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Firing Arrows to the Knees

Ashe League of Legends is the typical “Hunter” archetype that appears in any fantasy-themed video game. Besides the accustomed “Bow and Arrow,” you kinda feel nature calling with every animation and ability that this Champion possesses. These mythical beings usually appear portrayed as separate entities that often hide behind woods and have unique capabilities to hunt their prey.

Furthermore, they become deadly with their shots and have the potential to kill their targets without taking any damage. In contrast, though, to the “regular” fighter, they appear with leather armor for mobility and stealth. Therefore, they may take a lot of damage if a Hunter isn’t careful enough and begins a sword fight.

Ashe: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

Now, when it comes to Ashe League of Legends, the development team at Riot gave her additional attributes. Indeed, by merging both the Hunter and Cryomancer classes, they gathered a particular Champion that has the potential to slow her target from a decent range. With this deadly combo, her opponents may have a lot of trouble running away from fights until they touch the ground.

In this article, we’ll give you additional tools to gain an advantage in random matches with this particular Champion and score great victories. At the same time, you’ll have a lot of fun practicing the capabilities of this fantastic Carry from the League of Legends environment.

The Frost Archer Ashe

“Iceborn war mother of the Avarosan tribe, Ashe commands the most populous horde in the north. Stoic, intelligent, and idealistic, yet uncomfortable with her role as a leader, she taps into the ancestral magics of her lineage to wield a bow of True Ice. With her people’s belief that she is the mythological hero Avarosa reincarnated, Ashe hopes to unify the Freljord once more by retaking their ancient, tribal lands.”

One of the main characteristics of any Hunter out there in the video game/fantasy scene is the union they have with their environment. When their habitat (that is typically in the middle of a forest) becomes threaten, they’ll fight until everything comes back to normal. Indeed, this is one such case when it comes to our Carry, Ashe League of Legends, and her connection with the “ice” element.

Furthermore, being one of the leaders in the LoL Lore, this type of responsibility becomes tedious from the regular ranger. Hence, she requires a lot of hard work in keeping her people safe for any possible threats from any other part of Runeterra. Still, though, she seems to have the potential to endure any obstacles and become one of the best Champions in that narrative.

Last but not least, she already demonstrated through skill that Ashe has the capabilities to destroy any opponent. Therefore, with this little part of her lore, you can already tell that she has the potential to unite the northern regions and retake their honor.

Ashe Forst Arrow closeup
Point and Shoot

Ashe League of Legends Builds

Being one of the “ancient” Champion in the League of Legends’ roster, she still has quite the reputation between the best Carries in the game. Due to her range and ability synergy, she is a fantastic tool from both a casual player and from the eSports section. Indeed, since this formula is one of the bests in the game, she hasn’t had any radical changes that aim to transform her usual playstyle.

As a result, she belongs regularly in the Carry section, and it seems that she won’t change in that aspect shortly. In contrast to the new Champion’s overall transformations, she doesn’t require different abilities to maintain her dominance. Therefore, players from early seasons still feel at ease when they want to play a familiar character to play in their random matches.

Above all, this means that all of the tips that you’ll see in this article will probably have relevance until League of Legends finally shuts their servers. Indeed, since this game is practically immortal, you can always come back and refresh your memory before you hit “play.”

Ashe Abilities

FROST SHOT (Passive)

Ashe ability Frost Shot icon

“Ashe’s attacks slow their target, causing her to deal increased damage to these targets. Ashe’s critical strikes deal non-bonus damage but apply an empowered slow to the enemy.”

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer with this type of passive from Ashe League of Legends. Hence, to take full advantage of this Passive, you’ll need to increase the attack speed from your right clicks. Most importantly, thanks to her ability repertoire, she has the potential to temporarily increase the Damage per Second (DPS) and take full advantage of this element.


Ashe ability Ranger Focus icon

“Ashe builds up Focus by attacking. At maximum Focus, Ashe can cast Ranger’s Focus to consume all stacks of Focus, temporarily increasing her Attack Speed and transforming her basic attack into a powerful flurry attack for the duration.”

With the combination of her previous Passive ability, you can now see the potential in her capabilities of dealing with potential damage. Above all, you need to focus your arrows on one target and see hell lose as your attack temporarily gets a boost and reduces the movement of your opponents. Remember to keep an eye in her bow when you’re learning how to use Ashe League of Legends, if done correctly, you’ll have the potential to increase your combo capabilities.


Ashe ability Volley icon

“Ashe fires nine arrows in a cone for increased damage. It also applies “Frost Shot.”

