How To Make The Most Out of LoL Season 11 Before It Ends!

We’re halfway through LoL Season 11 and a lot of people have probably achieved some of their goals for the year. However, let’s see what we can do with the remaining months by checking out other ways we can make the most out of this season to get as many things done as possible. There’s so much to do on League of Legends that it’s actually ridiculous how much you can get done in a matter of 5 months by only playing this game in your spare time.

How To Make The Most Out of LoL Season 11

LoL Season 11 is much like any other season in the game with the addition of the revamped item shop. Most players have been playing the game for such a long time and we’re sure that a handful of them have been here since the release of the game on PC. For those who are starting to feel burnout, they might wonder how those people have put up for such a long-time playing the game without getting bored. After all, it’s just the same game every time you queue up.

Chapter I Recap | Rise of the Sentinels - League of Legends
Make the most out of LoL Season 11!

There’s one simple answer to how you can play a game for a long time without getting bored, and that is to set goals for yourself every season. Aside from getting a higher rank in Solo Queue every season, there are so many different things that you can do to improve your experience playing the game. Let’s take a look at some things we can accomplish or just try out before the end of LoL Season 11 so that we can find more enjoyment in playing the game.

Get Gold Or Higher On Flex

Aside from Solo Queue, Flex Queue is also another place to rank up your division in League of Legends Summoner’s Rift. The only difference between them is that you can play with 3 or more friends on Flex so you’ll have a better time coordinating plays and playing like a competitive team. Playing on Flex is 10x less stressful than playing solo because losing doesn’t feel as bad when you’re with friends. If you’re feeling stressed while playing with friends, well, then you need better friends.

Loading Screen Diamond 4 Rank Up
Reach that new milestone!

Aside from the fun of playing on Flex, it’s also a good idea to start playing until you hit Gold Division on Flex. End of Season Rewards for LoL Season 11, just like all the previous seasons, will include different rewards for when you reach at least Gold in both Flex and Solo Queue. If you don’t have any friends to play Flex queue with, you can also queue in by yourself but that might end up with a longer wait time because most people queue in groups of two, three, or five.

Level 7 Mastery On 3 More Champs

One way to improve in the game is to increase your mastery score on more champions. Reaching Level 7 Mastery on certain champions won’t be easy but there are some who definitely have it easier (ahem, Yasuo) due to the ease of gameplay on these champions. Mastery 7 is the highest level that you can reach on a single champion and really shows that you’ve reached a deeper understanding of both the role you’re playing and the champion that you’re using.

Jayce flashing the Level 7 Mastery Flair | LoL Season 11
Take your mastery to the next level!

There are still a few months left before the end of the season so getting at least 3 more of your champions to Level 7 Mastery should be an achievable goal. We’re not forcing you to spend more average time on playing League of Legends but changing up your playstyle so that you’ll gain more mastery points should do the trick. This should develop your skills not only for LoL Season 11 but also when you play the game for the long term to earn a better sense of the game.

Rank Up Honor

Just like rankings, Honor is something that you can rank up and will earn you rewards by the end of the season. Ranking up your honor level isn’t the simplest thing to do and can be entirely out of your control depending on the situation. The best way to get honor is to constantly communicate with your team and hope that they won’t find you annoying. Otherwise, you can play Flex Queue and trade honors with your teammates so that you can raise it quickly.

LoL Season Honor Rewards Levels
Get those juicy rewards

Getting the necessary amount of honors before the season ends will be a real grind. Just try to find some people to flex with so that you won’t have to beg for honor every other game. In solo queue, the best way to get an honor is to play support since your AD Carry will most likely give the honor to you if you did a good job in lane. Otherwise, it’s time to bring out your inner carry by single-handedly dominating the game so your team has no choice but to give you those honor points.

Teach a Newbie

League of Legends is a game that’s meant to be enjoyed with the community. While the League of Legends community, in general, is a huge scene, there’s nothing wrong with creating your own group of people that can relate to you. Teaching a person how to play a game can be kind of cringe sometimes and just places you in an awkward situation especially if one or both parties just really don’t want it to happen but there will be some people who are genuinely interested in doing so.

Default Garen Skin - Armored Captain
Introduce us to that friend of yours!

