Auto Chess, History and Future

Learning the Right Moves

Dota Auto Chess
Where it all Began!

The term “Strategy” has become recently amended through all these years with some complicated video games over these recent years; Auto Chess or Teamfight Tactics for that matter, are a great example. Furthermore, it has taken more predominance firstly with those PC Games that require much thinking before the execution. First of all, we have those war-oriented games that give you the power of controlling an entire army, move its troops, and manage their resources. Secondly, with the aid of technology, we now have the chance to experience a whole fantasy world, where elves versus orcs solve their differences through a deadly confrontation.

Things may change a little bit as the time goes by with everything related to Video Games. Therefore, even though we still have that familiar fantasy setting, the gameplay rules tend to have some variations. Above all, instead of controlling an entire army, through the “MOBAs” (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), this time around, we only take care of a singular champion. Indeed, even though we have fewer units in our control, the impact of the final result of the match is still the same.


Before Teamfight Tactics came to be, many steps manage to create a new gaming genre. First of all, withing the Dota interface, people have the chance to develop their modifications that have the potential to change the game entirely. For example, you can change the rules of the game and the number of players. As a result, “Drodo Studio” came up with the idea of creating another type of strategy mod, using the well-known DOTA assets.

Dota Auto Chess
Changing the Rules for the Best!

Most noteworthy, this peculiar gaming studio took their inspiration from the Chinese board game called Mahjong. This time around, you have the chance to play against four players, using tiles to form pairs or sequences (pretty much like Poker), until you have a full hand. Above all, one of the essential mechanisms to Win in any game is to have the best “Luck” possible. Therefore, if you draw the right tiles, you’ll have the chance to assemble your hand before the rest of the players. Considering all those elements, Auto Chess became a thing.


Just like Mahjong, you always rely on luck when it comes to Auto Chess or Teamfight Tactics. Therefore, when you start a new match, you’ll never are sure about what pieces you’ll start with or what will come next. Consequently, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be the first to have all the necessary champions to complete your “hand” and become the winner of the match.

Dota Auto Chess
Luck is All You Need!

Still though, to make Auto Chess a little more authentic, Drodo Studio added some thematics that also involve parts of the classic Chess. For example, you always see the board, you move the pieces to your accordance, and each Champion have its attributes. Furthermore, you have the chance to enhance their abilities when you pair your pieces with similar qualities. As a result, you fight with other seven players where you try to survive and be the last one standing.

Through the entire match, you’ll receive different amounts of gold depending on your performance. Above all, this currency aids you in buying new pieces, improve the ones you have, or equipment that enhances your Champions even further. Consequently, if you’re able to use the Gold accordingly, you’ll have a powerful army that no other player will have the chance to defeat.

Different Versions of the Modification

DOTA Underlords

“Hire a crew and destroy your rivals in this new strategy battler set in the world of Dota.”

Dota Underlords
Hello Again!

After the success of the Mod for Dota 2, Valve had a word with the creative team to begin a standalone development of this strategy spin-off. Sadly, things didn’t go as expected, and another deal was made to compensate both parties. Therefore this new agreement sort of made the genre like a “free source” from which both companies have the freedom to create their IPs (Intelectual Property). As a result, Valve has the opportunity to develop DOTA Underlords, practically using the same rules and assets. Hence, this is the only version that “looks” similar to the original modification.

Most noteworthy, to make them truly theirs, they changed some properties and added different types of equipment. It seems like they want to add as many players as they can by adding both a PC version through Steam and a Mobile version as well. Until this day, they seem to keep updating the game and adding more pieces and cosmetic items.

Auto Chess

“Players will randomly get their Heroes in the Sharing Cardpool, and form special formations according to their unique strategies. Evolution, combination, jockey for position, etc. enable you to practice your strategies to the greatest extent. Who will be adaptable to the changing tide and survive till the end?”

Auto Chess
New Faces Join the Fight!

The original developers of the Auto Chess mod joined forces with other Chinese corporations (Dragonest Co.Ltd) to bring their project to World. Furthermore, due to the agreement with Valve, they decided to develop another version of their game practically. Most noteworthy, they had to change the appearance of all the Dota’s heroes and differentiate themselves with another artistic “tone.” Consequently, due to the constricts of the available personal, they decided to release the Mobile version first.

Most noteworthy, they have plans to release the PC version soon through the Epic Store (yeah, the Steam’s rivals). While it has some differences in the art of the game, the “feel” of the rules and elements of the game feel more familiar due to the work of the original mod developers. Above all, due to their experience in this strategy genre, they have more wisdom of what needs to improve in the next updates.

Teamfight Tactics

“TFT is a round-based strategy game that pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team that fights on your behalf. Your goal: Be the last person standing.”

Teamfight Tactics
Riot says: Hello!

This time around, Riot Games take the opportunity to make their version of this strategy genre, using lol champion’s assets. Therefore since this modification uses some of the files of the original game, it practically requires more time in the programming development. Probably, after discovering the agreement between Valve and Drodo Studio, they joined the hype and published Teamfight Tactics as soon as possible. Due to the popularity of League of Legends, their community took this move positively, and within hours, it was already famous through social media and Twitch.

In contrast to the companies above, they are practically new to this genre. Still, though, they gave us a product that has the potential of withstanding the competition and even take the first place. Furthermore, due to the vast material of lol champions and lore, they have lots of chances to add more features shortly. Additionally, thanks to the continuous support from the developers, we have missions that keep this modification interesting.


For a player perspective, we all have the opportunity to download all these versions and focus on the one that we perceive as “better.” Therefore, whether you feel like playing between your PC and your mobile phone, you should consider trying DOTA Underlords. Consequently, you probably do not have a powerful computer, and the Auto Chess feels more charming with their artistic style; this may be your best option. Last but not least, if you’re an avid League of Legends players, the client already has all the files, and you need to load it with only a few clicks.

Auto Chess
The More The Better

Above all, no matter what your final choice is going to be, every version of the modification has a development team behind. As a result, you’ll always have the opportunity to maintain your interest with new champions/heroes, different types of equipment, and fantastic cosmetic items. Most noteworthy, every single one of these companies has shown us that they’ll keep this Strategy genre alive and support their community with exciting updates.


Due to the success of the DOTA’s mod, practically out of, thin air, we as gamers discovered a new strategy genre. Furthermore, within a couple of months, we got the opportunity to play not only one, but three different versions of Auto Chess. Therefore, even though they come from different companies, the main rules prevail, keeping them consistent. Consequently, each version comes with its style, art, regulations, and cosmetic items.

Teamfight Tactics
We got More Places to Explore

Indeed, has the games keep their progression, and the updates accumulate through all these months, we may get to see significant changes. For example, in Teamfight Tactics, their development team have the opportunity to change the core of the game by adding regions that could improve the performance of some champions. Above all, we as players have the potential to have some gaming sessions which allow us to have fun for a couple of hours.

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