How to Buy LoL Accounts Online

League of Legends has become a huge market for different kinds of merchandise and services. Aside from the entertainment industry, LoL also gives way to esports blogs, betting sites, merchandise, and in this case LoL account trading. Buying LoL smurf accounts is becoming an increasingly popular trend among players who want to start fresh or transfer to a different server without going through the beginner process again. Learn how to buy LoL accounts online by familiarizing yourself with the do’s and don’ts.

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Why People Buy LoL Accounts Online

League of Legends makes starting over extremely difficult since players who want to create new accounts need to go through a tedious phase of going through the tutorial and leveling up to 30 all over again. Not to mention fresh accounts won’t contain as much champions as you once had and with over 150 champions, farming Blue Essence and Champion Shards just don’t make it any more appealing. All of these problems are easily solved when you buy LoL accounts on legitimate websites.

The most concerning part about buying LoL accounts online is the legitimacy of the shop you are buying your account from. While there are trustworthy websites that provide excellent accounts for reasonable prices, there are still organizations that aim to make an easy profit by taking advantage of other people. People who are interested in buying accounts find it difficult to place their trust in these kinds of businesses, but with proper knowledge, even total beginners can know which websites are worth trusting.

How to Determine a Good Seller

Good sellers are easy to find. There are a lot of prominent websites out there that will give you legitimate accounts which are worth the price. People who are interested in looking for a good place to buy LoL accounts just need to take into mind some good points that legitimate websites will have when selling the accounts. Here are some examples of what you need to look for on websites that are selling LoL smurf accounts.

1. Responsive Customer Service

The best way to determine whether a website has a legitimate business is when they have a responsive customer service line. Features like a Live Chat button allows buyers to share any concern they might have with the website. The more responsive the customer service line is, the more like the business is legit since they pour a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that their customers are at ease with the products they are selling.

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Buyers can determine the legitimacy of a website depending on how customer service representatives reply to you. Websites that answer you in detail and also give you several options to choose from are good signs of a good seller. Websites that use automated programs to reply to your concerns are bad signs. A customer service representative should always reply to you within 24 hours or less regarding your concerns.

2. Product Warranty

Websites should ensure that their accounts are made to be perfect. However, there will always be rare cases that accounts made turn out to be duds or may be detected by the Riot Games system as AI generated accounts so they might be subject to a ban or suspension. LoL Smurf Account sellers are highly aware of this. To put customers’ at ease, most legitimate websites place a warranty on their products so that when they do mess up, they can earn back the customer’s trust with a free account replacement or full refund.

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Product warranty is verified through a receipt or other forms of proof of purchase such as a confirmation email or product code. Buyers should be able to receive one of these to ensure that they have a solid claim to their warranty in the future. Buyers should also keep these emails or receipts, otherwise they would lose their claim to the warranty. Buyers should never have to negotiate for sellers to add a warranty on a product since it should already be part of the deal.

3. Safe and Secure Payment Methods

Paying for a product is the most dangerous part of the transaction. Dangerous websites are known to steal your information such as credit card numbers or account information. This makes it to difficult to determine where you should buy LoL accounts. Websites that make use of SSL are generally trustworthy since there’s no way they can get your account since the payment information is collected securely by a third-party.

Pay however you want to

If you don’t trust a website to handle you credit card information, you should look for alternative payment methods that you can use to pay for the products you use. Services like PayPal, Stripe, and PayOp offer a safe way to send money without giving away any personal information to the website. Even if a website attempts to scam you, it will only cost you the amount that you currently spent without any hidden charges.

4. Reviews

Reviews are the best way to determine a company’s legitimacy. While most websites will only highlight the best reviews which may or may not be fake. Trustworthy websites are confident about the products they deliver, which is why they leave all their reviews open for everyone to see. People always leave different kinds of reviews, some will always have an issue with the seller due to an unforeseen flaw in the product. However, that only means that the seller is confident to show this level of transparency with their costumers.

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Most websites are also rated using a 5-star system. There is no way that a website should a achieve a perfect 5-star rating but those websites that are at least 4.5 stars or higher should definitely be the ones you are eyeing. Any website that has a star-rating of below 4-stars might have complications regarding the products they sell. If you’re not confident with the star rating present inside the website, you can try looking at other websites or forums.

5. Product Description

The product description provides the buyers a general overview on what to expect from the item. When you buy LoL accounts, you should look at what the entire package offers you. After all, you’re not simply buying a Level 30 account. Account packages should show what rank the account is in, how many Blue Essence it includes, whether or not the email of the account is verified, and if the account is ensured via warranty.

