Buy a Lol Smurf And Start At Level 30

Did you just buy a LoL Smurf and are eager to jump into the ranked games? For this, it is important that you should level up quite fast. Well, there are different methods to level up using our lol Smurf account when you play League of Legends.

When you are using your Smurf account to play League of Legends, then it takes out the stress factor from the game. This is why you enjoy the game a lot more at the end of the day, and the fear of losing simply becomes non-existent. We will discuss different steps so that you can level up quite quick in the game.

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The Essential Reasons Why You Should Be at Level 30

It is vital for you to know that Level 30 is the maximum level in the League of Legends. No wonder all the players are keen to reach that level fast. It can be stated that the level 30 is the maximum threshold which is required so that you can enter a ranked game with ease.

Most players play competitively with their friends, but if they fail to level up, then it will not be possible for them to excel in the League of Legends.

The Time It Takes to Reach Level 30 In League of Legends

When you buy lol smurf and want to level up fast, then you need to have the exact idea of how long it will take you to reach level 30. Now, the answer depends upon some factors.

It depends upon the number of players who play the game, and it also depends upon the number of games that have been won. Some players prefer to play bot games while some prefer to go with the normal games. This is yet another factor that will decide how long it will take you to reach level 30.

If we have to give you a rough estimate, then it can take you about a few weeks to several months to reach the level 30.

How to Reach Level 30 Fast with Your Lol Smurf

Going for The Duration Experience Boosts

Duration experience boosts play a crucial role. They give you the boosts for a defined number of games whether you win or lose the game. You can opt for the best value boost for about 7 days. If you play quite often, then you will need several of these boosts.

When you make use of these boosts, then you will reach level 30 in just about a month.

Trying Your Luck with Win Experience Boost

When you win the game, you get hold of the winning experience boost. If you lose the game, you will not be able to get hold of the experience boost. You will need about 2-win experience boosts to reach the level 30 using your lol Smurf.

If you are looking forward to major experience gains, then the appropriate approach will be to combine your win experience boosts with the duration experience boosts.

Opting for Bot Games with Experience Boosts

If you decide to play the normal games, then you should know that they offer a better experience than the bot games. However, you can achieve a better winning rate in the bot games. For example, it is possible for you to win about 100% of the bot games.

If you decide to play the normal games, then you stand a chance of winning about 50% of these games. The good news is that you can make use of the experience boosts in the bot games and this is why levelling up becomes much easier in this case.

It may take you about 150 hours of playtime to reach level 30 with the help of the experience boosts.

We will just finalise the strategy now that will help you to reach level 30 fast. Opt for the bot games. Combine your duration and win experience boosts. It will take you about 100 hours of playtime or maybe four continuous days of playing to reach the level 30 in this situation.

The Cheaper Approach to Reach Level 30 Fast

You should buy lol Smurf account from a reliable seller. In most of the cases, you get your account instantly. The risk of an account getting banned always exists, but if your account does get banned, then you do get the access to a new account on an immediate basis.

When you have to level up, then it is important that you should be able to win most of your games. When you play using a Smurf account, then you do have a major advantage in your hand. At low-levels, other players may lack the ability to beat the experienced players.

What goes in your favour is that most of the players have never played the game in the first place.

Essential Tips to Level Up Fast Using Your Smurf Account

Play with Your Friends to Level Up Quick

You can also reach level 30 fast if you have a group of friends playing with you. All the team players can participate in a bot game, and that helps to finish up the game quite fast. If you want to follow this approach, then you should not opt for random team players. What you need to remember is that teamwork will turn out to be the winning element in this case.

However, it is important that your friends should also be quite determined to win the game.

Getting Hold of The Right Spells to Win the Bot Games and Level Up Fast

When you are playing both games to level up fast, then you need to make use of the appropriate Summoner Spells also. Ideally, you should avail the spell Ignite and Teleport. These spells play a crucial role to reduce your travel time. They significantly help to increase the damage also.

With Teleport it becomes much easier to kill the maximum enemies. What happens is that when the bots have a low HP, then they quickly run away.  You have to use Ignite to secure your kill, and this will also help you get hold of the much-needed Gold.

You should avoid the spells Cleanse, Smite and Flash and these spells will not be able to do good to you. The Ignite spells also help you grab the enemy.

How to Make the Best Use of Your Lol Smurf Account

Play on Different Servers to Gain the Required Experience

When you buy Smurf, then there are many ways to which you can put this account to good use. There are times when you want to play this game on different servers. This helps the players to gain a significant amount of experience.

You can also use the smurf account test on a certain server before you move to the main one. When you have tested a certain server, then you will be more confident when playing on the main server.

Get Familiar with The Champion of Your Choice

If you are want to become familiar with a champion, then in this case too lol Smurf may be the perfect option for you. When you use your Smurf account, you will get a lot of time to understand the working of the new champion and this way you can perfectly utilise your champion.

Use the Smurf Account to Mask Your Identity Without a Problem

There is no denying the fact that a smurf account can be the smart way through which the top players can easily mask their identity. The biggest issue with the top players is that they have to deal with friend requests continuously. When the top-notch players have the Smurf account, then they do not have to deal with such issues.

Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy Lol Smurf

Benefits of Buying a LOL Smurf from
If you have made up your mind to buy your Smurf account, then there are certain precautionary measures that you should have in mind. Ideally, you should buy from sellers that have an updated blog that offers an exclusive insight into how to use their content effectively.

The seller should offer you safe payment gateways also so that you do not have to worry about losing your hard-earned money. It will be great if the website of the seller offers you adequate protection through HTTPS.

When you buy your Smurf account, then you should also ensure that you get recovery information from the seller. There are times when some of the sellers do not provide you with this information.

What such sellers do is that they may use your recovery information to recover your account and they may end up selling it to another buyer. If a seller is hesitant to give you the recovery information, then you should treat it as a red flag alert, and you should be on your guard against sellers.

Follow the guidelines and the leveling up with your smurf will become simpler.

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