Everything We Know About the Arcane Series on Netflix

League of Legends’ TV Series titled Arcane has finally released its first trailer and announced that it will air on Netflix on November 6th. Despite Riot Games releasing a ton of League of Legends Cinematics, this will be the first time that they will show a full-length series about in-game lore which gives fans a lot to be excited about. The Netflix Arcane Series will be the most anticipated show in this quarter so we’ll be discussing everything we know about it so far including some speculations.

What is the Arcane Series about?

The League of Legends Arcane Series trailer shows that the story will primarily focus on the pre-League of Legends timeline in Piltover & Zaun which is set about 5-10 years in the past. Major storylines including the relationships between Vi and Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn, as well as Jayce and Viktor will all be tacked during this act. The Netflix series will be canon to the official lore that we’ve already read about on the League of Legends official universe website.

Arcane: Official Trailer
The Official Arcane TV Series Trailer!

The Arcane series release announcement shows that there are three acts. We don’t know if all the acts will cover only the Piltover & Zaun saga that we’ve seen in the trailer or if the later acts will show a completely different region altogether. Judging from the depth of the stories between all the characters involved and the fact that Riot Games did not hint other regions being involved, we can narrow down our expectations to just the characters we’ve already seen which is a good thing because we don’t want the story to feel cut too short because they tried to fit it all in 1 season.

The Story of Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn

One of the highlights of the Arcane series is the origin story of Jinx and Vi. A lot of fans have been talking about the possible relationship between the two champions but all of that was only speculation until the announcement of Arcane. The two sisters will tackle Jinx’s abandonment issues which have led her to go down the path of being a chaotic villainess as Vi transforms from a common thug to the peacekeeping cop that she has become in the modern-day.

Jinx and Vi clashing in the LoL universe - Arcane series
The diverging paths of two sisters

It looks like Caitlyn will play a big part in how Vi becomes the person she is today. Perhaps, Riot Games might add little romantic hints between the two to add to the ever-expanding LGBTQ+ representation that they’ve been promoting for the longest time which started with Diana and Leona. There’s also a chance that the Arcane series will push a little into the future to add some closure into the storyline between the two sisters as Vi successfully “saves” her little sister from herself.

The Story of Jayce and Viktor

A large part of the progress that Piltover and Zaun enjoys today is thanks to scientists and researchers like Jayce and Viktor. However, everyone knows that these two individuals are the biggest of enemies whose paths were born from overeagerness and conservativity. While a lot is already fully explained in the lore behind Jayce and Viktor in their official pages, we’ll be seeing all of that happen with cinematography so that we can better relive it in our minds.

A screenshot of young Viktor and Jayce in the arcane series
The Inventors of Tomorrow

One of the best things that we’ll pick up in this series is that we’ll finally see Viktor’s face before his body became fused with machinery. Despite having a completely different artstyle from most of the official League of Legends portrayals, we get to see the younger versions of our favorite champions in League of Legends. Hopefully, we’ll see other Popular LoL Champions and characters that we know from both League of Legends and even Legends of Runeterra, where a lot of minor, non-League characters have been shown.

Arcane: Piltover & Zaun

Another thing that fans are excited to see is the relationship between Piltover & Zaun. The two cities have always been the centers of technology throughout Runeterra but this time, we’ll be seeing beyond the assumptions that we’ve taken from the lore. Is Piltover really such a tech-paradise? Is Zaun truly nothing but a hideout from criminals? We’ll learn more once we see it on the Arcane series when we meet up with some new characters whose backstories are linked to their place of birth.

A picture of the Piltover University Grounds - Arcane Series
The center of technology

In the trailer, we’ve seen some hints about political discord between the two cities. The peacekeepers of Piltover are constantly trying to keep the notorious criminals of Zaun at bay as they constantly try to meddle or steal with the tech that’s being developed within their grand city. Knowing the situation in Zaun, there’s probably a lot of explanation as to why these people and the organizations they’ve associated themselves with had resorted to doing so and the grand purpose of these acts.

Expectations For the Arcane Series

Despite portraying a lot of quirky and light-hearted themes in all of its games, Riot Games has decided to go with the dark and brooding mood in this series. This might prove to be a really good change especially since the stories involved in both storylines begin or end tragically. Since Riot Games has created a lot of cinematics before, there’s no doubt that the Arcane series will prove to be entertaining and satisfy the curiosity of the fans that have been following the characters’ lores.

The biggest issue that League of Legends fans might encounter is the comparison between the LoL Arcane Series vs DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, which is a show that released earlier this year. The DotA vs LoL rivalry has existed for the longest time and hasn’t died out completely despite years of coexisting. It’s a good idea not to take any criticism born from biased comparison so that you don’t end up in an unwinnable battle against a brick wall. Neither show was created for the sake of being compared with each other.

Where can I watch the LoL Arcane TV series?

The Arcane series will only be available on Netflix starting November 6th. No other media platforms have been confirmed to air the show nor will Riot Games’ associated partners and streamers be allowed to stream the show through a third-party.

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