How to Improve Ranked MMR in League of Legends

Ranked MMR is one of the major factors that decide your overall enjoyment of playing League of Legends. Having a low MMR means that you get teamed up with horrible teammates but having too high a value will mean that your opponents will be really good at the game and that you’ll get outclassed in the lane. If you want to improve your MMR in League of Legends, here’s a short guide on how to do it.

5 Ways to Improve Ranked MMR in LoL

The Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is an aspect of competitive online games that beginners don’t really pay attention to when they play. Most players spend their entire time playing games without ever reaching a point where they care about MMR. However, those who want to reach higher ranks know that having a decent ranked MMR is the key to being able to climb beyond their current division since it plays a key role in that aspect.

Players need to improve their ranked MMR if they want to climb because it improves the quality of their games. If they have a low MMR, they’ll be teamed with lower-ranked players and have a harder time winning games. Unfortunately, a lot of players end up ruining their MMR when they first start out because they are still trying to learn how to play the game. This guide aims to improve your MMR to an acceptable value.

5. Dodging Unwinnable Games

The most common way people improve their MMR is by dodging games. Dodging has become an extremely frowned-upon practice since it wastes a lot of people’s time and Riot Games has actually implemented a lot of penalties for dodgers. However, occasional dodging shouldn’t pose a problem, especially if you are doing it to improve your ranked MMR in League of Legends by opting out of unwinnable games.

League of Legends ranked lobby being dodged - LoL Ranked MMR
Don’t waste your time and MMR.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Dodging games will lose LP but if you are in a lobby where your teammates are obviously trolling, you’d lose LP anyway. Dodging doesn’t count as a loss so you’re essentially preserving your MMR and queue for a chance to win. Dodging will cause you to wait a bit of time before you can queue up again but it’s a lot better than waiting 20-40 minutes for a game that has no hope of winning at all.

4. Duoing w/ High MMR People

An excellent way to improve MMR quickly is by duoing with a high MMR player. The reason you want to do this is because they raise the level of competition so the MMR you gain is very high while the MMR you lose is lower than usual. However, this method is pointless if you can’t keep up with your duo and only end up losing more games than winning them so make sure to pick someone who can hard carry you or someone you can keep up with.

Solo Duo match lobby - LoL Ranked MMR
Call a friend!

Winning games in high MMR lobbies can help you fix your MMR quickly. After about 30-40 games with overwhelmingly positive win rates, your MMR should be above average. We’re not telling you to queue up with a high-ranked player. This method only requires you to duo with someone of higher ELO than you. For example, teaming up with someone who has reached Diamond at some point in their careers but is currently Gold or Plat should still have overwhelmingly positive MMR.

3. Account Boosting

Account boosting is another method that isn’t received well by the community. This method is done by having another person, preferably someone you trust or somebody that is reputable in what they do, play your account and increase the win percentage of your account to improve your ranked MMR. It’s better to have someone who is Diamond and above to boost your account to ensure that your account sees a massive improvement in winrate.

League of Legends loading=
Hire a professional!

If you don’t have a friend who is Diamond rank or above, you might want to consider hiring boosting services online. There are many websites that offer boosting services but some of them end up being scams. It’s a massive risk but if you want an effortless method to fix your MMR, you should do in-depth research and find a company that offers legitimate boosting services that is rated and vouched for by the community.

2. Smurfing

The most extreme method of improving your ranked MMR is to create a smurf account. This means that you’ll reset your progress in the game so that you’ll have a fresh match history where you can begin setting your MMR once again. This method doesn’t necessarily require you to discard your main account but if you want a better chance to fix your MMR, it’s always better to start from scratch.

League of Legends smurf account offer infographic - LoL Ranked MMR
Start fresh!

The worst part about creating a smurf is that you have to collect champions and level up to 30 once again which can take weeks. However, there are trusted websites where you can buy LoL smurf accounts that come in massive bundles that include multiple champions and neutral MMRs that you can develop yourself. Investing a little bit of money in exchange for weeks of your time is always worth it if you’re looking to get started right away.

1. Natural Winstreaking

Natural winstreaking is probably the hardest task and is something you would have done already if you could. This method is simple in the sense that you only need to win multiple games in a row. Unfortunately, your current MMR might prove to be the biggest hurdle to this method succeeding. The most important thing to keep in mind is to take your games more seriously and put in more effort to win.

League of Legends match history win streak - LoL Ranked MMR
Just win, bro!

Avoid impossible games, keep a positive attitude, and quit once you feel like you’re not in a state where you can play productive games. Don’t be the reason your team is losing by engaging in toxic behavior or avoiding helpful communication with your teammates. Once you get a nice win rate for the day, it might prove an advantage to call it a day and start fresh the next day with a positive attitude. You might want to consider getting coaching services in League of Legends as well.

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