LoL Challenges: Everything You Need to Know!

The latest Patch 12.9 Update introduces additional motivations for players to grind the ladder and it comes in the form of LoL Challenges. This special feature is pretty simple in design and isn’t really a major change that would definite the meta in League of Legends. However, both new and veteran players have found interest in this new update and want to learn more about what this feature can bring to the game.

What are LoL Challenges?

Challenges is a new feature that allows players to showcase their skills on the rift by completing various tasks both in-game and with their accounts. The challenges are grouped thematically and are ranked according to the player’s accumulated achievement points. It’s an interesting concept that rewards players who play more games and are motivated by performance-based achievements in the game.

Examples of LoL Challenges
Time to complete some LoL Challenges!

The cool part about challenges is that they offer players a new cosmetic design for the Summoner Profile which will be displayed both on your summoner page and loading screen. The icons and cosmetics that you can display on your profile depend on the level and progress that you’ve achieved in your challenges, so players will need to grind it out if they’re looking to display their achievements in League of Legends.

Everything About LoL Challenges

LoL challenges isn’t just a series of missions that you need to do in the game. It consists of different parts that players will be able to participate in depending both in-game and by using their account’s progress to flex on other players. There are different parts to LoL challenges and each one contains specialized missions that you need to look at. Here is everything you need to know about the Challenge system:

1. Challenges

Challenges are a series of tasks, similar to achievements, that players are encouraged to complete. These include a variety of progression-based missions that players will rank up from Unranked to Master, similar to the ranking system in League of Legends. Completing a challenge allows players to earn a unique title that they can use, similar to a flair, under their Summoner Name whenever they’re at the loading screen of the game. Some challenges include tasks like Unlocking All Champions.

Some available LoL challenges in S12
Learn how to do challenges!

Each challenge is separated into groups which are the Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Imagination, Veterancy, Collection, and Legacy being a specialized task for players who started the game earlier. Completing all tasks from each group as well as completing all the tasks from all the available challenges will award a unique title that’s reserved only for those who really take the time and patience to grind out the game.

2. Tokens

Tokens are an extension of Challenges. Completing a specific challenge will award a player a token, which is ranked according to how difficult that token can be acquired. The lowest you can get are the Iron tokens, which is also the most abundant. Naturally, players want to acquire Master tokens which are significantly harder to get, but they will give the player the flex that they deserve when they play the game.

Tokens available in the LoL challenges tab
Display tokens on your profile!

Players can equip up to three tokens, which is shown during the loading screen when you enter a game in League of Legends. You can edit the tokens you want to add on your profile by clicking on your Summoner Icon and clicking on the Tokens tab to see the list of items that you have available. Most challenges award tokens, but the higher-ranked ones are shown to display the token icon at the bottom-right.

Fastest Way to Complete Challenges

The fastest way to complete challenges is to play your games thematically. Try to set multiple challenges at once and try to complete them all at the same time. For example, the Go Where You Please and Not Even a Scratch challenges can be completed if you play full-tank champion with a lot of healing like Dr. Mundo or Maokai. You can also try to finish the game being deathless to complete the Immortal challenge if you don’t die that game.

LoL challenges in the Behemoth Group
Do your challenges quickly!

While completing challenges can be a really fun endeavor, don’t forget that your primary goal is to always try winning the game. If you’re trying to farm Challenges, we suggest going on normal games instead since it’s less likely that your allies will mind you trying out random stuff as compared to doing it in Ranked Games. Challenges are a good motivation for a player to do well, but never go into a Ranked Game with the primary intention being trying to complete your challenges.

Legacy and Seasonal Challenges

Unlike the standard challenges, Legacy and Seasonal Challenges can only be completed by certain people or at a limited time. Legacy missions aren’t usually thematic and involve missions like reaching a specific rank or summoner level. These are usually the most prestigious challenges and are something that most players always strive to complete since it is a lifelong achievement that they’ll be proud of. In Legacy challenges, even if you completed it before the patch was introduced, it’ll be credited to your account.

Legacy and Seasonal Challenges LoL
Earn those limited-time challenges!

Seasonal Challenges are much more special because they prove that you played during that specific season and achieved all these goals. We start at Season 12 (2022) with players being able to complete these challenges only until the season ends. Obviously, these challenges will never be obtainable after the time-limit has expired so hardcore collectors will want to try completing all of these challenges during the remaining months.

How Do I Complete Challenges?

Challenges are progression-based, so even if you manage to “complete” the task after one game, it’ll simply count towards the progress bar of those specific challenges. Some challenges are one-time completion, but those are usually more difficult to complete. Since Riot Games is trying to make this mechanic fun, you’ll need to dedicate some time trying to increase your progress in the challenges before you can fully claim the rewards.

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