The Five Best League of Legends Statistics Websites in 2020

Starting off such a diverse and visually-astounding game can be quite overwhelming for most people. The sheer amount of heroes and their combinations makes League of Legends one of the hardest games in the world right now, even in 2020. With such a unique blend of strategy, intellect and teamwork, we don’t think there’s anyone that can learn League of Legends on their own. Therefor we’ve gathered The Five Best League of Legends Statistics Websites out there. 

You might be thinking that what we’re saying is just crap, but it’s more accurate than you might think. Champion abilities and their combinations is something you can learn with the passage of time, but there is stuff like itemizations and strategies that will take you years to learn on your own. Meanwhile, your opponents are using these “assets”, which is why you probably lose most of your matches. 

So, what assets are we talking about? We’re referring to online statistics apps and tools. You might call yourself an expert and probably think that these websites have nothing to offer for such an experienced player like yourself. Just visit these sites every once in a while, you’ll learn things that you never even thought about. 

Aside from these websites, you can go about learning how to create your own build in League of Legends using our guide.

Now, let’s get on to the main focus of this post. As the title says, we’re going to discuss the top five tools that can certainly take you to the top of the leaderboard. 

Do you agree with our pick for the five best League of Legends statistics websites? Let a comment and let us know!


OP.GG is by far, the best website you can learn from and this is why it’s the first pick on our list for the five best League of Legends statistics websites. That’s pretty much the reason why it’s on the top of our list. OP offers almost everything you can hope in a perfect analyzing tool. 

In our opinion, the best thing about this tool is its replays. OP.GG contains replays from the best pro players in the world. Watching these players won’t just be fun, it will teach you a lot about your favorite heroes and dynamics that you might not know about. 

You can also look at the states for your recent games. The tool can provide in-depth information about where you screwed up and what minor changes could have won you that game. 

The third feature of OP that brings it to the top of our list is its Champion Analytics. The tool contains things like new metas, specific hero itemization and other things that you would never learn even after years of playing that Champion. 

A recent addition to their website is the extension which provides some pretty cool features. You can have real-time contextual information, auto set runes or import item builds.

In general, the League of Legends community is used to see mostly male players, but there are also a lot of amazing female players too. You can learn more about them on our article about professional girl gamers. You can also see their replays on the OP website.

OP.GG is completely free and the people that have used it claim that they’re rising up in ranks just because of the tips from OP.GG.

Faker - OP.GG Profile


LOLSumo is convenient because you can use it on your Android or iOS Smartphone. The reason why Dojo Madness decided to out this platform on mobile is because it has the unique ability to provide stats in real time. You can log in during a game and take an in-depth look at how your team is currently doing. 

LOLSumo has an endless catalogue of hero builds and itemizations that you’ll ever find elsewhere. The app will adapt to the current situation and changes the recommended item builds accordingly. The items will allow you to counter the opponent team effectively and also act as an effective force in team fights. 

Another good feature of the tool is its update news panel. The app provides up to date news about the latest patches and in-game changes right to your notifications bar. 

LOLSumo can also do some research on your opponents. Not only will the app look into the current stats (cs, gold, and wards) of your foes, it will also take a look into their weaknesses and report them back to you. 

It’s a great way to easily check statistics by just looking over to the left, on the open phone on your desk. A lot of people prefer having a mobile application for their daily routine checks instead of having to go to a website.


LolClass website isn’t that helpful for skilled players but it can be game changing for the people still new to the game. The site mainly focuses on providing information about the current metas and names of heroes that are really strong in the current patches. This will help you win more matches and even teach you which heroes you should be focusing your time and energy on. 

The site’s algorithm also keeps track of hundreds of thousands of games and calculated the win rate of the heroes. You’ll not only find out which heroes are strong; you’ll also learn which champions people often struggle against. 

Another feature of this site is its immense gallery of tutorial videos. These videos range from basic techniques to really advanced ones. We’d definitely recommend taking a look at all those videos. 

