Best LoL Champions for Beginners

League of Legends has been the fad for quite a while. With tournaments happening all over the world and millions of players relishing the wonders of the game, its popularity has soared. New players are entering the game every day. There are over 130 champions in the game to choose from. This variety of champions can confuse or overwhelm new players. With little knowledge of the game, they are not aware of the right choices to make regarding choosing a champion. New players need to learn about the champions and how they function in the best way possible. Moreover, they also need to understand the dynamics of their offence and defence tactics. That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide on the Best LoL Champions for Beginners.

League of Legends Champions

A champion in the League of Legends is the entity that the player controls in the game, on the map. All champions are unique in their own way, and they all have one ability, in which they have superiority over all other champions. This ability can only be used occasionally.

Every champion had four distinct qualities that are activated by the Q, W, E and R keys respectively. The champions are categorized according to their specific genre, such as mages. Some champions are unique and cannot be categorized.

In every team, there are five champions with different abilities. To make the champions even more powerful, the player is required to kill the minions in the game and do this at a faster rate than their enemies.

League of Legends Champions for Beginners

There are a few champions that are most suitable for newbies. These champions can help the player navigate through the game and learn the basics of it.


Shyvana is commonly known as ‘half-dragon’ as she can turn into one. Her passive is ‘Fury of the Dragonborn’ and that lets her inflict more damage upon the dragons. Every time she kills a dragon, she gets points for the team.

Shyvana Lol Champion hands on fire towards audience

With her elevated speed, she proves to be dangerous to the enemies from the start, but her real skills are portrayed after the sixth level. She is quite convenient to play with as she can be designed for the needs and preferences of the team.

  • She may be made for absorbing damage as a tank or made for inflicting more damage. The Q key activated her Twin Bite which lets her double attack the minions and has increased damage.
  • The W key activates Burnout in which Shyvana can instantly clear up the jungle and cause damage. It also speeds up her reflexes and keeps her healthier than most other champions in the initial steps of the game.
  • E activates Flame Breath. This is especially suitable for newbies since it teaches them how to use two or more abilities at the same time to cause maximum damage. This ability can be used with Twin Bite to destroy the enemy.
  • R activates Dragon’s Descent. This ability lets the champion live up to her name and change into a dragon. By doing so, it can cause massive damage and also gain more health. Not only does this ability let Shyvana kill her enemies, but it also lets her protect her allies and engage in team fights.

Shyvana works well when used in teamwork. It does not only benefit the player but also has, overall, advantages for the team. In the initial stages of the game, a player gets bonuses from the dragons. Being on a lookout for the spawning of these and using them is useful for the player.


Commonly named as The Thunder’s Roar, Volibear is very effective in the jungle. His passive is “Chosen of the Storm.” This lets him restore his health if it decreases excessively and it is due to this ability that he is very useful in group fights.

  • He can be customised for the needs of the team and may be used offensively or defensively. The Q key activates Rolling Thunder. It is named so because the champion rolls on the floor on all fours and attacks the enemy like thunder.

With its speed matching thunder, it proves to be quite helpful in attacking and destroying the enemies. He knocks out the enemy, aiding the team in team fights. This must be used with great care as it can prove to be crucial for the team fight if the right target is aimed at the right time.

Vollibaer furiously attacking opponent in front of meteor storm
Vollibaer lightning attack

Using this ability, Volibear can pick up team members of the enemy team and throw them back at his team to give an advantage to his team and to disperse the enemy team.

  • The W key activates Frenzy in which Volibear attacks the enemy with accelerated speed. He tends to stack up with every attack, going up to a maximum of three stacks. For newbies, this champion is quite suitable as it is effective against minions and other champions.
  • E activates Majestic Roar. This is not exactly an attacking ability, but it aids in the process. When used in collaboration with Rolling Thunder, it can destroy the enemy instantly.

Majestic roar tends to retard the movement of everyone other than Volibear, so it works wonder against minions and other jungle monsters. This gives the champion ample time to attack as it is not getting attacked by the enemies.

  • R activates Thunder Claws, which is the best ability of this champion. This makes the newbies survive in team fights even without having adequate knowledge about the usage of different abilities.

This ability lets Volibear attack eight people at once, making it a danger to the rest of the enemy team. It attacks with great speed, bouncing from one enemy to another, using its claws to damage eight enemies in one attack.


Named as The Radiant Dawn, this champion is equipped with massive CC, and it makes her the best for initiating team fights. Using her shied for protection, she can easily barge into fights with minimal personal risk.

Justicar Syndra engaging opponent throwing light spherics


  • Field of Daybreak. This is advantageous for Leona and her team as a whole. Using this ability, she hits her enemy with the shield, which leaves them stunned for quite a while.

She can use this as her attack or defence mechanism. Moreover, she can use this ability to give time to her team members to move away from any threat or devise a plan for dealing with the enemy.

  • W activates her Eclipse ability which lets her get into the midst of a fight and endure minimum damage. She can gain a shied with this ability and protected herself from damage in a team fight or individual encounters.
  • E activates Zenith Blade and can be used in association with her other abilities. This ability lets her stun her enemy and, when used with the abilities above, it can help her be a crucial member of team fights.
  • R activates Solar Flare, which lets her call upon the enemy a Solar Flare. The enemies that she has stunned are trapped in the centre of this solar flare and the other enemies outside this circle are also retarded in their movement and function.

This is especially helpful for preventing the escape of the enemies and killing them all before they even try to escape. With this ability, she can also clear up zones in the map and initiate fights with enemies individually or in a team.

Leona is good for newbies since they need to work in teams for the first few times that they play. Leona works best in a team and survives longer with more surety if she has a team to back her up. If she proceeds without a team, she is likely to get killed early.



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