How To Farm Blue Essence in League of Legends

Blue Essence is the main currency in League of Legends and it’s mainly used to purchase champions, which is something that beginners struggle to do especially if they started the game fairly recently. If you’re looking to complete your champion roster, so that your teammates or friends can strategically swap champions or you simply want to have all of them, here’s a guide on how you can farm Blue Essence in League of Legends.

What Are Blue Essence Used For?

Blue Essence is mainly used to purchase champions, but for competitive players, they can also be used to upgrade the Mastery Tier of a champion you own. Some in-game cosmetics can also be purchased using blue essence, but you either need the base skin (for the chromas) or you need a ridiculous amount of BE to even get it (Seasonal Urfwick skin). Players should only pursue this if they have no other uses for their blue essence.

The LoL shop's champion page - How to Farm Blue Essence
Buy your champions!

For beginners, we recommend that they use blue essence to purchase champions. It’s good to have at least 8-15 champion choices from every role so that you have a variety to choose from depending on the patch’s meta. Some of the good champions can be expensive to buy, but it’s not true that cheaper champions are weaker, so you can budget your BE according to your own preference without worrying if you’re making the right choice.

How to Farm Blue Essence in LoL

Farming blue essence in League of Legends is the most time consuming things you can do and requires a lot of dedication to achieve. This isn’t something that you can do for a month and expect to get all 160+ champions from what you’ve earned. While the game is free-to-play, Riot Games low-key encourages that players purchase all of the champions using RP to get a faster result but if you’re not the type of person who likes spending on games, you’ll need to resort to other means.

Even if it takes months of playing the game, you’ll get consistent results from doing these methods. Take note that some methods are simply easier in other regions compared to the ones that you are in because of the way things are handled there. Despite having such a difficult currency to acquire, Riot Games has kept League of Legends relevant by other means and players haven’t really complained about it too much so it probably won’t change anytime soon.

1. Disenchanting Shards

Disenchanting shards is the quickest way to farm blue essence in the game. The game will give players champion shards after leveling up, completing events, or as rewards for something else. Champion shards can be disenchanted for a fraction of their cost and can also be activated for a discount as compared to the full price in the shop. This makes unlocking new champions a lot easier since you can get those champions for cheaper.

A shard being disenchanted - How to Farm Blue Essence
Shards are a good source of BE!

Players should disenchant duplicates of champion shards they own or champions that they don’t see playing because it might not fit their playstyle or is not recommended for beginners. Try to avoid purchasing champions directly from the shop because it’s an inefficient way to earn BE. A good way to do it is to keep all the shards you get until you get one that you want to unlock, then disenchant just enough to unlock that one.

2. Champion Capsules & Hextech Chests

Getting champion capsules and Hextech Chests are additional good ways to farm blue essence. This method can either give you blue essence directly or champion shards that you can disenchant. Champion capsules can be acquired whenever the player levels up, while Hextech Chests are acquired when the player receives Honor Points, Mastery System, or by completing events and special or seasonal missions.

Champions showing which chests are claimed - How to Farm Blue Essence
Get those chests quickly!

Hextech Chests can be acquired if you use a champion that hasn’t claimed a chest yet and you and/or your teammates have gotten an S- or greater after the game. It’s a good idea to switch up your champion pool to claim as many chests as you can at the beginning of the season. Once you’ve claimed a Hextech Chest from a champion, it will stay claimed until either Riot Games resets it on a specific patch or the Season ends.

3. Events & Missions

Events and missions are the final way to quickly farm blue essence in League of Legends. The game releases new events regularly, oftentimes giving players new missions to complete which either reward Hextech Chests and other goodies that players will want to get since it’s only available for a limited time. Players should regularly check for events that can give massive rewards and really help players get the resources they need.

Events banners in LoL - How to Farm Blue Essence
Wait for a good event!

The best time to farm blue essence is during the large esports events like the Mid-Season Invitationals and the World Championships. The game will give players the chance to make predictions and offer a large sum of rewards like blue essence, hextech chest & keys, or skins when they get a certain number of predictions right. Follow LolFinity’s esports updates to check which teams are doing good in tournaments.

4. Garena Tool

This is an additional method to farm Blue Essence and is arguably the fastest way to do so. Unfortunately, this is only available for Garena users, which are League of Legends players in Southeast Asia. The Garena Tool has a “Daily Spin” function, where players will get a certain amount of Blue Essence every day by spinning the wheel. It can range from a hundred blue essence up to a thousand and will sometimes even reward ward skins and rune pages.

The Garena Mobile app website - How to Farm Blue Essence
Exclusive for Garena countries!

The Garena app isn’t available for any other region since it requires that your League of Legends account is registered under a Garena. Even if you download an APK and use a VPN to change your region, it simply won’t work because your account still isn’t registered in Garena’s account database. For Garena users, it’s recommended that you download this app and continuously spin every day to earn blue essence quickly.

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