Faker is the GOAT! The Legendary Mid Laner Secures His Legacy

T1 wins their 4th League of Legends World Championships and the world is happy that the team has finally reclaimed their throne after 7 years of grinding through different tournaments. However, the primary reason fans are so excited is because Faker has won his 4th World Championship trophy and has secured his legacy in the game. Faker is the GOAT of League of Legends and there is no longer any player or analyst out there who can say otherwise.

T1 Wins their 4th Championship Title

T1 has always been one of the tournament favorites coming into any competition they participate in because their performance is always consistent with their legacy of always dominating. However, despite being one of the best teams in the tournament, they had a difficulty reclaiming their throne for the past 7 years after the resurgence of the LPL era. The T1 roster has been shuffled multiple times until management decided to put 4 rookies in the team and stick with that roster for 3 years.

Faker checking his phone - Faker is the GOAT
Faker is the GOAT of League of Legends?

The rookie roster + Faker was shaky at first but they eventually became a dominant force in the South Korean scene as the talent of the younger generation is shepherded by the experience and leadership of the legendary mid laner. They came close to the championships multiple times with Worlds 2022 being a big disappointment for the roster after they failed to defeat their fellow LCK competitors in the Grand Finals.

Worlds 2023 came and T1 wasn’t seen as the stars of the tournament with both JD Gaming and Gen.G being the two superstar rosters that were expected to claim the trophy in the end. However, a lot of Worlds 2023 Tier Lists included T1 at the very top of their rankings since this roster was capable of going above and beyond their own capabilities. When Worlds 2023 finally began, they started out shaky since they almost lost to Team Liquid.

Faker takes a look at the Worlds 2023 trophy - Faker is the GOAT
Faker wins it all!

The T1 roster felt weak when they barely won against Team Liquid. However, they quickly picked themselves up and secured momentum until they eventually lost to Gen.G again in their qualifying match. Once again, they picked themselves up and eventually qualified for the quarterfinals where they beat LNG. After beating JD Gaming in the semifinals, T1 had already secured the trophy with only weaker competitors in the opposing bracket. Surely, they’d win the finals 3-0 and get their 4th title.

Faker is the GOAT of League of Legends

There is no doubt that Faker is the GOAT of League of Legends. There was a lot of people before that would argue otherwise due to different factors like Bengi & Kkoma being a major reason for his original three championship titles. Or having close competitors to the title players like Rookie, Xiaohu, Ruler, and Chovy being argued as being better than Faker despite not having the same level of achievements.

A Faker fan wearing T1 merchandise - Faker is the GOAT
They believe it’s true!

Now that Faker has achieved his 4th World Championship in a roster built from the ground up (not relying on buying out established superstars), there is no longer any argument out there that could debunk why Faker is the GOAT of League of Legends. He has won the most domestic titles and World Championships out there than any other player in any position. He has also won the Asian Games now, meaning his career is extended indefinitely.

The GOAT means that Faker is the Greatest of All Time to play the game. His titles alone are a testament to his skills and speak about how he was able to remain at the very top of the esports despite a very long career. There is no active player in League of Legends esports who even comes close to the number of trophies he has won both domestically and internationally. Even as an individual player, his impact in his team is undeniably crucial since T1 went on a losing streak when he had to take some time off.

Faker's photoshoot in the forest - Faker is the GOAT
Is he the best to play the game?

Of course, people will still try to argue that another player is better than Faker. While it is probably true that there are players out there who is currently better than Faker mechanically in the present or all time, it doesn’t diminish the fact that he is the greatest player to touch the game. A player’s worth isn’t just measured by their mechanical skills alone since it is only ONE factor of what makes an esports player worth their pay.

Was Faker Being Carried By his Teammates?

People absolutely love to say that Faker is simply being carried by his teammates. There were times when T1 had to build a superteam with Faker as the centerpiece but most of them failed because they did not do well together. During his early days, it was hard to say he was being carried because all of the players were just starting to learn the game. It was only from 2016 and onwards that the concept of superteams had any legitimacy. Even though superteams usually fail when it matters.

The new iteration of T1 has extremely talented superstars in Zeus, Oner, Keria, and Gumayusi. However, most of them didn’t join the team as powerhouse players. Most of them were simply promising rookies that needed to be developed. With Faker’s guidance and leadership and T1’s resources, these young players were able to unlock their true potential. It is still valid to say that he couldn’t have won without these particular teammates but it’s unfair to say he was being carried.

Faker being hugged by his teammates - Faker is the GOAT
Is he just lucky with his teammates?

In the LCK regular season, Faker sustained a wrist injury that forced him to take a few weeks of rest. During that time, a substitute mid laner had to play in his place. Unfortunately, this did not go well because T1 with Zeus, Oner, Gumayusi, and Keria + Poby (Sub Mid laner) went on a massive losing streak. Even with a decent mid laner, the team could not win matches even against lower placed teams without Faker.

Faker is the GOAT because he is able to help his teammates find the path to winning. He is a mechanical monster in the game but his ability to mesh the team together and make full use of his teammate’s potential is what makes him a unique player. There is no doubt that it is true that Faker is the GOAT of League of Legends in every aspect of his career.

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