Congratulations Cloud9 2021 Mid-Season Showdown Champs!

The Cloud9 2021 roster was one of the most surprising changes in the new competitive season. Despite Cloud9’s huge success in 2020, the organization decided to reshuffle its roster and make some changes that didn’t quite sit well with the fans at first but produced some great results in the end after winning the LCS Mid-Season Showdown. How did this team manage to find so much success despite massive changes in the dynamics of the team?

C9 vs TL Highlights Game 5 Finals LCS Spring 2021 Cloud9 vs Team Liquid by Onivia
Cloud9 vs Team Liquid Mid-Season Showdown Finals Game 5 Highlights

Cloud9 2021 Spring Run

Cloud9’s first few weeks in the LCS started out like everyone expected as they dominated the other teams quite easily. However, there were parts of their gameplay, such as Perkz re-transition to the mid lane, that obviously needed some more time to develop. Ultimately, the Cloud9 2021 roster managed to find a winning formula that worked out for them until the conclusion of the first half of the season. Perkz became a formidable mid laner and Fudge managed to prove himself despite being an LCS rookie.

LCS, as a region, hasn’t always performed beyond the expectations of even the most pessimistic of fans. Despite being a major region, they consistently drop out of Groups which has become a running joke for the rest of the world. Cloud9 is now tasked with the heavy burden of proving the world otherwise using the tools they have at their disposal. After taking down the mighty Team Liquid at the LCS Grand Finals, they have secured a ticket to represent the region at the Mid-Season Invitationals.

C9 wins over TL: Was it a fluke?

The biggest controversy about the TL vs C9 match is that Santorin had to sit out the last two matches of the LCS Playoffs because of health issues that he has been experiencing. Armao had to substitute for Santorin, to which he performed beyond the expectations of most people. Provided the fact that the series went to 5 games, the fans question whether the outcome of the series would have changed if only Santorin had not gotten sick before such an important match.

Armao cracking his knuckles
Would it have made a difference?

One factor that fans need to consider is that Cloud9 had already defeated Team Liquid’s complete roster during the same Playoffs at the Upper Bracket Round 2. However, there are a lot of things that could change after one series and TL beat them back in LCS Lock-In. While there is no guarantee that Team Liquid could have won that series if Santorin was present, there’s also no reason to doubt that they could have been the champions had the situation been better.

Perkz Back Where He Belongs

Perkz started out as a mid laner and stayed that way for a long time with G2 Esports. New LoL Esports fans might not know that Perkz was considered one of the best mid laners in EU history but decided to make the switch to the bottom lane after G2 Esports acquired Caps. Caps is considered to the best mid laner to have ever played in EU so Perkz wanted him to stay with G2 Esports. Perkz really wanted to go back to the mid lane so instead of making Caps stay, he selflessly decided to leave G2 Esports to join the Cloud9 2021 roster.

Perkz in his Cloud9 2021 Jersey in game
Back home in the Mid Lane

Mid laners and ADCs have completely different playstyles. Perkz spent 2 years being an ADC so fans were skeptical that he can return to 100% of his former self. While it’s true that Perkz needed some adjustment period after re-transitioning to the mid lane, he is still the dominant mid laner that EU once had the pleasure of watching. He is now one of the top performing mids in North America and is looking to prove himself once more as the undisputed best in the League.

Regular Season MVP – Blaber

Blaber has been the strongest member of Cloud9 since he got the starting position as jungler in the team. His continued growth as a young and talented player makes North America look forward to when this man reaches his peak. As the most aggressive Jungler in the region, he always leads the charge in teamfights where his team is willing to follow him up so that he can give them the chance to get leads from small picks.

C9 Blaber deserves the title of MVP due to his fearless playstyle and the fact that he is always the reason why his team manages to get a lead in the game. Being an American-born player also gives the fans some hope that not all of the best players in their region are imports or residents. However, the true proving grounds for Blaber will be at MSI 2021 where he will be facing off against strong junglers like Canyon who have already proven themselves internationally.

Cloud9 at MSI 2021

The Cloud9 2021 roster will be competing at the Mid-Season Invitationals to represent the LCS. Ironically, Perkz will be the sole representative to defend the G2 Esports’ title of MSI Champion. It looks like Cloud9 won’t just be carrying the hopes and dreams of North American fans but also those of his former teammates in G2 Esports and those who are still loyally supporting Perkz adventures towards becoming the best. The other members of the team will be competing for the first time.

Cloud9 Raising the Mid-Season Showdown Cup
The Champs!

North America isn’t exactly a region that’s favored to win the entire thing even with the new members of the Cloud9 2021 roster. It will take a miracle for C9 to take down the reigning World Champions in Damwon Kia with their form improving even more since last year. Cloud9 didn’t manage to compete at Worlds but now we can finally see the team in action at the international stage when they set their sights towards Iceland and the MSI Trophy.

What are Cloud9’s chances at MSI 2021?

Cloud9’s current form will be climbing an extremely steep cliff at MSI 2021. The other regions have continuously improved since Worlds 2020 and the eastern regions are still favored to take it all home. However, Team Liquid also beat the defending champions in Invictus Gaming in 2019 so nothing is truly impossible.

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