Best Tips and Strongest Champions in LoL

One of the most popular and most successful cooperative team game in this generation is the League of Legends or simply LoL. More and more players all over the world, young and old are exploring the fun-filled excitement which the game brings – but how and why? League of Legends allows players to choose different unique heroes or characters to play with and fight other players. Let’s find out what the strongest Champions in LoL are.

An interestingly, the game continuously updating the game patches with whole new characters with different unique fighting skills. The players are divided into two opposing teams with up to five members and each team shares only one goal: To destroys each other’s main basement and capture certain items scattered throughout the game.

New to League of Legends? No worries because in this post, let’s discover how this game change the classic gaming style with these useful tips, heroes suggestions and how it became one of the most-loved game for for different players all over the world.

Let’s get started, shall we?

League of Legends: a deeper look

As we all know, LoL is the now becoming the most played PC game in the world. Surprisingly, statistics has been showed that the number of people or players who spends almost billions of hours each month playing this game is in increasing 100 million. Now, that is no doubt for the game’s popularity.

Learning League of Legends: The benefits

The formed LoL clubs by both the creators and the participants is significantly noticing a behavioral changes in the students while playing the game. This also affects their educational capacity as it improves their academic performance as well as their mood.

Now, let’s narrow down the different benefits of learning League of Legends for students:

  • Improvement and changes in behavior

Teamwork is the main key to achieve the goal of the game, which is why students who are learning League of Legends has been seen to have an improvement in their behavior. This is mainly because the game practices their communication and socialization skills as they communicate with other students and strategizing together on how to win the game.

  • Focus and Concentration improvement

The League of Legends can be quite challenge, most especially if the gamer will have to give their best shot to win the game in a limited amount of time. Focus and good concentration is required to achieve the game’s main goal. Which is why teaching the game to the student will surely help to improve their concentration not only in the game, but also in real life.

  • Builds self-confidence and great stimulation

Clubs that are specialized for League of Legends’s players is a great tool for giving the students a good stimulation on how they will achieve their goals and dreams in life. As the game builds a stronger self-confidence on winning the game while working with other good players.

Online Games Misconceptions

Players of League of Legends has been seen to effectively benefits with the aforementioned life-long habits and vital skills development. However, most people still believes that computer games can negatively affect an individual’s life. They might think that gamers or players are typically lazy, anti-social, or aggressive.

But the truth is, people who play games occasionally or considers it as a great time-killer or past time activity, has not been seen to have issues on both physical and mental health.

Top Strongest Champions in LoL

Now that you know that playing computer games such as LoL can help to develop several vital skills and life-long habits, it is now the best time to choose your best champion.

Here is the list of strongest champions to out for:

The Starchild: Soraka

The Starchild Soraka

Considering Soraka’s ability to sustain her items and runes, it is no doubt that this strongest League of Legend champion is at the top of all ranks (except bronze rank). When it comes to healing teammates, Soraka’s healing ability called Starcall is much needed as well as killing an enemy. This champion is strongest in terms of healing capabilities which is important key for your team to win the game.

The Exile: Riven

The Exile Riven

In the past, Riven is one of the most ‘unlovable’ champion until the recent LoL patch. Riven the exile has gained several skill upgrades such as an increased wind slash ability, high mobility, shielding, burst, and combos. However, this strong champion’s combos may not be easy but Riven could surely be your enemy’s nightmare if she is played well.

The fist of shadow: Akali

The fist of shadow Akali

If you want a champion that could snowball fearsomely and out of control, Akali, the fist of shadow is definitely your best bet. With the newest League of Legend patch, this champion’s Hextech Gunblade has gone through an upgrade which makes it harder to deal with. Additionally, Akali’s ultimate, the shadow dance could definitely shuts down any roaming enemy and pick up kills with ease.

The Blind Monk: Lee Sin

The Blind Monk Lee Sin

Due to the teams who are optimizing pressure on the game, Lee Sin the blind monk is probably the flashiest jungle’s inhabitant. With the newest League of Legend patch, the blind monk’s ultimate Iron Will has now become five percent increase at all different game ranks. This allows the champion to effectively support his team and increase in his survivability as well.

The prophet of the void: Malzahar

The prophet of the void Malzahar

When it comes to dealing with high amount of damage from fights, Malzahar, the prophet of the void is a great choice for a very strong champion. One of the most notable capability of this champion is its lockdown. Bruiser picks such as Darius and Irelia can be easily shutdown as Malzahar can use its ability called Nether Grasp to kill his enemy at ease. Another unique and powerful skills of this champion is that he can quickly push strong waves and make a solid planning phase to make difficult farm for the enemy.

The Star Forger: Aurelion Sol

The Star Forger Aurelion Sol

League of Legend players knows that Aurelion Sol the star forger is notably for his weakness as well as his strength – but today, Sol is now more focused on the spectrum of strongest champion. The celestial dragon has now stronger and upgraded skills such as icy bolts, active fires, greater amount of pushing power and movement speed. The combination of celestial damage expansion and tanky items, Aurelion Sol is the best character or champion to choose that is very difficult to deal with.


All in all, playing League of Legends will be always end up varied with different players. With all the misconception about computer games such as this one, League of Legends will still continue to change the world of gaming and put the player’s excellent gaming experience at the top. The very best and interesting part of this game is that there is so much diversity to it, a lot of characters or champions to play with, tons of skills, and gaming mechanics to explore.

Again, learning League of Legends can offers several opportunities to develop and individual’s skills and improvements in terms of communication, interpersonal, cognitive, behavior, and outlook or perspective not only on winning the game but also in the real life.

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