Funniest League of Legends Memes

The month of April has finally arrived and you know what that means? Yes! Aside from the clowns you get teamed up with in Solo Queue, April is about bringing to you the funniest content. Now, time to get rid of all that salt and take a break by looking at some of the dankest League of Legends Memes we’ve collected throughout these past weeks.

1. The 10.6 Dilemma on league of legends memes

Maokai surrounded by Jax, Fiora, Kled, Sett, and Renekton all holding Blade of the Ruined King

With the arrival of patch 10.6, tank tops have it rough with all these bruisers building Blade of the Ruined King and if you’re a top laner, I’m sure you know that feeling.

2. Lux Skins Fix Everything

Riot covering up the broken client with Lux Skins
Fix the Client Riot!

Everybody knows nobody can resist a good Lux skin… well, everybody except EUW players.

3. Faker, What Was That?!

A picture of a boy with arm blades saying "master forgive me, but I'll have to go all out just this once."
No! Zed! Stop!

What’s worse than a 0/10 Yasuo popping off? A 0/10 Zed popping off.

4. Covid-19 x K6

kha'zix getting excited that the world is isolated from the quarantine period
No escape from the roach

How many roaches have you squished while in self-quarantine?

5. It’s the Nasus Life

Giorno Giovanna labeled as Nasus looks over the view of a clash in the bottom lane
Gotta get’em stacks

Good boy Nasus observing social distancing and cleaning up the top lane.

6. Just Sylas Things

Severus Snape labeled as Veigar reprimanding Sylas for using his own ult against him

Who came up with the idea of this champion anyway?!

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7. Where’re my Malphite Skins?

A brick labeled as Malphite beside a gold bar labeled as Malphite Prestige Edition
24K Malphite

Look at all that shutdown gold waiting to be claimed.

8. Karma’s a B*tch

Ezreal running away from a fed Karma
Run, Ezreal, Run!

Not enough blinks and flashes to get away from this Karma little boy.

9. Thanks, Ornn. I guess?

The Hulk labeled as Ornn giving a 0/7 adc an item upgrade
Good guy Ornn

Unfortunately, my team loses before I even reach Level 14.

10. Jungle Tax, My Friend

1st Picture, Jungle getting angry for laner taking raptors. 2nd picture, jungler taking cannon
The Jungle Tax

What does the government and your jungler have in common? Unreasonable taxes.

11. They Don’t Call it Planet of the Apes for Nothin’

A screenshot from Planet of the Apes saying that Apes are strong together, referring to wukong
Is that why they call it a Zoo?

When One for All comes back, you know what you’re playing besides that 5 Yuumi strat.

12. Speaking of One for All

5 Ornn vs 5 Maokai in One for All
The Longest Battle

Rams vs Roots, this matchup might prove hilarious in the first 20 minutes but let’s see if you enjoy it after 184 minutes have passed and only 1 turret has been destroyed.

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13. Who Sells Doran’s Items?!

Elrond refusing to sell Doran's Ring
One Does not Simply Sell a Doran Item

But… the Doran’s Ring’s true potential is only unlocked after you’ve built 5 other items.

14. Don’t Tell His Momma

Smooth and Unthreatening Spongebob is labeled as Sett with his mom and Buff Spongebob labeled as Sett with his mom
Mama’s Boy Sett

Which reminds me, mother’s day is just in two months. Better find the right gift now.


Picture of Reworked Fiddlesticks Describing How scary a movie is
Nightmare Fuel

It’s been how many weeks and the Fiddlesticks rework cinematic still gives me nightmares.

16. Tank Have Big Cannon, Tank Strong

Tanks in real life being compared to League of Legends Tanks in terms of damage
Look at that Firepower

Let’s just hope Riot Games doesn’t see this picture and start sending this to everybody who complains about damage tanks.

17. LoL Boomer’s Dream Come True

LoL Boomers looking at
Now I can go in peace

With the arrival of Star Guardian Urgot, all of our prayers are finally answered by Riot Games.

18. The Worst Crime

An Iron Division player being disgusted by a Yasuo main

Poor Yasuo, he just has to reach for that 0/10 pop off before he dominates the other team… or not.

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19. Gotta get’em Stacks

Thanos explaining why it's worth dying to get a Dark Harvest Stack

For your information, getting more Dark Harvest stacks helps me scale better in the late game. (if we reach that point)

20. Someone tell Jhin to F*ck Off my Ranked Games

Jhin getting mad that the player tries to play a 5th game
Jhin, Please, Not Here

If you don’t know why Jhin is so obsessed with the number 4, you can check it out here.

21. Everybody’s Favorite Game Mode

Obi Wan threatening Darth Vader that he'll only get stronger from Dying in ARAM
No This is Not URF

When you see your opponent in ARAM with a record of 10/0, sometimes you just wanna let him live instead.

22. Every Jungler’s Pride

Junglers seeing the 2/0 lane he ganked get his third kill solo league of legends memes
*Tears Falling*

As a Jungler, nothing feels better than getting carried by the laner you invested all your time ganking.

