Should EUNE Hold Their Own Championship Series?

It’s no secret that the Europe Nordic & East Server share the same championship series as their neighbors in Europe West. Multiple talents from both regions have united into the League of Legends European Championships (LEC) in order to bring talents from both regions to compete for the overall glory of Europe in the League. However, since most players switch to the EUW for convenience’s sake, there lies a question asking whether the shared series makes the EUNE weaker to EUW.

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Is it time for the birth of a new challenger within the region?

The League of Legends European Championship

The LEC is one of the top competitors in the upcoming World Championship thanks to their dominant run towards the World Finals last year. Most of it is thanks to the efforts of the all-European team, G2 Esports who defeated 3-time world champions, SK Telecom T1, in the Quarter Finals of the tournament. With their defeat against FunPlus Phoenix in the finals, Europe only aims to become stronger in the next World Championships.

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The New Era of League of Legends Begins Now

While the shared Championship Series creates for a united front against the increasing strength of other regions in the world, this also tempts players to go to EUW where most of the tournament takes place. This leaves EUNE with a very low competitive drive and a fewer number of players in the server despite it having more countries than EUW itself. What will help EUNE find a more active competitive environment?

The EUNE Championship Series

The creation of the European Championship Series is sure to ignite the passion of the native players in the region as well as entice other players from around the globe to join it. The migration of EUNE players to the EUW will be a problem in the past since they will want to have the chance to be scouted by a team native to their region. However, regarding how it affects the strength of Europe as a region, it might have a negative effect.

While EUW is considered as Europe’s main region in terms of strength, the source of its power mostly comes from players in EUNE, namely – Denmark. Of course, it doesn’t mean to say that there are no strong players from the EUW itself. However, the idea that the unified competitive front is made stronger by having both regions together. Although, sacrificing the integrity of EUNE as a region which has become some sort of joke EUW fans make.

Why the EUNE should at least consider having their own Championship Series:

1. The Region will Establish Its Own Identity

When people mention the LEC or European League of Legends in general, the first region that comes to mind is Europe West. People who are interested in playing to experience this league will go to Europe West. In fact, there is a higher number of sales of Unranked Level 30 Smurf Accounts in EUW compared to those in the EUNE. This is due to the reputation that EUW has over EUNE as a region.

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The world will learn of your achievements

The EUNE having its own competitive series will establish its identity even if it starts out as a minor region. This is the same case with the Vietnam Championship Series where it broke away from the Garena Premier League in order to establish itself as a semi-major region it is known today. This gave them international prominence as well as their own guaranteed slot in the World Championships unlike other wildcard regions.

2. The EUNE Server Will Gain a Surge of Players

Every League of Legends player has at least considered having a professional career in esports. If the EUNE were to begin their own championship series, professional players from around the world will begin migrating to this server to have the chance to be scouted by an organization looking to start their own roster from scratch. Players will also stop leaving the EUNE in order to play in the more populous EUW server.

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More people to join the fun!

If you want the chance to play in the EUNE, there are Unranked Level 30 EUNE Smurf accounts here at LolFinity where you can get the best value for your money with bonus features such as a lifetime warranty and neutral MMR which will make you feel more secure about your account. This is undoubtedly one of the best deals you can find when it comes to purchasing an account in the Europe Nordic & East server out there.

The Future of EUNE

Europe Nordic & East has been one of the regions which is less popular despite sharing the same championship series with an internationally recognized region. One of the more likely routes that Riot Games will take is merging the EUW and EUNE in order to create a full European server. Of course, they’ll need to fix server issues first so that issues like lag won’t become a problem if they do decide to take this action.

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The European Nordic & East Server is full of potential.

However, when the merge of the EUW and EUNE does take into place, the memory of the lesser region will become less relevant to the minds of the international community. Now, whether or not this is a good thing will be up to the EUNE natives to decide in the future. Taking into consideration all the achievements they have and what they contribute to the League will definitely make them think twice whether or not they want to surrender this.

Does the EUNE have their own Championship Series?

No, the EUNE and EUW share the same championship series which is the League of Legends Championship series (LEC). Organizations bring players from both servers into their rosters where they can play against other European natives for the domestic title. The LEC is based in Berlin, Germany. As of now, there is no independent championship series held by Riot Games in this region that is not shared with EUW.

Will Riot Games’ Give EUNE their own Championship Series?

It is not likely for EUNE to have their own championship series since the existence of the LEC is already well and established. However, if they do decide to break away then it is up to the players to convince Riot Games’ to help EUNE establish their own independent series.

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