The trick to finding someone who wants to learn how to play League of Legends is to let someone be drawn in to the game subconsciously. Talking about the game and showing your passion indirectly can be a good way to bait someone’s interest. Remember that new players won’t be able to soak in all of the information about League of Legends in one sitting so let them play and learn mechanics by themselves and just act as a guide rather than a backseat dictator.

Collect More Skins

Collect more skins before the season ends. We’re not exactly telling you to whip out your credit card and start shopping on the League of Legends cosmetic shop. Even though that’s the best way you can get a lot of the skins that you like, there are other ways to earn skins without shelling out some cash just to buy clothes in-game when some of us don’t even have the time, interest, nor resources to buy clothes in real life. Just try to earn skins through shards and rewards.

List of Skins acquired in LoL | LoL Season 11
What did you get so far?

Time to hit games and start playing events so that you can earn Hextech Chests as rewards. Hitting S Rank on champion, whether you or your teammate gets it, will give you a Hextech Chest if the champion you’re using hasn’t already earned it before. Events are the best ways to get a ton of chests for free. Hextech Keys are earned by getting honors so it all comes back to that. If you want to buy skins, maybe it’s a good idea to wait for the Your Deals option so that you can get an up to 90% discount on a skin you like.

Stream a Game

It’s time to go on Twitch to start streaming a game so that you’ll experience what it’s like to play a game while other people are watching. Streaming is probably one thing that every gamer has at least thought about at least once in their lives. If you’re one of those people, you should cross it out of your bucket list by trying it out soon. You don’t have to promote it or even expect a large number of people to visit you on your first try. Do it for yourself, just so you know how it feels.

A bunch of LoL streamers on Twitch
Be the next LoL streamer!

Streaming in LoL Season 11 might not be as popular as it was all those years ago but there is still a large number of viewers who are interested in it. You should try streaming at least once a week and you might even attract people to watch you play. A lot of people are turned off by the idea of streaming because “they’re not good enough” but that’s never true. Most people really watch streamers more for their personality even if those streamers are stuck in Diamond or lower.

Try Playing on Another Server

LoL Season 11 is the perfect time to try playing on another server. What do we mean by this? Well, playing on another server essentially means that you’ll be playing on another country/region. For example, if you play League of Legends in North America, you should try playing the Latin America or Brazil version of League of Legends so that you can experience their gaming culture as you play the same League of Legends that you always have albeit on a different language.

League of Legends client with Korean text | LoL Season 11
A brand-new experience!

The language barrier might prove to be intimidating at first especially if you like to communicate with the team. However, you should try playing the game on mute or ignore the chats on the comms so that you can observe what they want from you instead. If you’ve played League of Legends for longer than 5 months, you probably don’t need to read the words to know what a champion’s ability does or what an item does while you’re playing the game.

How are you supposed to play League of Legends on another server? First of all, you need to download the League of Legends client from the server you’re downloading it from. Creating an account might prove to be a hassle especially since you have to level it up to 30 all over again. Luckily, there are websites like LolFinity that sell readily available LoL Smurf Accounts that players can use depending on the server that they want to try out. These accounts are extremely cheap considering the time that you would be saving otherwise.

Have You Tried Riot’s Other Games?

League of Legends isn’t the only game in the world but if you’ve fallen in love with the core idea of League of Legends, you might want to try some related games. LoL Season 11 is the perfect time for you to take a break since there are a lot of other games coming out in the market. Games like Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and the upcoming League of Legends MMORPG might be some things that you might want to try out so that you’ll be able to take a refresher from this game.

Jett and Phoenix Back-to-Back
Have you tried the other games yet?

Riot Games is an excellent company that clearly knows what they’re doing whether it’s on League of Legends or their other games. Their games have attracted millions of active daily players so you won’t regret your decision to try those games out. Even if you’ve never tried playing first-person shooters, strategy card games, or board games, you will enjoy the idea of playing these games because of how fun they are in addition to the awesome communities that you’ll be joining.

When does LoL Season 11 end?

Just like all of the other seasons, LoL Season 11 will end sometime in November 2021. There is no confirmed date yet as to when exactly this season will close up but you can expect that it will be some time in the middle of the month. That means you have a few months left to accomplish everything you need!

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