How to Survive in League of Legends

Learn how to survive in League of Legends and rank fast

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League of Legends has become more than an online game, it’s a cult, and if you’ve joined it. You need to bring yourself to speed. Yes, if you have been playing LOL for a while, and haven’t made some real progress, then you need to change your methods, let the following guide help you.

Improve Your S+ Rank

Riot Games introduced Hextech Crafting. If you perform well, it unlocks a skin for free. However, Champion Mastery system demands 6-7 S+ Rank. Therefore, you need to work on your current rank to take advantage.

Unfortunately, there are no official guidelines given by the developers. Yes, you can score a few Pentakills, but it won’t help. The fact is, your score is evaluated on your overall performance. With that in mind, following are some key insights to rank better.

Math behind Ranking

League of Legends Division and Tier Overview

Being stuck in the same rank after playing for millennia sucks! If you are an avid player, you may be tempted to buy lol smurfs legit. But if you play smart, you won’t need to.

First, make sure you fought at least 30 ranked battles with a minimum win rate of 50%. Keep track of your progress because, for every 10 games, you will have a net outcome of win rates. Collective wins help you to win bonuses and unlock hidden achievements. Following, we are giving you a net income of 20 matches, and how to make your way into Bronze:

Percentage Ratio Brief
52% 10.5 wins with 9.5 losses  Decent ratio, a steady growth rate
55% 11 wins with 9 losses Better, it proves a skilled player with cunning strategy
57.5% 11.5 wins with 8.5 losses This should be your current rate
60% 12 wins with 8 losses Notable, but nothing to boast about
65% 13 wins with 7 losses Proves you are a challenger
70% 14 wins with 6 losses Ticket in playing Bronze, Diamond V Category
75% 15 wins with 5 losses Ticket in playing Bronze, Diamond I Category
80% 16 wins with 4 losses Singed to Bronze
90% 18 wins with 2 losses Play in Bronze

How much LP do you need for each game? Let’s assume 20; if you got 52.5% with 20 games, your net is 20LP with 1 Win. Maintain this rate for 100 games to unlock hidden bonuses.

If you managed 55% for 100 battles, your net gain would be 40LP. If your rate is 57.5%, then you get 60LP, and if 60%, 80LP. The point is, LP is multiplied by an increase of 5%-win rate.

Once you make your way into Diamond Category, you will advance 8 times more. You get more offers, matches, and more value for scores. You need to score a multiplier by getting at least 60%-win rate.

Pay Attention to Details to Survive in League of Legends

League of Legends is a team based game with objectives, and map control to earn points.  Losing a tower, or farm drops your “S Rank.” So be careful with Pantheon.

Complete objectives to increase your rank at the end of a match. Kill Barons, Dragons, Heralds, and Rift but make sure you complete your objectives. Game time is another deciding factor. Finish early, and score more points.

Carefully Choose Your Role

Survive in League of Legends

Game roles dictate your rank at the end of the match. The support that lacks CS will achieve a higher S Rank, but they are not good for farming. So, choose your strengths.

Jungler is the hardest challenge. You have to clear camps while focusing on game objectives, and kills. It’s hard for a jungler to sit at 100 CS and score an S Rank within 30- minute.

 Some Interesting Facts about Famous Champions

  • You need to run away from the target as Nidalee once Javelin Toss hits. You need to calculate the distance and time of impact instead of casting time
  • Toss a ward over the wall for a devastating blow
  • Death in middle of casting teleport won’t break your channel, especially if you go into egg form
  • Different abilities like Death Lotus and Soul Shackles detect nearby invisible champions
  • If Mordekaiser kills a Malphite with Children of Grave, Malphite Soul appears in full-color thanks to its Granite Shield, which is useless
  • Contrary to popular belief, Karthus’ Requiem is the weakest You will learn this the hard way. But, it can buy you some time as it pushes your lane outside of the tower. This protects your gold, and tower even if the enemy has “ganks.”
  • Nunu lays a trap in Absolute Zero to capture enemies, but it doesn’t last long enough for you to take proper action

You will be Judged by Your Competition

You will get fast ranks with duels against other champions. So, pick a Champion carefully and arm him well. This game judge a player based on rivals, this sounds weird, but it suggests you need to focus on your duels.

Progressing is quite a challenge, maybe this is why most players prefer to buy lol smurfs legit instead of going through the trouble of doing it in the old way.

So, stock your supplies, and arm your player before entering a match. Your preparation dictates the fate of your match.

The Secret Cloud System

League of Legends Cloud 9 HUD

Cloud 9 System is said to be Supercell’s one of the best-kept secret. Most players see new bases each hour, especially when their clan mates have the same trophy range waiting hours for an offer.

Most people rarely find offers to make 40 cups a day, especially after they have made a major purchase.  This has angered by players, and some even deleted their LOL accounts. This is a concern, and a major reason is most players are unaware how the game works.

So, when you log on, at least wait 3 hours before searching for a base to attack. If you don’t follow, then you may have to wait between 8-19 hours before you get a new offer. So, you need to make other plans for your day.

If you don’t plan, then you will waste your time sitting like an idiot. The system is unclear and inconsistent for a regular player. But there is a pattern. You have to wait at least for 3 hours before searching for a new offer.

Some Minor Details

League of Legends InGame item shop

The story doesn’t end with ranking. You need to mind the small details if you want to survive in this game’s realm. You need to keep your head straight and watch your movements. Following, we are mentioning a few things you be aware of!

  • Map Positions

Make a stance by learning your map, and key points. Learn the framework, and important footholds including:

  • Support
  • Mid
  • Jungle
  • Top
  • ADC

This gives you an important insight and to sustain yourself after a duel, especially if you lost.

  • ARAM

All Random, All Mid is a gaming bot which bids you against gaming bots. This is basically a fighting mode which lets you hone your skills. You can level up your champion, and improve their main powers.

You need to take your time and try all different fighting modes. This will give you a good idea of what fighting in real time would be like.

  • Pick Your Team

This is a multiplayer game, so you need to establish a good team.  Find good members, and assign roles. You don’t have to establish a team yourself; you can join an already established team, just make sure you qualify.

Assign roles among team members and make sure your guys watch each other’s backs. This is a great strategy if you want to survive the long haul. League of Legends is not meant for lone wolves. In case you are under the expression you can change that if you buy lol smurfs legit, you will be disappointed.

Find people who are at your level; you don’t want a newbie if you are a veteran. Get good players at your side, and trade resources with them if needed.

  • Manage Your Character

You have to manage your character skills if you want to survive in the world of LoL.

At the same time, you need someone who knows to manage their resources. Using your stuff the right way can make the difference between life and death in a real strategy game, LoL is no different.

You don’t need a John Rambo, neither Albus Dumbledore. Instead, a nice balance between these two would be fine.

  • Match-ups

Determining the results of a match is very hard. If you are a beginner, things will be a lot harder. You need to spend your time playing the game to understand how things work. Be prepared; you will make mistakes. So, embrace them instead of losing heart.

It’s very easy to become overconfident when it comes to online strategy games. This is your ticket out of the game. You need to build up momentum; there are no shortcuts.  You have to take the long haul, but don’t get way over your head.

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