Best Way to Increase Mastery Points in LoL

League of Legends’ Mastery System allows players to showcase the players’ development on a specific champion through a points and rank system increased after playing a certain number of games. Earning mastery points and leveling up one’s mastery level isn’t an easy feat and requires a lot of time, patience, and in-game knowledge in order to effectively get to the top. While playing a ridiculous amount of games can get you to a certain mastery level, there are more efficient ways to reach Mastery 7 without having to brute force your way towards this goal.

Mastery Frames and Flairs examples
Best ways to collect champion mastery!

Understanding the Mastery System

The Mastery System basically encourages the player to master specific champions more but at the same time master a wide variety of champions. Your account’s Champion Mastery score is computed by adding the total master level of all your champions which will be reflected on your profile for everybody to see when they visit you. To familiarize yourself with the mastery system, here are a few things that you’ll need to understand first.

Mastery Level

Mastery Level is a ranking system that you earn to showcase your highest achievement on each champion. You can level up your mastery by playing games using those specific champions and earning mastery points. You’ll be able to reach Mastery 7, which is the highest mastery level that you can achieve on each champion. Once you’ve reached the highest mastery level, you’ll be able to showcase the total mastery points achieved on that champion instead.

Unlocking Mastery 7 Yasuo

Mastery Points

Mastery Points are earned simply by playing and finishing a game regardless of the match’s outcome. Depending on your performance on the game, the number of mastery points you get from a game increases or decreases. There are various elements needed to raise the points you earned which we’ll be tackling later on. These mastery points are necessary for leveling up your mastery level much quicker.

Mastery Tokens

Mastery Tokens are needed to upgrade your mastery level once you’ve reached Mastery Level 5. These tokens can be earned by through the Champion Rating system that places a rank on your champion after every game. You’ll need to score S- or higher to gain mastery tokens which will be used to upgrade your champion later on. The Rating System and Mastery Points equivalent is almost equal in terms of what you need to do to attain them.

Best Way to Get Mastery Points

The amount of Mastery Points you get just from playing the game normally might not be enough for you to finish reaching a certain Mastery Level quickly enough for you. There are ways for you to increase the points you gain and ensure that you get those much-need Mastery Tokens to level up 100% of the time. While these are the best ways to ramp up your points, it’s essentially easier than done. You might want a bit of help when it comes to training like a professional player to reach the level of skill needed for these.

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Collect more champion masteries!

1. More Kills, Less Deaths

KDA is one of the most important factors in increasing your champion rating. You’ll need a KDA of over 80-90% if you want to reach at least S-rating while disregarding the rest of the criteria on this list. Having that amount of kills vs deaths will net you a ton of points and is one of the bigger factors in calculating the points you earn per game. Support players have a different calculation as they will instead use the Assist score for their champion rating.

2. Ramp Up Your CS Average

To achieve a higher mastery score, you’ll need to get a consistent 7.5 CS per minute or higher. This means that at the 10-minute mark of the game, you should at least have a 75+ minion kills all the time as a solo laner otherwise your total mastery points will drop significantly. Support Players aren’t affected by the CS difference so there’s no need to take note of this if you’re playing the Support Role. Increasing your average CS/m will also increase your chances of getting a higher mastery rating.

3. Don’t Ignore Vision Score

The most overlooked factor in accumulating a high mastery point total is Vision Score. Having a low vision score is often the reason why players with decent KDA and CS fail to reach S-rating or higher after every game. This is most especially true for support players that are expected to have the highest vision score in the game. You’ll need to place wards in strategic positions to spot enemies and also clear out enemy wards in your area to reach a good enough vision score to push your ratings.

Hidden Technique: Play Everything as Support

One of the easiest ways to earn an easy S-rating on any champion is to play it as a support. By queueing up on the support role, going to the bottom lane, and buying a support item as your starter, getting a kills despite having a lot of deaths will increase your rating dramatically. The CS factor is also removed and as long as you keep getting kills, your Vision Score won’t matter too much as your kill count overrides your points total.

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Support by getting kills?

Needless to say, playing a carry in the support role is nothing short of troll. It’s an easy way to get mastery points but only if you’re desperate as players are able to report you for playing a champion outside the role your are assigned on. Aside from that, you’ll need to override the other requirements by getting more kills in the game and a ton of assists. In short, always be present in situations where you might get kills or at least contribute to a teammate getting a kill.

What is the easiest way to get Mastery Points?

The easiest way to get mastery points is to increase your Champion Mastery Rating each game. This can be achieved by improving your KDA, CS, and Vision Score.

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