Increase Your Champion Pool in League of Legends

Building a champion pool in league of legends is something each newbie struggles a lot with. There are just so many champions and it’s a miracle if they’re able to master one early on. In the early stages of the game, we all used to spam a single hero. If you get good at that hero, you can really climb in ranks easily. But, in such a diverse game like League of Legends, there will be scenarios where picking your champion means throwing away the game. So, you need to learn at least a dozen or so heroes to be prepared to face any draft in front of you…

Select a Primary and Secondary Role

No, you don’t necessarily have to be an ADC main. Before you select which champion to master, you need to understand what roles you’re going to play. The best way to designate roles is to learn two different roles. One role will be your primary and the second will be the secondary.

When you’re new to the game, you don’t necessarily have to pick a certain role. It’s difficult to understand what each role is supposed to do. Just choose the role of your favorite champion. So, if you’re playing Jinx a lot, rest assured because you have now qualified to become an ADC main.

The secondary role is great because you might not always get the role you want. Someone else might pick your preferred role. And, for the sake of not being a toxic kid, it would be far better if you don’t pick the same role. If you’re skeptical about what role you should take, you can ask yourself a few questions. Do you enjoy the war of CS? Then, you should try mid or top. Do you like having a teammate to get kills? Then, the bottom lane might be good. Do you want to have a vague role in winning the game? Then, support or jungle might be good roles. Early on, you need to learn two roles because people might not be too happy to give you that midlane quite easily. So, in order to not hate the game, don’t be stubborn like everyone else and learn a variety of roles.

Worship the Meta

League of Legends in a constantly adapting game and there might be patch changes that make your current favorite champion a bad pick overall. In such cases, you need to keep changing preferred characters depending on the patch notes. Do you think a champion will be imba after reading patch notes? Get to work on him instantly because that change might mean easy wins for you and your team.

There are websites that report the current win rate of each champion in the game and they’re the best places to learn what your picks should be. If a champion stays over 50% win rate, then you should keep playing it. But, if your hero starts to fall below 50%, try to determine the reason why that is happening. This might be due to the fact that there’s another op hero that’s a good counter to your champion. You can try to work around a few percentages below 50 and make changes accordingly.

However, if the win rate starts to drop way below 50%, it might be a good idea to start learning other champions. That is why the game keeps changing. You don’t want to be stuck at a few heroes because the game gets repetitive and eventually will be boring. Experiment with every hero at least once. You can’t possibly know the capability of each hero if you’ve never played a single game with them. You might never know, there could be a hero that’s much more suited to your play style. A really good article on this came from our friends on Mobalytics.

Counter Pick Meta Champions

One thing we’ve said thousands of time to fellow players, a champion is never extremely over-powered. Sure, some of their skills might make them a formidable opponent. However, if you’re still thinking that it is impossible to win against them, then my friend, you have a lot to learn about League of Legends.

The best way to counter a hero is to pick a champion that has skills that negate the meta champion effectively. There will be some champions that will be able to shut down the meta effectively. Check online and see what the pros have to say. There will be guides on how you can counter that champion showing you a hard time every game. It might be a good idea to spam a counter if you see a meta champion being picked every single game. Don’t think you lost as soon as the enemy team picks the imba champion. Through proper coordination and game play, you can shut down any player or champion in the game.

Counter pick your champion

True Mastery

Learning a hero doesn’t mean knowing what all of its four abilities do. If you’re aiming to become a true maestro of a hero, you have to go above and beyond to understand the intricacies of the hero. You can become unbeatable if you know all the different builds, combos and matchups to a single hero.

While some people don’t like to be a boring spammer, it is almost necessary in order to climb the ranks. You might be called a one-trick pony, but a high rank is a high rank.

If you look at some top ELO players, you’ll see that they have one champ that they fall to when their backs are against the wall. Knowing everything about your champion can win you the game even if the enemy team is full of counter picks.

In Season 7, Olleh, one of the best supports in the world, selected Thresh as his main champ. He spent countless hours practicing the hero and Thresh took him to the top of the NA ranks. This goes to show how effective you can be even if you have a main support hero.

Closing Thoughts

We can’t emphasize this enough; try not to be the type of cancerous player that joins a ranked match with a hero he doesn’t know how to play. In such cases, you are almost ensuring that your team will lose the game. This isn’t only disrespectful to your fellow players; it will be a bad experience for them. They’ll lose the game even if it isn’t their fault. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like to play with someone that feeds because they don’t know how to play their hero perfectly? Doesn’t seem too welcoming, does it?


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