Footballers Send LoL World Championship Support

Two of the world’s most famous football stars recently put their support behind their digital teammates, as they headed to the LoL World Championship. Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr who both play football for Paris Saint-Germain took to social media to wish PSG Talon good luck as they entered the competition in Iceland. PSG Talon went into the tournament as 7th in our Worlds 2021 Power Rankings, and it was great to see these sporting giants spurring on the esports team.

Football lying on the ground - Football in LoL World Championship
Teams from Football in LoL?

Although PSG Talon have since been knocked out of their fierce competition, the football side is in a great position for success. The latest Champions League have PSG as favorites to win the football tournament, largely due to the influence of the pair from South America. Messi, who hails from Argentina, and Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr have recently re-joined forces in Paris with the aim of making ‘Les Parisiens’ the Champions of Europe after a spell as rivals.

Lionel Messi
The Legendary Superstar of Football!

Messi was signed by the French club after almost 20 years in Spain playing for Barcelona. Messi has broken numerous records in football, has twice been named amongst Time magazine’s most influential people in the world, and was named the 2020 Laureus Sportsman of the year. This was particularly notable as he was the first footballer and team sport athlete to pick up the accolade.

Neymar Jr.

Neymar Legendary Goals For PSG
The best goals by Neymar Jr.!

Neymar Jr is very well versed in the world of esports competition. The 29-year-old is an avid gamer and has previously been interested in investing in a League of Legends team. He also has his own character in Fortnite to. Neymar Jr was a former teammate of Messi at Barca, where the pair struck up a devastating partnership before he moved to Paris in 2017. He went there hoping to replicate his Champions League victory with his former club in 2015, but the team from the French capital are yet to have similar success.

PSG Talon in LoL World Championship

There’s no doubt that PSG Talon will be disappointed to have lost out at the World Championship, but are making a lot of noise in the global LoL community. In only their second year as a competitive LoL team, they beat Fnatic twice during their time in Iceland this year. Let’s not forget the European team were the first ever winners of the world title back in 2011 at DreamHack in Sweden.

Hanabi is the top laner for PSG Talon, the 21-year-old is one of two Taiwanese players in the active squad. Huang Yi-Tang, also known as ‘Maple’ is the other, the experience 24-year-old plays as the mid laner for Talon who joined them from LNG Esports at the end of 2020. Although he’s the newest member of the squad, Maple has been in competitive LoL play since mid 2013 and is a real asset to PSG Talon.

The complete PSG Talon roster  from 2021
Keeping the club’s spirit alive in esports!

River, is PSG Talon’s jungler. The South Korean boasts five years of experience in esports and the final two players on the roster are Kaiwing and Unified who both hail from Hong Kong and take up the Bot and Support roles respectively.

Some are suggesting that it’s only a matter of time before PSG Talon step into the elite level of esports. They’ve dominated the Pacific Championship Series over the last 12 months, so it may not be long before they are looked at as amongst the best in the world much like their contemporaries from the football world.

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