How To Get Better At League of Legends By Playing ARAM

Summoner’s Rift isn’t the only map in League of Legends. One of the oldest and second most beloved game mode in LoL is ARAM (All Random, All Mid). This game mode is usually only played for fun but beginners who want to learn more about the game might find this mode as a great way to improve without affecting their hidden MMR too much. Time to make use this meme game mode to your advantage so that you can come out as a mean player (I’m not sorry).

How ARAM Works

ARAM is a game mode that takes place in a map called The Howling Abyss. This map is very linear as it’s basically one straight line connecting both teams’ Nexus defended by 2 turrets and 1 inhibitor each. Players will be assigned a random champion they own at the beginning of the game and may swap with other players or reroll the champion they got as many times as they have Reroll Credits (A currency earned by playing ARAM).

Top View of the Map in ARAM - Howling Abyss
Are you a fan of playing ARAM?

The game begins with all champions at Level 3. The most impactful part of ARAM is that a player may not access the shopkeeper to buy items or heal themselves once they’ve left the base. The player may only access the shop at the beginning of the game or whenever they respawn. Healing nodes will also spawn periodically as an alternate way for players to regenerate health. The game ends when either Nexus has been destroyed or a team has surrendered.

How To Improve By Playing ARAM

ARAM is undoubtedly a 4fun game format and less than 20% of the players who enter this game mode do so competitively. Regardless of whether the players are entering to compete seriously or just to take a breath of fresh air in the game, you can take advantage of this game format to try and improve at League of Legends. This is because a majority of players enter this format with little to no expectations and care very little about the result of the game.

There are a number of ways you can sneak in a little practice while playing this format. Even though this is mostly a mode that players use to have fun, the truth is that nobody really likes losing no matter what they say. Keep this in mind while practicing so that you’ll be able to practice more efficiently by having the mindset that you need to win the game for your team. Of course, no one will think any more or less of you, specifically, whether your team wins or loses in the end.

1. Learn New Champions

Learning new champions is extremely tough. You can learn the basic combos using the practice tool but it’s not really as efficient as using that champion on an actual player. Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to guarantee practicing a specific champion that you want to play. If you’re goal is to learn new champions in general to find someone that you might enjoy, ARAM is definitely the way to go since it’s pretty indiscriminate about your champion pool.

Sejuani Default skin line
Make a new friend in the Howling Abyss!

ARAM chooses from your champion pool in addition to the choices on the weekly rotation and a from a set of 65 champions. So unless you’re really unlucky with the pool, you’ll definitely be learning how to use one new champion. Who knows? You might find a champion that you might enjoy to play as your main champion and decide to Master This Champion by using them on Summoner’s Rift to test your skills and gain a new pocket pick.

2. Practice Skillshots

The great thing about play all mid is that players have nowhere else to go other than in the lane. This ensures that there’s an enemy player almost all the time (unless you Ace the enemy team). Having an enemy active on the map all the time means that you have a moving target that you can practice your skillshots on. Use this opportunity to master the art of hitting your skills on actual players especially with Summoner Skills like Snowball to help you out.

Irelia attempting to stun 2 champions
Time to work on those skillshots

When practicing skillshots on Summoner’s Rift, all you need to do is choose an enemy as your primary target. Wild shots don’t count so don’t think that you’re improving when you’re only hitting your skills shots on enemies that you didn’t intend to hit. Of course, try to play this in a normal way as if you were in Summoner’s Rift – Don’t merely rely on hitting skillshots, you need to really try to kill your opponent by by auto-attacking and moving close.

3. Resource Management

Resource management is really important in ARAM because you don’t get a lot of sources of Health and Mana. This will teach players to be more responsible with the usage of their resource bar because unlike Summoner’s Rift, you can’t make Common Beginner Mistakes like recalling 60 times in one game. You should also learn when to use Resource Nodes as they spawn periodically but the effects can be shared by all nearby allies.

Zac chilling at the base in the Howling Abyss in ARAM
Wasting resources is prohibited in the Howling Abyss!

Gold might seem abundant in the Howling Abyss but keep in mind that you’re only getting a fraction of the gold when other players kill minions. Kills and assists are the best way to earn gold in this map so if you’re not a killing machine already, you might need to think about earning as much as gold from other sources as possible. It’s also nice to time when you want to die so that you can respawn and buy items without giving enemies high bounty rewards often.

4. Learn Proper Positioning

There’s aren’t that many places to hide in the Howling Abyss aside from some brushes here and there. The problem with playing in a straight lane is that the enemy will always know that you’re nearby. In this case, you’ll need to know where you need to place yourself on the map or during the battle so that you won’t end up as an easy pick for the enemy team to get some extra gold in their pockets.

Gragas hitting 3 champions with his E
Where to go when there’s only one lane?

Roles don’t really exist in ARAM but depending on which champion you get, you’ll still need to know where you below when a teamfight breaks out. Recklessly going in front to try and kill opponents is definitely fun but you wouldn’t want to spend most of your time playing the game on the respawn screen. To maximize your play time, you might want to find creative ways for you to survive the relentless onslaught that is to come once both teams meet in the middle.

5. Removes Tilt

The final way you can improve in League of Legends by playing ARAM is that you should play it whenever you feel extremely tilted. Tilt is a LoL player’s biggest weakness and is sure to throw you off your game. When a player is tilted, they really shouldn’t play anymore but the more stubborn ones just can’t seem to exit their League client. If you still want to play but the tilt is strong, reset your mental by playing a few games of ARAM so that you’ll feel refreshed.

Braum radiating happiness and giving off a big smile
No stress, be happy like Braum!

ARAM is extremely fun and there isn’t any pressure playing it. Since URF isn’t an available game mode all-year round, playing on the Howling Abyss is the next best thing to get a taste of silliness in the game. Hopefully, you’ll cheer up and forget about your tilt after a few games. If not, you’ll be too tired to play League of Legends anyway and won’t have to go through playing while feeling like the entire world is your enemy.

How often should I play ARAM?

Only when you feel like it. Unlike in Summoner’s Rift, you don’t get much rewards when playing in this game mode except for the fact that it’s insanely fun to play random champions and mash random buttons until you discover a secret combo. Play ARAM only when you want to enjoy it and don’t force yourself to play it if you don’t want to.

How To Improve In ARAM?

ARAM is a fun a game mode so there’s really no need for you to improve at it. Although, if you’re the competitive type that wants to take things to the next level then you might want to do the same with this game mode. Aside from mastering every champion in the pool, there are very little ways you can improve at ARAM considering how linear it is. Luckily, a one-man carry in this game mode is completely possible so if you reach a high enough mastery to get kills using any champion, you’ll find that winning comes easy.

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