Are League of Legends Events Getting Boring?

League of Legends used to have a lot of game modes aside from ARAM and the occasional URF that pops out every now and then. Long-time fans of the game have been complaining that League of Legends events are no longer as fun as they used to be about 3-4 years ago. With the League of Legends development team and player community growing, why has Riot Games begun slowing down the release of new game modes and events to give players a more refreshing experience of the game?

History of League of Legends Events

League of Legends events used to be something that players looked forward to not because it introduced new missions that reward special currency to buy cosmetics in-game. An event meant that Riot Games would introduce a new game mode that players can try out. Each game mode that Riot Games released was unique and had a definite style that wasn’t simply recycled from a previous event so that they could simply make it feel like it was special.

Champions fighting over the ascension crystal | League of Legends Events
Anybody remember this game mode?

Events like Doom Bots, OVERCHARGE, Ascension, and other game modes really gave players something else to try out that’s completely separate from the competitiveness of Summoner’s Rift. They also helped push the narrative of some League of Legends Stories so that new players can get into the lore. However, some time between 2018-2019, Riot Games decided to stop making featured temporary game modes as a regular part of League of Legends events.

Why Did Riot Games Stop Making League of Legends Events?

League of Legends stopped making featured game modes a thing some time in 2018-2019 and there’s a very simple reason why – the Riot Games Expansion. During the League of Legends 10th Anniversary announcement, Riot Games announced that they would be expanding to other games by developing games like Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, LoL MMO, LoL Fighting Game, and shifting some focus on Teamfight Tactics. This stretched the development team’s resources very thin.

Overview of the OVERCHARGE game mode map | League of Legends Events
The nostalgia on this one!

Riot Games has surely grown over the years with their employees, esports, and brand expanding very quickly over the international scene. Even though they managed to increase their developers, they became divided according to the project that they’ll be working on. With so many new games being developed, it’s no wonder the League of Legends team hasn’t been releasing any new game modes that are as interesting as they used to be all those years ago.

The Current LoL Events & Game Modes

Aside from the much-beloved ARAM game mode, we also have some rotating game modes including Ultra-Rapid Fire, One for All, and the upcoming new game mode – Ultimate Spellbook. Unfortunately, all of these maps are just augmented versions of Summoner’s Rift game modes, unlike previous events that had their own dedicated maps to celebrate the release of the event. There isn’t much to expect but at least it’s better than having no new game modes at all.

Ultimate Spellbook Malphite
Vandiril’s Ultimate Spellbook Gameplay

ARAM continues to be the most popular game mode in League of Legends with URF trailing closely behind. If these game modes satisfy the LoL community, Riot Games doesn’t really have any reason to add more. In any case, players who get bored of League of Legends also play their other games like Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics which are all really accessible free-to-play games. Riot no longer has to worry about people getting bored of LoL itself if they have other games that peak the players’ interest.

The Future of League of Legends Events

Unless Riot Games decides to expand on the League of Legends development team specifically, we can’t expect that there will be new game mode releases in the future. League of Legends events today will most likely remain to be the standard mission + rewards system that they’ve been implementing for a few years now which still give players a good reason to continue the grind. It might not sit well with a fraction of the player base but it does keep the competitive players motivated.

More games are being developed by Riot Games with the upcoming fighting game looking really close towards having an actual gameplay footage while the LoL MMO is in its planning stage. If there ever will be new game modes in the future, we hope that it’ll be released outside Summoner’s Rift and include features that aren’t found in Summoner’s Rift. Something really refreshing that will push players towards becoming more interested in the game’s narrative.

The Effect of League of Legends Events on Players

The release of new game modes and events were a real driving force for a significant number of people to keep playing the game. Without any new unique releases in the game, those very same people only probably log into the game half as much or await the arrival of URF back in the rotation. While it’s definitely not even close to a quarter of the playerbase, it definitely hurts the player numbers not having anything new to offer fans, especially those who have been spoiled by good content all those years ago.

A gigantic tibbers takes over the screen | League of Legends Events
That’s a huge Tibbers!

League of Legends events are definitely getting boring since they are simply being recycled and the theme is similar to each other. However, it shouldn’t be the primary reason why you should quit the game. League of Legends still offers the same amount of fun that it used to thanks to the competitiveness of the gameplay. While it’s not ideal, at least the seasonal major reworks on Summoner’s Rift keep the game feeling fresh and offers new challenges to the players.

Are Riot Games Releasing New LoL Game Modes?

Yes, League of Legends continues to introduce new game modes such as the Ultimate Spellbook which has already cleared the PBE server. While we shouldn’t expect that Riot Games will release new game modes as often as they used to, the rotation of previous game modes might still offer a bit of a fun experience for the players.

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