The Art of Making a Comeback in League of Legends

It happens to pretty much everyone. There might be someone in your team that feeds and puts you at such a high deficit that it is impossible to make a comeback. In such cases, you probably just think you’ve lost. But, we don’t think we’ve lost till our base falls. You’re never truly out of the game and there are still some games you can still win even though you got crushed early game. So, if you also want to capitalize by winning a lost game, then go ahead and read our guide. This guide will tell you a variety of different ways that can help you win the game when your back is against the wall. So, without further ado, let’s get into these techniques making a comeback in League of Legends.

Building a Tank

This technique is fit for everyone but it can be used by a jungler or a top laner. When most people are on the brink of losing, they focus more on building damage items to tear down their foes. However, they’re probably going to have some survivability items because they’re so far ahead of you. In such cases, damage items are not a viable solution and you should go for a few tanky items. This will make it considerably difficult for the enemy team to kill you. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you will definitely win the game. But, you will have some chance at it because you will negate the snowball lead that the opposing team had due to such an amazing early game.

Also, tank items can be a great way to teamfight. Your sustainability will just be amazing and you can sit in the front lines with no problem at all. It doesn’t matter whether you have the damage or not. This will allow your team to sit behind you and lay out damage safely. This tank build isn’t applicable to each hero, but you can use it on champs like Rek’Sai, Lee Sin and even Jax.

Split Pushing

Split pushing is probably one of the most effective ways to win games even if you’re not. However, split pushing requires a certain understanding of the game. You have to pick your moment otherwise your split pushing will just be called feeding.

Split pushing is great when you know that you fight against your enemy team. This will happen after a terrible early game where you’re behind by a huge margin. In such cases, team fights will only result in their favour. So, instead of going on 5v5 engagement, abandon your team and go to take objectives. If you had terrible game, then the opposing team probably has most of their towers still standing. Securing objectives is an effective way to turn the tide in your favour.

In this strategy, you’ll be pushing the side lanes really hard. You shouldn’t focus on taking minion waves, you can just knock down towers. There are a few champions that were made for split pushing like Tryndamere or Master Yi. But, with a good understanding of how this strategy works, you’ll be able to split push with pretty much any hero. They’ll be so occupied that they won’t understand what to do; defend or fight. In such scenarios, they won’t be able to do either and they might lose towers as well as the team fights. If you engage a tower during a team fight, you will have plenty of time to take it out before TP rotations come in. Another benefit of this is that you’ll be able to catch up on some gold due to farming all those minion waves.

Split Push shown


This trick is only applicable early game when you get harassed out of your lane. This is perfectly natural; you can’t win lanes every single time. But, going back to a lost lane means you will be dying again and again. So, it is far better if you try to force other lanes to tip them in your favour. If you coordinate well with your team mates, the kill potential will just be amazing. You will be getting easy kills if you can lock down the enemy carries.

However, losing your own lane isn’t the only scenario where you should roam. If you notice that your other laners have their backs again the wall and they’re struggling to get CS, then you should start roaming. Go to their lanes and help them get kills. The kills are one thing but the gold they’ll get after the enemy laner is dead is what really changes the game. They will get easy farm and might be able to catch up on CS. Do this a couple of time and you’ll certainly change the lane in the favour of your team.

The Old “GG”

This is another psychological method to win and you’d be putting the enemy team in a false sense of security that you’re given up. While this may seem childish, it has known to be effective sometimes. When you make the opposing team think that they’ve won, they will tend to get over-confident. In such cases, they will throw and make a ton of key mistakes that lose them the game.

Most commonly, if there’s an enemy carry that got a triple or a penta mid game, he’ll get too cocky and jump solo in the midst of your entire team. If you can capitalize on these dives, you can win the game. Lock the carry down because no matter how fat he is, he can’t fight 1v5.

Trading Objectives

There will a time when the enemy team is so powerful, you won’t be able to fight them. This technique is somewhat similar to split pushing in a way that in both scenario, you’re losing team fights.

In this strategy, you have to do the opposite of what the enemy team is doing. If they’re bringing all five to push top, then you should grab your entire team and go bot lane. If they’re taking your tower, you can do the same. This will make sure that you aren’t at an objective deficit even if you’re behind on levels and gold. This strategy doesn’t always work if they have champs like Jax, Jinx or Caitlyn that can siege very quickly. The opposing team will be able to take towers much quicker than you and they might be knocking on your base while you’re still trying to get their outer towers.

Developing a Positive Outlook

This final technique is probably the most important of all because this involves a psychological strategy. You need to make sure that you don’t give up after a tough early and mid game. If you’re behind a few towers, that is just okay. Keeping a positive outlook is important, but not as important as boosting the morale of your team. Don’t abuse them because they weren’t able to play top notch. Encourage them to do better and tell them that the team can still win. There’s isn’t a deficit too difficult to overcome and each mountain in League of Legends can be climbed

Sending positive vibes - LoL winning attitude

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