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There are always extra elements in video games that take it to another level, and gives us different elements to customize our avatars. Therefore, we’ll have possible items that have the potential to let us shine above the different NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) within the game. Indeed, some people take this opportunity to use this type of customization to make their creations a lot more “look-a-like,” or go wild and create a player that may be the total opposite. So why should you buy lol skins? Let’s find out!

Whatever your goals may be, everyone gets some fun as they interact with these types of gaming mechanics and end up with something
unique and personal
. Furthermore, if a particular video game comes with multiple options to create thousands to combinations, the better reception it can get.

Nowadays, some gaming companies take this important customizing component of their creations to acquire a lot more monetary income. For example, if you want some interesting Hats that have additional animations and somehow make them extra
hard to unlock
, to increase its uniqueness. As a result, the gaming community tends to see these items with more “special charm,” and feel special when they unlock these customizations.

Furthermore, this type of formula becomes more powerful if the development team adds multiplayer elements, with interacting lobbies. Consequently, people now have more options to show their inventory to the rest of the community and brag about their rarest items. Likewise, they gain fame and praise when other players share their “surprise comments” and give positive feedback.

League of Legends Business Model

Now, since League of Legends became famous with their revolutionary (at that time), way of allowing their video game to all of the community, they had to add other measures to generate revenue. Indeed, since the Riot developers gave you the option to download the entire game and try it for free, they “hid” some of their content behind paywalls. Therefore, they opt to lock all of the playable Champions, at the same time, they gave you the opportunity to gather in-game currency by just playing League of Legends; which you’ll get the chance to use that currency to buy a character that you’ll like.

Riot Points 1
Hit that Wallet!

Still, though, when it comes to cosmetic items, well this is another story. Hence, in the early years of this video game, you only had the option to buy all of the Champion’s Skins with Riot Points. In other words, to unlock this type of content, it
requires only real money to Buy lol Skins
. Therefore, when you saw a player using a Champion with another skin, you could easily spot a guy/girl that gave some support to the development team.

Even though this wasn’t an ideal approach to all of the players, you still had a lot more
elements that you could get for free
. Above all, remember that the cosmetic items have no impact on the gameplay. Therefore, you still have the opportunity to reach Diamond without spending any penny. As a result, even though you could have the chance to acquire Riot Points or not, either way, you could stomp any random match by yourself.

Actual Cosmetics in LoL

Times always make a difference, and within the League of Legends business model, it meant that you’ll have the opportunity to unlock cosmetics for free. In contrast to the Champion’s type of exchange, you need to use “loot boxes” and pray that the RNG will give you the Skins that you want. Indeed, this time around you can use elements such as Hextech Chest to gather Skins Shards.

senna prestige skin
Got Some RP?

With tools like these, you always have the chance to transform a Shard with Orange Essence to permanently unlock an interesting skin. On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to exchange three Skin Shards and get another Random Skin available to unlock without any other cost. Most noteworthy, you need to have the Shard’s Champion to permanently have that Skin on your Collection. If that’s not the case, you cannot activate a permanent Skin Shard. No worries though, it will always be waiting in your inventory until you sort things out.

Even though this is the “less expensive” way to gain different cosmetic items, it is still the less straight
. Indeed, to buy lol skins that feel more appropriate to your Champion collection, you’ll have to spend some cash. In contrast to the less reliable RNG, in this case, you’ll have full control of what item you’ll like to unlock. Therefore, your favorite Champions will surely have a thing or two to modify their appearance.

You’ll probably have already seen the different prices for all those interesting cosmetic items, and maybe you’ll think things twice by now. Don’t worry though, there are some ways to unlock your favorite skin with less Riot Points.

When to Buy LoL Skins?

skin sale
Rolling the Dice

Here are a few steps that you can follow to earn a lot of items when you Buy lol Skins in the League of Legends Shop:

  1. Unlock Your Favorite Champions First:

    It is always recommendable that you spend all of the Blue Essence in those characters that you feel worth getting. At the same time, you also have the chance to check which Champions currently have the best cosmetic items. Most noteworthy, the fewer characters you unlock, the more chances you’ll get to gain some Skins from them.

  2. Complete all the Quests you can:

    Depending on the type of Patch or current Special Event, you’ll get different tasks to complete as you keep playing League of Legends. Above all, you’ll have the opportunity to gather a lot more currency for different items in your Account. Furthermore, more than often there are some rewards that you can unlock, which has to do with different types of cosmetic items.

  3. Open as Many Hextech Chest as Possible:

    You can either get Chests and Keys by completing Quests in Special Events, or by getting good grades after the match is done. As a result, you’ll have the chance to unlock multiple “loot boxes” that can become amazing Skin Shards. Even though you still depend on the RNG, the more Hextech you can get, the better the odds.

