The Top 5 Things to Look Forward to in League of Legends Season 13

League of Legends is entering its 13th season in 2023 and the game is looking better than ever with the Riot Games stuff working hard not just to create new games for the community but also to improve existing ones for fans to continue loving. The League of Legends Season 13 pre-season changes have been out for a while now but there’s still a lot to look forward to when it comes to what the game will give us.

Expectations For League of Legends Season 13

The new season comes with a lot of fans simply looking forward to another year of reaching a certain rank in the competitive ladder as their ultimate goal. For a good portion of fans in the community, they are eager to know what new features Riot Games will be giving them in the League of Legends Season 13 patches to come in 2023. It’s easy to get excited over nothing but we know that Riot Games isn’t a company that does nothing to update its games.

Luckily for us, Riot Games has already released a roadmap that includes some of the new features that they’ll be implementing in League of Legends Season 13. Most of those features have already been showcased in the pre-season patch that a lot of players have already experienced. Today, we’ll be talking about some events or stuff about League of Legends that we can expect to see in the 2023 season of the game.

Heavy Focus on the Darkin & Shurima!

The Darkin are probably one of the more popular characters in the Runeterra universe but they haven’t received a lot of attention from the main title for a long time. Recently, Ionia and the Shadow Isles have been featured heavily in League of Legends’ events as well as Piltover and Zaun in the Arcane series. This leaves certain regions’ lore not being given attention but regions like Demacia and Noxus already have so much lore that they don’t really need any immediate attention.

Xolaani the Darkin Queen - League of Legends Season 13 Changes
Time for the Darkin to shine!

Shurima & Mount Targot are regions that are already rich in lore but now we’ll be seeing more of them as the story of the Darkin are hinted to be a heavy focus for Riot Games in the 2023 season. Recently, they already showcased a lot of new Darkin characters in the Legends of Runeterra lore with a new Darkin character being announced to come out in season 13. Hopefully, that means that we’ll be getting an event solely focused on telling the story of the Darkin as the year’s highlight feature.

Much-Awaited Champion Changes

League of Legends has a lot of champions that are outdated, unpopular, or downright hated by the community. In the 2023 season, Riot Games has announced that it will be giving another set of changes to existing champions such as Ahri, Aurelion Sol, and Yuumi (everyone’s most despised cat!). Ahri will be receiving a graphics update while Aurelion Sol and Yuumi will each have reworks to make them more playable, or in Yuumi’s case, less hated by the community.

Aurelion Sol towering over the universe - League of Legends Season 13 Changes
Are they finally playable?!

It is unclear whether these will be the only changes that Riot Games will be introducing this year. In Yuumi’s case, the champion’s rework was announced late in the year after years of feedback from the community finally reached the League of Legends team to urge them to take action. There are still a lot of champions that need rework but these are definitely welcome changes.

Re-unification with the League of Legends SEA Server!

You probably already know that Riot Games has finally reclaimed a good portion of the SEA server from Garena after they announced that they’ll be self-publishing the game in the region. This means that SEA players will now be playing on the Riot Games client like the rest of the world where they will still be restricted to regional play but they’ll be playing with the same releases as the rest of the world.

Pengu raising his sword in the air - League of Legends Season 13 Changes
Welcome, friends!

The re-unification of the SEA server is huge because they may be given the option to change regions the same way as the main client. This means that there may be a small increase of players transferring from one region to another to try out what it’s like to play in a different region without the need to rely on the extremely tedious process of trying to download and play the game using a VPN.

The Return of Legendary Players

Moving to the League of Legends esports scene, the League of Legends season 13 is also exciting for long-time fans as they will witness the return of legendary icons to the scene. The two main names that are making a comeback in the esports scene are NA’s Doublelift and Europe’s Rekkles. The two have stepped away from competitive play and the main circuit respectively for a brief period and are looking to make huge comebacks in their respective regions.

TSM Doublelift raising his fists in victory - League of Legends Season 13 Changes
The legends return!

The two AD Carries are looking to reunite with old friends and organizations. Doublelift will once again be teaming up with Bjergsen, who also recently made a comeback, to reunite the legendary duo. Meanwhile Rekkles comes back home to Fnatic to reclaim his spot as the best ADC. Both players are received with mixed reactions from fans but only time will tell whether or not they’ll prove themselves once again.

Extremely Competitive Esports Scene!

Speaking of the esports scene, we’ll most certainly be seeing one of the most competitive League of Legends seasons for 2023. Multiple regions have upgraded their formats to create more competitive schedules while other regions are ramping up their rosters as familiar names come back home. Let’s not forget that this year will be even more serious for both the LPL and LCK as they will be competing in a high-stakes tournament at the 2022 Asian Games.

Invictus Gaming raising the World Championship trophy - League of Legends Season 13 Changes
Who will take it home this year?

We’ve already seen the competitive scene become bolstered in 2022 with both popularity and competitiveness increasing around the world. This year, all regions are looking to step up in order to give fans a more exciting time by upgrading the quality of games. The League of Legends Season 13 changes will also reintroduce the Tank and Jungle metas that will shuffle the objective priorities in the early stages of the game.

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