How The Worlds 2020 Meta Changes LoL Around the World

The League of Legends World Finals Tournament is about to end and the various top teams from different regions have introduced different reads on the meta. By the end of the 1st week of the Group Stage the Worlds 2020 meta has already stabilized and teams have been following a specific formula to win games. Most teams have created their own variation which both follows the meta and change it in a way that teams won’t be able to predict the outcome. How did the Worlds 2020 meta change League around the world?

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What will happen after Worlds 2020?

What is the Worlds 2020 Meta

The Worlds 2020 Meta introduces a fast-paced jungler-centric team strategy that tries to put priority in the laners helping the Jungler secure important objectives around the map or putting them ahead by giving them kills. Because of this, strategies that involve Level 1 skirmishes have become a common way to achieve an almost 80% chance of winning the game. In short, the plan includes getting kills and objectives before the laning phase ends to accelerate your team to win the game before the 25 minute mark.

With the rise of this style and meta, different champions have come to prominence and became staple picks even outside the competitive league. With Worlds coming to an end soon enough, League of Legends around the world won’t be able to watch pro-strategies from professional esports teams anymore and will be left with their own ways to play the game. With that in mind, how will the last tournament for this year shape the meta going forward?

Increased Jungle Priority

Players have always been accustomed to the fact that the jungler only exists to support the laners and secure objectives only when the team has secured lane priority. Words 2020 introduced a different approach by letting the world know that the laners playing to support the jungler is a viable strategy that helps the game. Champions like Kindred have always needed this even before the rise of this meta but most laners, especially in solo queue, have always left them to fend for themselves to secure objectives.

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Jungle diff?

Players in higher tiers will most likely be warier of the state of the jungler to play around setting up their lane to benefit helping the jungler. Carry junglers such as Graves, Lillia, Kindred, Evelynn, and Nidalee will see more spotlight in ranked games once again. Dedicated junglers will be happy to know that they will play a much more emphasized role instead of playing to facilitate fights.

Roaming Supports

Roaming supports were also a popular strategy in the Worlds 2020 meta even though the strategy already existed in previous years. The difference this year is that the roaming support strategy has become more viable because of the low kill-pressure meta in the bottom lane. The only problem with roaming supports is that it should coincide with the interests of your AD Carry so as not to leave him in an uncomfortable position in the bottom lane.

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The aim of roaming supports is to get jungle priority or release pressure from lanes extending even to the top side of the map. AD Carries should take advantage of the solo lane by getting ahead in terms of experience. This also means that they should try to exercise caution in lane while keeping up in farm with the enemy laner. If the enemy support doesn’t match your support’s roam, the Mid and Top side of the map should play more aggressively to force the enemy support to move towards them.

Carry Top Lanes

Carry top lanes are already a popular choice in solo queue. The boring Top Lane meta where both top laners are left in isolation for the rest of the game has come to an end. Top Laners will be seeing as much action as other laners and will also be a priority target for your jungle to gank. Champions like Renekton, Jax, Fiora, Jayce, and Gangplank are back in the meta and are top tier champions that you can use to climb solo queue.

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What makes this tournament stand out?

Fast-paced Gameplay

Level 1 strategies are becoming more popular in solo queue to get a significant lead in the game. In a sense, games can be won even before the 3-minute mark if you are able to get a clean ace. Games that drag on until 30-40 minutes shouldn’t be as common anymore which will allow players to play more games during the day and make it easier to climb the ladders. Scaling until late game has become an obsolete win condition.

The Champion Pools

Each League of Legends Region around the world each have their own playstyle that they prefer when jumping into solo queue. The champion pool relies mostly on how everyone in the same region want to play. This means that popularized champions in the world stage only become preferred over a short period of time. In the end, the meta changes after 2 weeks or so and becomes something else entirely before you know it.

League of Legends Moving Forward

The much-awaited World Finals is about to take place and for a few months after that period we won’t be able to watch high-level competitive games. Patch notes during that time won’t have too many changes that are taken from competitive play. When the season ends, most players won’t have the drive to play competitively as they’ve already collected all the Ranked Rewards they’ve worked towards throughout the year.

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Until next worlds!

Players should take this time to try out new tactics and strategies seeing as how there isn’t much to lose. Whether you want to play ranked or normal games, players will have more agency to experiment new champion builds or rotations that might prove to be useful in the future. The upcoming Item Revamp for season 11 will also be undergoing its trial phase which might pique the interest of a lot of players who want to prepare for the next ranked season.

Did the Worlds 2020 meta affect League of Legends around the world?

Yes. A good percentage of League of Legends players follow the competitive scene and take note of new strategies and tactics that are introduced during the competition.

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