Control all the movement around you with multiple arrows that both deal with unbelievable damage and slow the flow from your opponent. Due to the capabilities of this ability, you can use it aggressively to start any possible Ganks and reduce the enemy’s Carry escape. At the same time, you can prevent any further damage by throwing Volley to your attackers and leave them behind.


Ashe ability Hawkshot icon

“Ashe sends her Hawk Spirit on a scouting mission anywhere on the map.”

Another fantastic tool in her repertoire is the ability to check anywhere on the map for any possible threats. If done correctly, you have the potential to spot the enemy’s Jungler and prevent any possible loss to your current team. Indeed, it may take a little communication between teammates to give you hints about potential vulnerabilities in the map and double-check if everything is going well.


Ashe ability Enchanted Crystal Arrow icon

“Ashe fires a missile of ice in a straight line. If the arrow collides with an enemy Champion, it deals damage and stuns the Champion, stunning for longer the farther arrow has traveled. Besides, surrounding enemy units take damage and are slowed.”

Ultimates such as this one tend to differentiate between the casual player and a possible professional of Ashe League of Legends. When you have some gaming sessions shared with this Champion, you’ll suddenly “get it” and will become deadly with this ability. Furthermore, you have the chance to assist in your mid-lane player or even the top-lane with your “stunning” frozen arrow.

Ability Order

To take full advantage of the capabilities from Ashe League of Legends, you’ll need to focus primarily on increasing the Volley (W), which gives you a lot of opportunities to engage/disengage from your targets. Secondly, add some points to Ranger’s Focus (Q) and take advantage of your passive as you slow the response from your opponents. Last but now least, place some points in Hawkshot (E) if you don’t have any other option. Remember to use your points in the ultimate ability when you have the chance that Crystal Arrow has a lot of potential at any time of the match.

LoL Champion Ashe Ability order overview
Ashe Ability Order

Summoner’s Spells

The only pair of options that have a lot of potential for Ashe League of Legends is, without a doubt, Flash and Heal. With your first option, you can have a lot of extra mobility, which this Champion lacks from the beginning. As a result, you can jump in and get a proper range for your attacks. Furthermore, you can leave difficult situations as you teleport away from any complications.

Secondly, with Heal in your arsenal, you could give a lot of survivability as you restore a little bit of health to your Champion or your support at the same time. Additionally, you could take advantage of the bonus movement speed to move accordingly in the middle of the fight.

Ashe League of Legends Synergies

Lol character Braum
Ultimate Defense

One of the fantastic partners that this Champion currently has in the roster comes with Braum. Without a doubt, with his shield, you can easily harass your opponent while you prevent all the damage with Braum’s shield. Furthermore, additional supports that pull and pin their targets will make everything easy for you to attack.

Afterward, since Ashe League of Legends becomes an impressive Carry, you practically create your chances on your own. Therefore, you’ll need to farm accordingly and obtain items as soon as possible.

Counters for Ashe

Sadly, almost all of the newest Carries have a lot of advantages due to their possible mobility chances. Therefore, they could avoid your freezing arrows or blink closest to you and deal a lot of damage. For example, Tristana has the potential to jump next to you and throw a lot of bombs until you hit the floor.

Still, though, if you move carefully, you could out-farm your opponents and increase the damage with time. Therefore, you’ll need fantastic support to keep those threats away and give you a chance to make lots of last-hits.

As a result, any counters for Ashe could reduce their impact as you obtain items and destroy them eventually.

Lol Champion Tristana the little demon
Beware of this Little Devil

Ashe Pro Builds

Pretty much, the professionals tend to obtain items that increase attack speed and life steal. Therefore, with a proper combo, they have lots of tools to freeze their opponents and sustain the possible damage between team fights.

Furthermore, it requires a lot of skill to position Ashe League of Legends away from AOE (Area of Effect) spells or any crowd control stuns. Additionally, with her ultimate at their disposal, they can stun any enemy on the map for a long time.

Most noteworthy, since they usually use microphones to talk between teammates, they could use Hawkshot to predict the enemy’s movement and prevent any possible Ganks. If done correctly, the opponent’s Jungler practically becomes neutralized and unable to help his/her teammates. At the same time, they can use the same skill to keep the pursuit of escaping enemies and get more kills for their teams.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ashe League of Legends

How much does it cost to unlock Ashe in your Collection?

You can choose between 450 Blue Essence or 260 Riot Points in the Store.

What roles does Ashe work best?

From the moment she joined the game, and until this day, Ashe can regularly appear in the Carry role.

Which are the best supports to aid Ashe League of Legends?

The ideal support is Braum, but you could also use other supports that restrain mobility and come with lots of crowd control abilities.

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