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23. Poor Anivia

Anivia ranting about the Phoenix MV not featuring her
Fly Phoenix Fly

Well, at least a Phoenix Won worlds that year. Poor Anivia, maybe you can get featured once you change into a fire-type.

24. Unfaithful Yuumi Players

Yuumi refusing to play with her ADC after seeing that the Top laner is fed
Poor Kaisa

At least it’s not worse than having to play Kalista with a Yuumi support.

25. Stop Ruining the Fun

thanos telling the team to end the game right now

Let them enjoy the game you bastard.

26. You Think You Can Escape the Fiesta?

iron player thinking bronze will be any better than iron
You will never escape the clowns

And it goes on until higher ranks to be honest.

27. Thanks, I Guess?

government congratulating league players for staying quarantined
GG <3 Stayed Cool

The League shall soon take over the world.

28. Nice

getting minus 16 LP but it lands on the number 69


29. No One Will Notice

A monkey standing still labeled as Fiddlesticks trying to pretend hes an effigy
Does it work?

Cries in 45% global win rate*

30. 4444 Crits

4 Infinity Edges*
4 Infinity Edge*

I’m so glad I play tanks


jayce holding a hammer in front of an isolated yuumi
The Future is Looking Bright

Say bye bye to the little kitty.

32. Darius Makes All the Noxian Women Wet

Picture of Captain America ripping a log apart with his bare hands labeled as Darius
Darius nerf, when?

This champion is why people play ranged top lane champions like cowards.

33. China Numah Wan

League youtubers getting excited that china has created another weird meta pick
All Welcome in the Chinese Bandwagon

Remember the Kalista Top Lane Meta from the Shy? How many games have you lost because of that?

34. Autofill, My Worst Enemy

Bernie Sanders getting autofilled as support
Autofill Activated

Plays support. /muteall

35. Yuumi No Flash

yuumi ignoring flash and looking at other summoner spells
Who needs flash anyway?

If you put flash on Yuumi, you are trolling.

36. Where’s My Cut?

pyke wiping his tears with a wad of cash after killing three enemies and dying
Pyke, Suffering from Success

Sometimes, you wonder why the hell you even play ADC in the first place.

37. You MAD Bro?

G2 choosing Mad Lions as their playoff opponent and getting beat by them
Wrong Choice

Well, at least they still have the loser’s bracket to play in.

38. Don’t Follow the Fiddlesticks

fiddlesticks effigy flashing away which makes you flash after it

Just hoping nobody saw that

39. Good Guy Ornn pt. 2

Ornn getting excited that somebody bought an upgradeable item
Ornn’s source of happiness

The great thing about playing with an Ornn player is that they’re super nice. (not)


a sign saying you shouldnt chase the singed
Mind the Sign

I know we’ve all done this before. I mean, how can you not chase the low-hp Singed?

41. There Is a Time Where Turning a Blind Eye Helps the Team

team ignoring nasus in the top lane since he has such a high stack
You’re on your own, buddy

42. True Love Is Tested With Pizza

Sweetheart Rakan showing interest in Pizza Delivery Sivir
Sorry Xayah

When they said the fastest way through a man’s heart is through his stomach. they weren’t kidding.

43. Why Is Your CS So Low?

Not wanting to take the drake since it only gives 1 cs
He’s got a point

Gotta get the S rating for the Mastery Token

44. Stands in the Fountain

Spongebon running away from Sandy who has just gotten a quadra kill
Don’t Give Him the Penta!

I’m just going to stand in the fountain no matter who gets mad at me.

45. Wholesome Content

a graph showing that getting 4 honors gives league players power
EZ Honor 5

I can’t count how many times this made me feel special since I never got any.

46. I Made a Grave Mistake

Jax being happy that Morde put him into the Death Realm
Im not stuck in here with you, you’re stuck in here with me

Donating your stats to the Jax isn’t so bad.

47. Gimme that 300G

Woody getting happy that he got First blood despite dying to ignite
#Worth 2

As long as you didn’t die to a Yasuo.

48. Doomed to Die

You getting ganked by a Tahm Kench brining his ADC while being ulted by Shen with Yuumi attached
Get Ganked

Time to say goodbye.

49. Just ARAM things 2

An ARAM player choosing to die because he has 4000 gold
Death is a Solution

Comes back with a full build*

50. Things that Give Heart Attacks

enemy rengar jumping on top of an unsuspecting adc
I don’t want to play ADC

Imagine playing ADC and your opponents choose Assassins

51. Big Brain Mid

0/7 explaining why he needs the blue buff to the jungler

I’ll take the blue buff even if Im jungle Sett.

52. Nice Lantern, Bro

ADC not clicking on the lantern and using flash
Thresh rage intensifies

Is this why Thresh imprisons people in his lanterns?

53. An Unexpected Encounter

You and the Enemy ADC meet on the red buff while both teams fight at the Baron
Hello there

Well, this is awkward.

54. The LeBlanc Death Tether

getting sad that you get tethered by leblanc
Accepting Your Fate

You already know what it is.

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