from their burdens. You should be the star of the show and find the best way that you can carry your team no matter how good or bad they are.

4. Natural Talent vs Experience

Two things can carry you to Challenger: Natural Talent and Experience. Some people are just naturally gifted at League of Legends so it’s easier for them to reach Challenger without breaking a sweat. Even one of the greatest League of Legends players in history – Dopa – claimed that natural talent is the primary factor in being able to be a great player. While this is true, players who weren’t born with excellent mechanical skills can still achieve reaching Challenger.

Wildturtle looking menacingly at AHaHaCiK
Two types of League of Legend players

Experience and hard-work is the other way to reach Challenger. Players who have dedicated a portion of their life trying to learn the ins and outs of League of Legends will eventually be good enough to reach the highest rank as long as they keep it up. Surely, this isn’t the most ideal way to hit Challenger but not everyone has a choice. Experience means that those players will take every lesson they learn from every game and take it with them as they grow.

5. The One Trick Strategy

Mastering One Champion can get you a long way. The reason why one-tricks are so successful in the ladder despite having such a limited champ pool is that they have a high-level of mechanics when playing certain champions. This fulfills our LoL Challenger secret #3 and #4 because they’re able to carry the game single-handedly through the amount of experience they know when playing against certain matchups through the experience they have as a one-trick.

Woman cosplaying as Miss Fortune
One champion to rule them all

Becoming a one-trick isn’t exactly The Ultimate Strategy because it has big hurdle. Some one-tricks are purely one-tricks which means the moment they are unable to play their main, they go back to being a Gold player with subpar macro and micro skills. A handful of one-tricks are versatile when it comes to their champ pool but the rest of the pack are more efficient when it comes to playing the game using one champion forever. It might be a great idea to one-trick a champion that isn’t highly contested all the time.

6. Adapting To The Meta

If you’re not feeling like being a one-trick is the way to go, the next best strategy you can embrace is being a Meta Slave. Being a Meta Slave means that you’ll be playing champions, combos, runes, or items that have a high win-rate on the patch you’re playing. Discover what the meta is by following League of Legends news blogs or websites like u.gg and op.gg to check out which champions have the highest win rates and which builds the players are going for.

Impact sitting beside a monitor showing a game replay
The meta is your friend

Being a meta slave means that you need to have a fairly deep champion pool and a decent knowledge of how the game works. Abusing tactics with high win rates need proper execution. Just because you’re using a strong champion, it doesn’t mean that you will magically win the game without doing anything significant. You might want to watch some YouTube videos about how to play a certain champion or go to news channels to figure out how an abuse works.

7. Learn From The Pros

There are a lot of things you can learn just by Watching Pro Players in Esports. When it comes to the fastest way on how to learn how to improve at something, nothing beats having good teacher to guide you. Unfortunately, there aren’t any dedicated Universities out there offering a Bachelor’s degree in League of Legends. So the next best thing is to watch from pros instead at the peak of their performance which is during an official League of Legends match.

Caps and Perkz looking at the camera - LoL Challenger Secrets
What LoL Challenger Secrets do the pros hold?

Actively watching pro-players play while listening to analysts can really boost your theoretical knowledge of the game. However, you’ll still need to put that knowledge to good use by figuring out on how you can apply it in an actual match. One LoL Challenger secret that you can do to achieve this is to take notes of some key details that you see on Pro Matches. Try to use it on your games but leave some room to adjust it to your ELO. After all, some pro strategies only work because the teams consist of 5 pro players and 1 professional League of Legends coach.

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