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Product descriptions also describe how the account was created in detail or the origin and history of the account if it sold second-hand. It’s also important for you, as the buyer, to read the product description so that you know how the account came to be. Some buyers mistakenly buy accounts from a different region. You might also find that the website is doing a promo where you can get accounts for a discounted price.

What to Avoid When You Buy LoL Accounts

Aside from determining what qualities a good seller has online, buyers also need to learn what they need to avoid when purchasing accounts. There is a certain standard that legitimate online sellers like to keep as to keep their website’s ratings and keep customers happy. Learning these things will make it significantly easier to spot the best places to choose from when you buy LoL accounts from different websites.

Cracked Accounts

Cracked accounts are accounts that have been stolen from another person through hacking. Players with high ELO are usually targeted so that the sellers won’t have difficulty making the products they sell more appealing to the market. Sellers of these accounts usually flag their products as cracked accounts but there are other websites that just try to pass the accounts they’ve stolen as 2nd-hand accounts which they are trying to resell.

The biggest problem with cracked accounts is that the previous owner might file a ticket to the Riot Games support page to reclaim the account. This means that the account you just bought might be taken back without refunding the cost. In extreme cases, the owner might also take action against you and blame you as the one who stole their account. There is also the chance that the seller will reclaim the account once they’ve sold it to you so that they can recycle it again for reselling.

Accounts with Short Warranty

Warranty allows you to ensure your account by having an immediate replacement after something happens to the account. As such, you should aim for accounts with long warranty durations. Accounts that only have 3 days or 1 week warranty can be pretty risky since there’s still a lot that could happen after that time. Websites that offer Lifetime warranty is definitely the best choice since you won’t ever have to worry about the account losing its insurance.

Shady Websites

Shady websites which haven’t established themselves or are filled with questionable features such as a fake review tab or those that ask for your bank account upon registration should be avoided. If you’re a beginner, try to go for websites that have already been in the business for more than a year since it’s less likely that you’ll get scammed in these websites. You can determine a website’s age depending on the content they post.

Registrations that Require Your Bank Details

Payment should be done after purchasing an account. Websites may ask you to input your payment info to make transactions faster in the future, but websites that require you to input your bank account details immediately may prove to be dangerous. Some places where you can buy LoL accounts ask for your payment information during transactions only which is safer if you’re a bit skeptical about playing online.

Buy Accounts from LoLFinity

LolFinity is one of the leading names when it comes to selling LoL Smurf Accounts. All accounts made from this website are either hand-leveled to make the accounts more organic or leveled using an AI program that ensures the accounts released have a neutral MMR. Not to mention each account comes with specific bundles which include Blue Essence, Champion Capsules, and Unverified Email Addresses which allow the buyer to change it to an email and password of their choosing.

Reasons to buy lol accounts from LolFinity
Here are different reasons why you should buy from us!

All LoLFinity Accounts include the following:

  • Level 30+ Account w/ Fresh MMR
  • Blue Essence/Champion Capsule packages
  • LIFETIME Warranty
  • Unverified Email Address
  • Choose from Different Servers Worldwide!
  • Ask Questions to the Site’s 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Instant Delivery System

What to do with a LoL Smurf Account?

Once you get a LoL smurf account, there are different things you can do. You can play in other regions to explore different playstyles and widen your understanding of the game by learning from games in other countries. Players may also use their smurf accounts to escape the hellish grind present in higher ELOs to re-experience the joys of playing the game once again without the need to take their win-loss record too seriously (but we’re not encouraging you to int during your games)

Where can I buy LoL accounts?

Websites like LolFinity offer legitimate freshly leveled LoL smurf accounts that you can buy. Each account contains different packages and promos so make sure to choose the right one. You can choose accounts from different regions.

How do I buy LoL accounts?

Go to and choose from over 100+ accounts from different regions containing different deals and promos. Once you’ve chosen which account you want to buy, you’ll need to input the email where your account credentials will be sent and your payment information which is protected by SSL. After your payment has been confirmed, you will be able to receive and use it almost immediately.

Is it safe to buy LoL accounts online?

There are plenty of legitimate websites that offer safe ways to purchase and use LoL accounts from different regions. While there are a few websites that aim to scam people, it doesn’t mean that all of these websites don’t ensure that you get only the best products onhand.

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