  4. Wait for Weekly Discounts Before Buying:

    Usually every Tuesday there’s a rotation of Free Champions to Play for the entire week without spending any currency. At the same time, you’ll also find some discounts on Skins that you may find attractive. In contrast to the previous points, we are now in “buying only” mode. Therefore, prepare your Riot Points and spend a little on those interesting items.

  5. Check Your Personal Shop:

    Rarely, the Riot Team gives us a chance to obtain some Skins with the lowest price available. Furthermore, there’s always the chance that you’ll get seasonal Skins that sometimes become harder to acquire. Most noteworthy, this type of League of Legends Shop checks first what Champions you have unlocked in your account. As a result, the fewer characters you have, the more chances you’ll get to find interesting Skins for your favorite Champions.

  6. Discover all the Available Bundles:

    Whenever a batch of Skins appears in the League of Legends Client, they tend to pick some Champions according to the Lore. At the same time, in the League of Legends Shop, they tend to gather all the new cosmetic items and sell them at a “comfortable” price. Therefore, you’ll have the option to unlock all the new stuff with one item. Taking this into consideration, when you Buy lol Skins, check if all those new items have more than one Champion that you already have in your Account. It may be a low chance, but there’s always the possibility that a Bundle will have all you want.

Smurf Accounts

There are many positive outcomes related to cosmetics when you have more than one Account for the League of Legends’ main client. First of all, since you’re practically are starting all over again, you’ll currently have no Champions unlocked in that lol Smurf Account. Most noteworthy, seeing that unlocking only your favorites at first gives you an upper hand, with this different account, you’ll have
more chances to get Skins
for those characters.

Personal Shop
Getting More Personal

Furthermore, you have the option to focus only on Champions that belong in one of the primary main Roles. Hence, you’ll have higher chances to gather cosmetic items related to that Role when you unlock Champions for Jungle, or Top-Lane, or even Support. Remember that your Personal Shop always checks what you already unlocked before offering good prices for those remarkable Skins.

Additionally, since each account comes with different progressions in the game, you can always repeat the same Quests in a particular event. As a result, you’ll have a lot more Hextech Chest to open, which in return, will give you more items for your Accounts. Therefore, you’ll have more Skin Shards that you can opt to turn into permanent or exchange three for a lol Free Skin.

Finally, remember that you also have the chance to play ranked matches in all those lol Smurf Accounts. Therefore, when the season ends, you’ll get the opportunity to obtain a lot more rewards at the same time. Indeed, the higher you’ll able to get in the Ladder, the more items you’ll gather from all of your Accounts.

Upcoming Events and Important Patches

Always keep an eye when big eSports become available to watch, also when the Season Ends, or the accustomed Special Events that constantly appear in the client. Usually, after a big patch hits the main servers, we also get different activities that are waiting for us to complete.

Therefore, with each new event, you’ll have the chance to gather a lot more customizing items for your Account. Indeed, sometimes it requires some effort to achieve completion in a special event, but when you have all the items, you’ll be well rewarded.

At the same time, you can also visit the League of Legends Shop and discover the new Skins. Who knows, maybe one of those new items will make your favorite Champion stand out from the rest. Furthermore, depending on the date, you’ll also get to play custom game modes to try out in the main client.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Buying LoL Skins

Prepare those Hextech Boxes!

Can I get League of Legends Skins for Free?

Technically, yes. At the moment you have the chance to unlock random customizing items with the aid of Skin Shards. Therefore, the more Hextech Chest you open, the higher the number of Shards you’ll get the opportunity to unlock in your Account. Remember that you can turn a Skin Shard with Orange Essence, or exchange three Shards for another random permanent Skin.

How can You obtain Riot Points?

You’ll need real money to obtain Riot Point in your Account. Therefore, to complete this exchange, you can either use your credit card or PayPal Account; or obtain Prepaid Game Cards from your Local Store. Whichever the preferred method you use, remember to keep some currency available when an important Sale hits the client.

Can You Exchange a Random Number when Buying Riot Points?

No, you only opt to gather established amounts of RP for Real Money. At the moment you have the opportunity to pick between:
– 650 RP for $5
– 1380 RP for $10
– 2800 RP for $20
– 5000 RP for $35
– 7200 RP for $50
– 15000 RP for $100
Remember that the higher the amount between the exchange of currency, the more bonus RP you’ll have from that same transaction.

When is the Right Time to Buy LoL Skins?

Even though you have the option to acquire any Skin whenever you’ll want, there are ways to get them cheaper if you have a little patience. Therefore, to reduce the amount of RP you can either:
– Open as many Hextech Chests and value the Skin Shards in your Account.
– Check each Tuesday for the sales rotation in the League of Legends Shop.
– Uncover the available options from the Personal Shop.
– Pay attention to the different Bundles available in the Shop.

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