Best League of Legends Youtube Channels

Streaming has become one of the best ways for League of Legends fans to be updated and learn from other players about news, strategies, or tips on playing the game. For instance, Youtube is the biggest streaming platform popularly used by almost all of professional LoL streamers. With thousands of active League of Legends channels on Youtube, it might be difficult to find which ones fit your preferences. This is why we’re giving you the best League of Legends Youtube channels picked especially for your taste.

A scene from BunnyFuFuus League of LEgends Youtube channel
Who’s your favorite League of Legends Youtuber?

What makes a League of Legends Youtube channel good?

Aside from the video quality, upload frequency, and general personality of the streamer, everything that really makes a Youtuber and his/her videos good is dependent on the taste of the viewer. Most of the time, people have varying opinions on the different LoL Youtube personalities online and it’s more than understandable why this happens. After all, the difference in opinion of what’s entertaining isn’t a universal concept.

That being said, some channels do tend to stand out more than other channels. Some of them have already established themselves as popular personalities even before they started streaming, while some have grown popular through Youtube by proving themselves to the masses. Even though we can’t tell you which channels are the best for YOU, we do know which channels are the best at what they do in general.

Different types of League of Legends Youtube Channels

Not all Youtube channels are the same, each focus on different aspects regarding the game to target a specific demographic of viewers. Each viewer goes to Youtube for different reasons whether it’s for information or entertainment. Those two main categories also branch out into smaller subcategories which are more specific to the viewer’s needs. These include the following subcategories:


  • Game Updates
  • Esports Coverage
  • Issues and Drama
  • Gameplay Guides


  • Meme Content
  • Match Highlights
  • Vlogs
  • Cinematics, Animations, and Music
  • E-girls

These pretty much cover everything that happenes within the League of Legends community that most people take interest in, and yes, that includes e-girls. As mentioned, each of these subcategories have channels which are popularly known for being the most prominent in that respective side of the community. While we can’t cover all of the League of Legends Youtube channels, here are the biggest ones in each subcategory.

Game Updates

A Message From Joe and the League Dev Team - League of Legends

In terms of game updates, the best channels are always those from official Riot Games partners or from channels owned by Riot Games themselves. This is to ensure that the information you are receiving is always accurate instead of speculations from unreliable news leaks or from data mining. Some League of Legends Youtube channels from Riot Games include:

  1. Riot Games Official Youtube Channel
  2. League of Legends Official Channel
  3. Riot Phreak

Esports Coverage

T1 Faker talks about his life after professional gaming | Ashley Kang

Esports coverage includes interviews, analysis, and predictions of recent or upcoming professional esports games. Usually, each region will have their own esports channel which you can google by seaching Region Tag + Esports. For those covering the esports scene, these are some of the best places to get the latest updates.

  1. Korizon Esports
  2. Travis Gafford
  3. ESPN Esports
  4. LoL Esports
  5. Inven Global

Issues and Drama

TSM F@*ked Up

While the esports scene always tries to be professional, it’s not uncommon for players or streamers to run into some juicy drama brought about by arguments or other reasons. Some channels thrive on bringing quality content regarding these issues to which they do a really good job keeping it extra spicy for the viewers.

  1. TheScore Esports
  2. Thooorin
  3. Dexerto
  4. Locodoco

Gameplay Guides

Top 8 Wave Control Tricks You NEED to KNOW! Wave Control Guide

The most common reason on why most people watch professional esports players is to pick up a thing or two on the perspective of how these people play League of Legends. Most of the educational channels, however, are those that are dedicated League of Legends Youtube gameplay guide channels such as:

  1. Skill Capped Challenger
  2. T1 Faker
  3. ProGuides Challenger
  4. LS
  5. Riot Azael (he doesn’t have his own Youtube Channel but he has a lot of guides on the LoL esports channel)

Meme Content


Now this is where the fun begins. While a lot of people out there do give extremely hilarious content, these individuals are on top of their game. With a large community to talk to as well as hundreds of videos to watch at anytime, you’ll find something to do for the next few days. Of course, if you’re favorite streamer wasn’t included in the list, it doesn’t mean they don’t have funny content.

  1. MagikarpUsedFly
  2. BunnyFuFuu
  3. Imaqtpie
  4. LEC
  5. G2 Esports
  6. Trick2G
  7. Tyler1
  8. Sneaky

Of course, there’s no need to share the link as these channels will pop-out as soon as you hit search on Youtube. You’ve also probably heard of these people already since they are really prominent figures when it comes to talking about everything that’s funny about League of Legends as a game.

Match Highlights

G2 vs FPX Series Highlights Worlds 2019 Grand Final G2 Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix by Onivia

Watching full matches can be extremely time consuming which is why some people prefer to skip all the uninteresting parts of the game and go straight to where the action is. Luckily, there are channels which are dedicated to giving you match highlights from almost every region in the world in less than an hour so you don’t have to be spoiled of the result afterwards.

