EUNE Players Who Became Pros in Other Regions

The Europe Nordic and East is known to be the birthplace of many League of Legends greatest players. While there is no relevant independent eSports scene in the region, EUNE players who migrate to other regions find success because of how they’ve established their playstyle and game knowledge during their stay in the region. Even though Europe West has become the more dominant region in the European League, the impact that the Europe Nordic and East server will forever be relevant in the LoL Pro scene.

H2K Forg1ven post match featuring his team  jersey
EUNE, Birthplace of League of Legends Champions

Which countries are from the EUNE?

A complete map of the EUW and EUNE player base map by country
There’s no need to wonder if your favorite player is from the EUW or EUNE

The 26 countries comprising the EUNE are the following:

Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuana, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, and Greece.

EUNE has the most number of countries comprising its region which is double the number of countries of its EUW counterpart who is only at 12 countries. Needless EUNE players comprise a large portion of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). While you might only know most of them as EUW pro-players, you’d be surprised to learn which ones are actually EUNE players originally.

The Rise of EUNE Players Internationally

From the day that League of Legends came to Europe, the EU server has always become a figurehead of League of Legends. They were the very first to win the League of Legends World Championships with Fnatic. Since then, they have established their place as a major region in what would be the fastest growing online game and largest esports scene in history. However, a lot would happen to the EU server in the years to come.

aAa vs fnatic - Grand Final Season 1 Championship

A few years ago, the European League of Legends community were set in only one server. However, due to problems in server capacity and lag issues, Riot Games had to split Europe in two – Europe West and Europe Nordic and East. Most of the players chose to stay in Europe West which explains why the population disparity in both servers is so wide. This became an issue for the EUNE community as people choose to go to the server with more players.

For the years to come, most people thought that when an EU player made his professional debut in the LEC, that player is automatically from the EUW. However, this is a common misconception especially since more than half of the LEC players are EUNE players. But because the headquarters of the LEC and EUNE are found in Germany, official tournaments and events are always held in EUW territory.

Transferring from EUNE to EUW and Vice Versa

It’s very common for players in these servers to transfer from one server to the other. Most European players even have accounts in both regions to make sure that they are updated with the competitive trend or simply be able to play with friends who are from another country. This is why EUNE and EUW smurf accounts are so popular as they allow you to immediately be able to play to the other server without the grind of reaching Level 30.

In fact, you’d be surprised on how many people from Europe buy unranked smurf accounts online. This is perfectly normal and legal, with the ban rate of purchased smurf accounts almost at 0%. So, if you have a friend in the EUNE server, you can purchase a level 30 unranked smurf account right away here at LolFinity. This gives you an edge when transferring from one server to another hassle-free.

Popular EUNE Players in the NA LCS

EUNE Players Bjergsen and Zven playing for Team SoloMid
The Great Dane Formula

The NA LCS is the most diverse region in the world, getting talents from almost every region available and developing them for competitive play thanks to the high-budget LCS organization present. This region is not shy to take in notable players from around the world which have proven themselves on the big stage. It is no wonder that the very face of the LCS is a player from the EUNE server – Bjergsen!

Currently, there is a joke running around in the professional LCS scene called the “Great Dane Formula” which just states that having a Danish player in your team makes your team extremely strong. This is why teams who have 2 Danish players have the highest chances of winning the tournament in NA. Currently, EUNE players in the NA are:

  1. Bjergsen (Denmark) – TSM
  2. Jensen (Denmark) – Team Liquid
  3. Zven (Denmark) – Cloud9
  4. Broxah (Denmark) – Team Liquid
  5. Froggen (Denmark) – Dignitas
  6. Svenskeren (Denmark) – Evil Geniuses
  7. Santorin (Denmark) – FlyQuest

And yes, as you can see, we meant it when we said “Great Dane Formula” was a serious thing NA organizations are considering today.

Popular EUNE Players in the LEC

EUNE Players Caps and Rekkles playing for Fnatic
The Kings of Europe

The LEC is the home of EUNE competitive League of Legends community. As we’ve said, a lot of players in the LEC are actually from the EUNE but if we list them down, the list would just go on and on. Which is why we’ll only list the most prominent EUNE players in the LEC today. Here are the most popular players in the region:

  1. Rekkles (Sweden) – Fnatic
  2. Caps (Denmark) – G2 esports
  3. Perkz (Croatia) – G2 esports
  4. Jankos (Poland) – G2 esports
  5. Forg1ven (Greece) – Schalke04
  6. Kobbe (Denmark) – Misfits Gaming
  7. Hylissang (Bulgaria) – Fnatic
  8. Bwipo (Romania) – Fnatic

While these players no longer commit full-time in the EUNE server due to the scrims and tournaments being based in the EUW, it’s still good to know that the EUNE server isn’t as unimpactful as most people claim it is.

Which server is bigger, EUW or EUNE?

Even though EUNE has more countries in it, the EUW is still bigger in terms of player population since it is considered more competitive. Most people who play in the EUNE move to the EUW by creating an account or purchasing a Level 30 EUW Unranked smurf to compete with the premiere league.

Is it a good idea to get an EUNE account?

As mentioned before, a lot of players get scouted from the EUNE server since it is the homeground of a lot of the most influential players in League of Legends today. Getting an account in the EUNE would prove to be worth the investment if you plan to take your League of Legends career to the next level.

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