The Best Janna Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Janna is one of the most popular support champions in League of Legends and one that has been through the test of time. The enchanter class has been dipping in and out of the meta but you can count that this champion is consistently relevant no matter what changes come to the game. Today, we’re going to talk about the best Janna tips and tricks that will help beginners get a better idea on how to play this champion.

Janna Tips and Tricks

Janna is a champion that’s fairly easy to understand, but she has a high skillcap that high ELO players can meet to utilize her at full potential. She’s an excellent support champion to start with, but you can expect not to have a standard learning route as you start understanding her different combos. If you want to learn how this champion works, refer to our Janna Guide to learn more about her unique champion kit.

The support role is often regarded as the easiest role to play in the game. While that is true, high ELO support players do more in the game at higher ranks in addition to their standard job of protecting and assisting their teammates. It’s a good idea to learn about how each of the support champions work and how they influence the game. Here are the best Janna tips and tricks that beginners should definitely follow:

1. Study the Enemy’s Movement

The first thing that you should do as a Janna player is to study how the enemy bot lane moves. The reason why you want to do this is because your Q ability – Howling Gale – has a delayed activation and moves towards a target direction really slowly. It’s extremely easy to dodge this ability if you know what to expect, so it’s a good idea to use it to predict the enemy’s movement so that you have a higher chance making it hit.

Janna summoning a small tornado - Janna tips and tricks
Catch them off guard!

Howling Gale may seem like an extremely clunky ability, but Janna mains almost never miss using this ability on an enemy. It’s because the delay makes it extremely unpredictable and if the enemy player moves towards a direction before the Janna user reactivates the skill, it’s almost always a guaranteed hit. Use the delay to your advantage instead of thinking that it’s a major weakness and you’ll see the difference right away.

2. Maximize Her Passive

Janna is one of the fastest supports in League of Legends. Her passive ability allows her to move faster when moving in the direction of an allied champion and the same works when an allied champion walks toward her direction. You can use the extra movement to your advantage by allowing your ally to escape faster or by giving them a means to move chase an enemy champion when you’re in front of your team.

Janna moving towards an allied dummy - Janna tips and tricks
Move around freely!

It isn’t recommended that Janna move towards the enemy to rally her team since she’s one of the supports that has the lowest defensive stats in the game. Instead, use her mobility to weave in and out of a fight just behind your ally so that when they decide to run away, you give them the extra mobility that they’ll need to escape. One of the best Janna tips is to constantly move around in a fight while spamming abilities to make it harder for you and your ally to get hit.

3. Protect Your Structures!

Janna is a very unique support champion because she’s the only one that’s able to provide a defensive shield for your turrets. Her E ability – Eye of the Storm – can shield both allied champions and structures, meaning your turret will be harder to destroy, preventing your enemy laners to collect turret plating quickly which is something that’s extremely relevant in the LoL meta today. You should use this even if it’s only the minions that are attacking the turret.

Janna shielding a turret - Janna tips and tricks
Even a small shield can go a long way.

In the latest Patch 12.10, the attack gain of turrets have been increased significantly so it’s extremely good to have shielding because the minions die faster and the wave is thinned out a lot quickly. That’s why you should try to stay in lane as much as possible, making it difficult for you to keep up with the meta where roaming supports that try to influence the map are dominant. Still, it ensures that you and your AD Carry are always at the advantage.

4. Be Annoying in Lane!

Janna is probably one of the most annoying supports to deal with in the lane. Both her Q and W abilities are excellent ways to harass the enemy bot lane and they’re able to deal a lot of damage to them as well as provide pressure since it becomes easier for your AD Carry to deal damage while they try to dodge everything that you throw at them. Remember that enchanter supports are intended to be annoying and you gain a lot of gold simply by harassing them, so make sure to maximize that.

Janna summoning a wind elemental - Janna tips and tricks
Get out of our lane!

One of the best Janna tips that you’ll ever hear is as simple as just spamming W on the enemy AD carry. They’ll eventually be forced out of the lane simply because they’re taking so much damage from you and your ADC. Make sure to coordinate with your ally so that you’re both maximize damage on the enemy and forcing them to recall at awkward timings. You can use your E ability on an ally so that they deal damage and be safe from counter-harass from the enemy team.

5. Engaging & Disengaging Using Your Ultimate

One of the most basic applications of Janna’s ultimate is to disengage and peel any opponents trying to jump on your allies while healing them inside your ability’s AoE. Make sure to use this almost immediately when there’s an assassin on the enemy team or when a burst champion is dangerously close to your AD Carry. Otherwise, you can use this when your allies are close to death so that you can turn the fight around.

Janna summoning harsh winds - Janna tips and tricks
Be creative on how you use it!

An advanced application for Janna’s ultimate is to use it to engage onto the enemy team. You can do this by flashing behind an enemy and immediately using your ultimate ability to push them towards your allies. This is a high-risk, high-reward strategy and should only be done if you’re able to pick off a high priority target like an ADC or the enemy mid laner/jungler. Otherwise, you’re best off just using it defensively.

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