Breathtaking! eSports on Hold due to Coronavirus

Is it Just a Flu?

Like the Coronavirus disease, from time to time, the world gets struck with a dominant illness that impacts our ordinary days. Indeed, more than often, it appears from a random country, spaces without control, and suddenly a whole continent becomes endangered. Additionally, the symptoms may be too powerful, or the contagious methods are too hard to handle. Furthermore, if a cure takes a long while to handle situations like these, countries around the planet become infected, and the danger increases.

Likewise, to prevent anything harmful goes your way, there are always some measures to take and avoid a possible contagion. Still, though, sometimes people do not want to cooperate, and extreme procedures are needed to maintain control over the situation. As a result, some products or animals become banned for the population, or different excessive prohibitions bloom to reduce the damage. Hence, sometimes it may feel like these new rules are like child-probe, but sometimes people find it hard to collaborate.

The average “video gamer” usually sees this kind of situation from another spectrum. Since we tend to stay indoors due to the prolonged gaming sessions, a powerful virus finds it hard to infect our bodies. Still, we live with people that have a different business outside the world, spreading diseases inside our homes. Therefore, you always need to be prepared if anything goes your way.

The FLu affecting the body
Keep it Clean

Risks of Getting this New Disease

Since the Corona Virus shares a lot of properties from the Flu, it is incredibly contagious. For example, just by touching something like a paper with the virus or being near to a sick person when it sneezes, you’ll experiment with some symptoms in the next couple of days. Furthermore, the Corona Virus has the potential to survive without a host for around a week. In other words, even though the sick person leaves a public premise for a long time, the virus may still be lingering there.

As a result, one procedure from the government that takes place when some cases appear in a country is to ban public gatherings. Primary, areas such as parks or malls need to become isolated until the medical staff somewhat controls the threat. If things remain, as usual, the Corona Virus cases may increase to the point that everyone has no control of the infected anymore.

For us gamers, since we usually have not that many social gatherings, we still have the chance to feel at ease inside our homes. Indeed, with electricity and Internet connection, we have the potential to drain hours until this threat becomes stable. Furthermore, you have the potential to keep fighting for a better place in the Ranking Ladder, while Doctors around the world deal with this potent threat. Still, though, always keep an eye over the news all times and act accordingly.

Important Information about Coronavirus Disease

Representation of the Coronavirus Disease
The New Threat

Here you have the possible symptoms that you may experience after being exposed for a couple of days with the Coronavirus Disease:

  • Fever: No matter what you take, the temperature doesn’t go down, and you start to feel unease. Keep a thermometer at hand and keep a record for the ups and downs of your body state.
  • Cough: This isn’t just a regular cough since it is more constant and loud. Remember to use a mask or anything that covers the mouth. As a result, you’ll avoid passing the illness to anyone close to you.
  • Shortness of breath: After you take just a couple of steps, you may feel that there’s no more air in your lungs, and you’ll require more places to rest. Remember that like the Flu, you’ll need a lot of rest and drink water regularly to reduce any damage to your lungs.

Most importantly, if you experience some of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately or look for assistance in the nearest hospital:

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face

If there are lots of cases reported in your country and you need to leave your house, you’ll need to follow these precautions. First of all, use a mask (to protect your nose and mouth) from potential threats in the air. Secondly, wash your hands regularly before or after you touch any surface or objects unfamiliar to you. Thirdly, treat your body with proteins and vitamins to endure any treatment in the nearest future. Last but not least, avoid any social gatherings at all costs.

What it means for League of Legends Players

Since we have the opportunity to log-in inside our house, you don’t have to worry about the Coronavirus Disease a lot. Furthermore, sharing some time in video games like League of Legends helps us in keeping our minds calm and concentrated on something else. Still, though, since social gatherings become restricted within some countries, the only thing that takes its toll is the eSports part. At the moment, it’s not recommendable to go into Stadiums and watch professional gameplay.

At the same time, avoid any “Lan” gatherings or that many reunions with close friends until everything is safer. Furthermore, use tools like social media to keep yourself aware of any changes or news about the current pandemic.

eSports Tournaments with a lot of people.
Avoid This at any Cost

Tournaments Suspended due to Coronavirus Disease

Since this illness has become more influential in the earliest of 2020, some competitions are being affected due to restrictions. At the moment, the eSports gatherings are unavailable, no matter the country or the hour. Still, though, to keep the population entertained, some tournaments no longer require a venue to begin; instead, the matches are accessible over the Internet. Here you have the affected eSports competitions:

  • The 2020 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI 2020)
  • The 2020 League Championship Series (LCS)
  • LEC 2020 Spring Season
  • League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)

Frequently Asked Questions on Covid19 affect the eSports

What do you need to do to avoid getting this illness?

Wear a Mask in outdoors or unfamiliar places, wash your hands regularly, and avoid social gatherings.

What symptoms may occur after being ill for a couple of days with the Coronavirus Disease?

Trouble breathing. 

Which eSports Tournaments are currently affected?


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