  1. Onivia
  2. Kaza LoL



Sometimes, you’ll need to take a break from watching League of Legends content and instead watch League of Legends *related* content (it makes sense, I swear). To understand how some the lifestyle of the average League of Legends professional player/streamer, these people share their lives on Youtube to their fans.

  1. OfflineTV
  2. Ovilee May
  3. sjokz

Cinematics, Animations, and Music

As We Fall | Varus Music Video - League of Legends

For everything related to the offiicial League of Legends set of animations, cinematics, and music video released, there is really only one channel where you can see the latest releases regarding everything related to the world of Runeterra. That is in the Official League of Legends Youtube Channel owned by Riot Games themselves. They release new videos almost every month adding to the ever growing story if League of Legends.


REVEALING SECRET LEAGUE CRUSHES! Picking each other's Champions! Ft. Yassuo - Pokimane LoL

Ah, yes, E-girls. Believe it or not, the viewership of e-girls regardless of the content they make about League of Legends is quite high. There is no need to explain in-depth why you would want to watch e-girls play League of Legends but if you want some who deliver excellent content then these women not only have the abilities but also the personality to keep you entertained.

  1. Pokimane
  2. Emiru
  3. LilyPichu
  4. Valkyrae
  5. KayPea

Bonus: Sleepy Channels

These channels are great if you’re too far into the night and need to sleep but can’t seem to get enough League of Legends content to get you to stop thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong, these channels offer great content and some videos offer some energetic content. However, because of the atmosphere the videos give, you can’t help but find yourself in a relaxing state that will help you sleep better when you need to.

  1. Dyrus
  2. Pink Ward

How do I start being a League of Legends Youtuber?

Being a League of Legends Youtuber isn’t the easiest thing to achieve but with a little hardwork and dedication it is possible to do. The first thing you’ll need is to focus on either creating insane gameplay through showcasing your skills or create relatable, funny, or interesting content that people will like. The hardest part is advertising your content to the world at a regular basis until people will naturally see your videos on the recommended tab.

How much do League of Legends Youtubers earn on average?

For bigger League of Legends Youtube channels which have an estimate of 50,000 views per day. the average salary should be $2000 per month excluding sponsorship and donations received. Those who are working with well-known sponsors as well as having higher view counts earn more than your average employee.

Future of League of Legends Youtube Channels

The League of Legends community in general isn’t looking like it’s losing members faster than it is gaining new ones. This means that the interest of the game will only keep increasing. While older Youtube channels and retired professional players become less relevant with the rise of newer content creators in the industry, League of Legends will remain to be one of the most watch content in Youtube for the years to come.

As the esports scene recovers from it’s long hiatus from the pandemic situation, more and more videos on the different League of Legends esports scene fill up on lost time by running amok your Youtube feeds. If you plan to make a career out of making a League of Legends Youtube channel then there’s no better time than now. Just remember that it won’t take off instantly even if you really want it to.

Alternate League of Legends Streaming Websites

League of Legends isn’t exclusively found in Youtube alone. In fact, Riot Games has a lot of streaming partners outside Youtube which supports all of its content. Not only that, but some television channels have also incorporated showing esports games on live television in place of traditional sports. These are some of the popular streaming websites outside of Youtube:

Twitch TV

Twitch is one of the biggest live streaming apps out there and is the main streaming partner of Riot Games alongside Youtube. While you can’t find a lot of non-live videos in this website, it provides the best way for you to watch League of Legends game live. This is mostly where your favorite Youtubers take their content anyway before they are clipped and edited into highlights to be uploaded on Youtube.


The official Riot Games streaming service, this website provides content only from live League of Legends matches, events, or announcements. So if you’re looking towards watching your favorite streamer, he/she might not be here. However, it is a great way for you to watch official tournaments live if that’s what you’re looking for.


ESPN has become the official broadcasting partner of League of Legends esports pertaining to everything that relates to the game. It provides live broadcasts of official League of Legends game but doesn’t have more of that community feel that Twitch and Youtube has to offer with their live chat support. Although, it’s good to know that you can sit on a rocking chair and enjoy a nice game of League of Legends while drinking a beer in one hand.

Foreign Streaming Partners

If you’re streaming from countries outside the west, countries such as Korea and China have dedicated streaming partners such as BiliBili, Afreeca TV, Douyu, and Huya which is useful if you want the Hangul or Mandarin shoutcasting instead of the English broadcast. The other smaller regions might also have stream support from their local sports channels which they can check online.

Do I need a Youtube account to watch League of Legends on Youtube?

No, you don’t. You can watch all of the available videos on Youtube without the need to sign up or sign into any google account. However, it’s a good idea to register for an account so that you can stay updated with the latest videos from your favorite streamers or professional League of Legends players out there. This also allows you to comment on the videos to share your opinions about the game or voice out your support to the person.

How many Youtube Channels can I subscribe to?

As many as you’d like. There is no limit to how many channels you can subscribe to on Youtube including those that are not from League of Legends. You can even try to subscribe on all League of Legends Youtube channels you see (even the small ones) to show your support and help other people’s channels grow bigger. It’s a simple act of kindness and who knows? They might turn out to be worth your time anyway.

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