Basics in LoL you need to know

If you are new to online gaming and you are wondering what to choose, don’t second-guess yourself and trust the most popular game in the world, League of Legends. Published by Riot Games, the game claims over 100 million active users and have conquered the world of eSports. We’ve put together a little guide on the basics in LoL you need to know.

But don’t get overwhelmed, League of Legends is not your typical game. Most beginners get panic by receiving a huge amount of information that is too hard to handle. There are many things to look at and your first time playing the game won’t be easy.

And to give you an idea what you need to look forward to in the game, here are some of the things you need to know about League of Legends.

Game Terms

  • Ability Power (AP) – statistic use to increase the magic damage.
  • Area of Effect (AOE) – an ability that does not hit a champion.
  • Assist – use to aid a kill, it needs CC, healing, and damage to get an assist.
  • Attack Damage (AD) – statistics use to increase physical damage and auto attacks.
  • Auto Attacks (AA) – known as basic attack, it happens when you right click on the target.
  • Buffs – this effect makes the player stronger and increases your
  • Carry – deals with damage and refer to the marksman and mages.
  • Creep Score (CS) – six to seven little guys called minions before but creeps now. Your creep score can be determined based on the creeps you have killed.
  • Crowd Control (CC) – ability to disable, slows, stuns, roots, silence, and stop your opponent to get more fed.
  • Gank – happens when someone comes into another lane to kill.
  • Kill – to kill a player.
  • Skillshot – used like a missile that flies in a straight line or targets the ground.
  • Sustain – the ability to stay in a lane like health sustain and mana sustain.
  • Teamfight – when two teams are fighting with each other. Must have at least four players in one team.

Game Statistics

  • Attack Damage – increases the damage of auto attacks. Its scaling number is in orange.
  • Ability Power – increases the damage of spells. Its scaling number is in blue or green.
  • Health – the amount of damage you can take. You should not reach the zero or else you die.
  • Mana – a resource to use the spells. Most champions use an alternative resource like health as a resource.
  • HP/MP Regen – the amount of stat you can regenerate within five seconds.
  • Armor – reduce the physical damage. Calculation of the reduce damage is called effective health. It works like this, a 100 armor can cut the physical damage in half.
  • Magic Resist – reduce magic damage and uses the same calculation as the armor.
  • Run Speed – determines how fast your champion moves.
  • Critical Strike Chance – it is a chance to auto attack to deal with the critical Some items and skills depend on how much your crits will do but normally a double damage.
  • Cool Down Reduction – reduce the ability cooldowns by 40% percent.
  • Armor/Magic Penetration – ignores the ability of the armor of the champion you attack. It does not reduce their armor or magic resist, so your armor/magic pen does not affect your allies’ damage.
  • Attack Speed – shows how many auto attacks you did in a second, usually 2.5 attacks per second.

Game Roles

Tank Class in League of Legends 

Someone who can take a lot of damage. The tank can stop an opponent who has a lot of damage. Normally gain assist but not getting kills.

Fighter Class in League of Legends 

A mix of tank and a damage dealer who is also known as bruisers. Tanks can be a fighter and vice versa. It creates more damage than the tank and absorbs more damage than damage dealers.

Mage Class in League of Legends 

Its main source of damage comes from casting spells or abilities.

Assassin Class in League of Legends 

Has only the damaging abilities and moves around quickly using combo spells to gain kills.

Marksmen Class in League of Legends 

Their source of damage is auto attacks. They leave the most damage in the game, that is weak at the start but become stronger in the later part of the game.

Support Class in League of Legends 

Does not deal damage but make the team stronger by giving more stats, healing, and use CC on their opponents.

Game Lanes

  • Top – Tank and Fighter are usually sent here. Some players refer to this lane as an island because it’s been left alone for a long time. Top laners only stay for 20 to 25 minutes mark and their role is to control what is happening in team fights by taking another player.
  • Tanks and Fighters are normally sent here because they can hold their own without needing any help. They are using a strategy called splitpushing, this is when one champion stick with the rest bot and your enemy will need to focus on four players. You need to make sure that your team can win the fight or stall the enemy team so you can push out the lane. Although most top laners uses a teleport summoner spell when they feel losing the game.
  • Jungle – This forest looking lane consist of four cardinal directions. The main role of this lane is to gank other lanes to their advantage. It is a very complex role to take objectives such as a dragon. If you are a beginner, it is not advisable to take this complicated lane because a player demands to be very cautious.
  • A fighter is normally sent in the jungle because they have the ability to kill and create damage to the monsters as an offense. They have strong auto attacks and even make it stronger. Also, they have the healing ability like a shield to make less damage.
  • Middle – Known as mid, this lane is the center of the game. It is the shortest line from your base to the enemy base so this lane is very crucial. Mostly, a mage or assassin is sent to the mid lane because of their gank potential ability to go to or bot. They are usually good in the early stage of the game to defend their lane and take their opponent’s lane.
  • Bottom – Also known as a bot, this lane is can be found at the bottom right part of the map. Most marksman and support are sent here. Since the marksman is weak at the start of the game, the support will serve as their protector to give them some help. It’s the support’s job to make sure that the marksman stays safe to be able to farm up later in the game. Sending a pair or marksman and support can protect the important objective when the dragon gives strong buffs.

Conclusion on Basics in LoL

Although there are lots of tutorial to this game, learning the concepts like what buttons do what, the abilities of players, and what items to shop and protect. This article will serve as a guide and introduction to new players. It can help them survive in their first game in the League of Legends.

Being the most popular game in the world, anyone wants to be pro in this game. It takes a lot of time and effort to be able to excel without losing the game. Although it is part of the game, if you take into consideration the information included in this article, you will have a bigger chance to win your first League of Legends battle.

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