Fastest Road to Platinum in LoL

LoL accounts for sale that we have won’t make you a better player but here’s how they can affect your ranking!


So, that platinum tier screen border really seems appealing to you, huh?

Maybe you’re tired of all the defeats and stagnation in Bronze and Silver tiers or you just want to smurf and help your friends…whatever the reason, our article will help you.

Shortcut: If you want to skip the boring road from level 1 to 30, you can get one of our LoL accounts for sale that we have in our store, no matter which region you play in. The reason why it’s a really good shortcut is because you get sufficient Blue Essence for getting several of your favorite champions, you skip 2 weeks, at least 3 hours per day (on average) of boring matchups and the accounts are all unranked and unverified which means you can start fresh with placements and link the account to whatever email address you’re using. Convenient, right?

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However, if you are a new player or you just like doing things the harder way, you can also level up to 30 on your own and get on the Road to Platinum in LoL. Keep in mind that on average it takes about 14 days, 3 hours a day of everyday gameplay to get there.

LVL 1-30

League of Legends leveling sucks

New players should familiarize themselves with the different roles so use rotations to test out new champions. Even though there are five roles, every champion is different: some are more sustainable, some are good late game, etc. Find out which champions fit your style the best but don’t be afraid to experiment with different roles and champions.
For those leveling up a smurf account, you know the drill. If you haven’t though, use rotations to test some champions you were thinking of getting. Maybe your game style changes!


Surviving the ELO hell aka Welcome to Bronze/Silver

Get Out of Elo Hell

Ok, ok, the time has come for blood, sweat and tears (and no, we are not exaggerating!). It’s one of the biggest mental tests you’ll ever take in your life and it’s called ELO hell.
Use these tips to get through it as quick and as painlessly as possible:


1. Master few champions per role

Don’t fall in this trap – there are 141 champions, quite an array to choose from, but not all of them fit your game style. In fact, most don’t. So don’t race to try out all 141 of them, but take your time to find your favorites and master your gameplay with them.

Note that Yasuo, Master Yi, Garen, Katarina and Jax are common bans in Bronze/Silver tier.


2. Stay tilt proof

There’s no friendly fire allowed in LoL. After the champion select, you are stuck with the 4 players for 15-50 minutes, like it or not. Try to make it more pleasant for everyone by not flaming teammates. If you are triggered, mute everyone and focus on your own gameplay.

Your attitude wins the game, it’s proven!


Stay tilt proof in League of Legends


3. Team composition matters

Your first chance to be a good team player isn’t in the game, but in the champion select – if you’re a jungler and your team needs a tank, pick a tank so you have a better chance of winning.
In Bronze/Silver, everyone wants to get the kills, even the support, but that is not the point of the existing roles. Each and every role is there for a reason, remember that!

By the time you get into gold V, you should have made some friends on the way that you can duo with. Premades are guaranteed a higher success rate. Duo your way out of the gold and there you have it – you’re in Platinum!


If the long way is too much of a drag and you wanna get right into fun, there are some LoL accounts for sale and you can get them discounted!


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