Not to mention this website is one of the best ones to find the champions best for your role. You can use the website to find the best champions to play as jungler and then you can use our guide to find the best and easiest champion to use in the jungle.

Being such a huge library of useful information, you’re going to spend a lot of time browsing about. There’s always going to be new things to be found there and who knows, some may even help you out a lot.

So in other words, to become one of the top League of Legends players, it’s recommended to check everyday the new metas and the latest tips, regardless of your skill set!

league of legends best statistics websites


Our five best League of Legends statistics websites list would not be complete without LOLKing!

This is another highly helpful tool that contains so much stuff to learn that it’ll make your mouth water. LOLKing is most commonly known for its impeccable statistics. The tool has the biggest catalogue of win rates you’ll find anywhere on the internet. You can search for stats hero wise as well. 

LOLKing website also has a dedicated section to the best players in the world. The Leaderboards are your pit stop to find which pros are standing at the top of the mountain of League of Legends. The best thing about this tool is that it’s really thorough and has tools that none other sites have. Things like “Most Banned Heroes” and “Most Popular Items” are the reasons why the site is on our list. 

Another great thing about this site is its tendency to upload new content as soon as possible. Riot will announce a new patch and some updates and you’ll see a break-down of it on LOLKing in just a matter of minutes. Pretty cool, right? 

Most of the features are free, but there are also some features exclusive to paying customers. If you ask us, we’ll just say that it’s a small price to pay for impeccable in-game skills. 

As a little side-quest. Why don’t you take a quick peek at this personality experiment in League of Legends? Should be fun.

league of legends best statistics websites


The first thing that we’d like to say about Mobalytics is that they have deep pockets. With millions of dollars in funding, they currently have one of the most explanatory platforms in the League of Legends community and what’s surprising is that they’re still in beta.

The main reason why people like Mobalytics is because of its unique self-ranking called Gamer Performance Index (or GPI) for short. The algorithm processes every second of the match and gives a GPI to each player. The GPI is sort of a representation of the skill level of the player. The game also breaks down your strengths and weaknesses and shows you where your skills are amazing and where they need work. 

The website also has info graphics and a blog page. The blog page is also a good place to get all League related information like updates, patch details and champion buffs and nerfs. Go on and sign up for their Beta. We can assure you that in a few years, the website will be the biggest League Statistic site in the world. 

Mobalytics already has a companion app in place for Legends of Runeterra as well and they moved pretty fast in creating it.

We feel this is the right website to end our post about the five best League of Legends statistics websites.

league of legends best statistics websites

A fountain of knowledge at your disposal

Having all these websites ready to share to you all this incredible data is useful. It can help you pick out new champions to try out, or experiment around with new item builds or mix up some skills.

While having a good play style is crucial in League of Legends, being knowledgeable about the game’s mechanics and statistics is also extremely important.

The hidden truth about knowing your statistics

People usually love seeing positive numbers. It helps uplift the spirits and give out a huge confidence boost into continuing that which already works well.

It’s a double edged sword however, as it can go both ways. Statistics usually provide a somewhat false reality as they only tell the story from an analytical point of view. A loss might appear there but that specific loss could have been from an unforeseen accident. Something that could not have been avoided.

The point is, be aware not to give into studying them too much and living by them. Sure, learning from your mistakes through them is good, watching the replays and stats from Pro players and applying them is great, but don’t overdo it.

And, as as a side note, here’s how video games can improve your job performance.

Closing Thoughts…

We’ve written the names of the five best League of Legends statistics websites and we’ve given them a ranking as well. We didn’t just name random sites that paid us to do so; these websites are proven to be helpful and effective in learning the minor aspects of the game and its mechanics. Therefore, if you want to give the top players a run for their money, then you should visit these platforms frequently. They work, you can take us on our word on that. 

But these are not the only best League of Legends statistics website, there are plenty of other sources you can use, such as the League of Legends reddit.

Do you have any more questions about the websites we presented? Want to share your own?
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