How to Earn More Success in League of Legends Clash Tournaments

League of Legends Clash tournaments are a fun way to experience a semi-competitive environment with your friends. The event is catered towards people who want to prove that they can compete at the highest level. However, the success rate of average players are extremely low with the level of competition being extremely high in this tournament. Let’s take a look at what makes top teams so successful in Clash events and how you can learn from their tactics.

League of Legends Clash Tournaments

League of Legends Clash tournaments are scheduled events that come once in a while. Players can create Clash Teams consisting of people they know or players who are also looking for others to compete with them. Teams are categorized under different tiers to make the competition fair, so teams with higher ranked players will be competing with teams of similar skill level. The same goes for lower-ranked teams.

The mechanics of the League of Legends clash tournament
Anyone excited for League of Legends Clash?

There are multiple steps to League of Legends Clash tournaments and each of them need to be respected for the players to succeed. The best way to win more games and advance to the next stages of the clash event is to ensure that you understand how the tournament works. While player skills and individual abilities are still the primary ways to win more games, there’s still other factors that will help you succeed more in your matches.

Scouting is King

The most important mechanic of League of Legends Clash is the ability to scout the enemy team. Scouting is the act of taking a look at your opponent’s profile and match history to study which champions they will most likely play according to win rate and play rate. This is important as it gives you an idea on what champions you need to ban. While taking a look at a player’s profile is a good way to scout, the more reliable way is to take a look at their OP.GG page to have a more accurate look.

League of Legends Clash team lineup
Who is the biggest threat?

As a team, you must all individually scout your lane matchup to understand which opponent is the highest threat. The goal is not to ban one champion from each player but to find which opponents are the biggest threat and neutralize them before the game even begins. Never give an opponent a chance to get their comfort pick since it’ll simply make your life a lot harder and lower your chances of winning the game.

Practice Using Smurfs

Since scouting is the most impactful part of Clash tournaments, a handful of players deny their opponents the chance to scout their lineup by practicing on smurf accounts. Using smurf accounts hide your team’s match history and prevents them from figuring out what lineups you’ve been practicing to come up with a counter-strategy to neutralize all of the hard work that you’ve been putting out the past few days.

League of Legends clash schedule infographic
Don’t let them know what you have planned!

If you have a secondary account, you should use that to practice about 3-7 days before the start of the tournament. People who don’t have smurf accounts can simply buy an account on websites like LolFinity that offer a cheap and easy way to get League of Legends accounts without having to manually grind to Level 30 and grind for Blue Essence just to get the champions that they want for the competition.

Pre-Plan Team Compositions

A good preparation to have is to practice with fixed team compositions and sticking to those in the tournament. Pre-planned team comps increase your chance of success because it will lessen the need for teammates to communicate what they want to do since you already know what your goals are as a team. It’s good to prepare at least THREE team compositions, each with a backup pick for every role in case one gets banned.

Match history of a League of Legends clash game
Understand what you want to play!

Be sure to play at least THREE games with each team composition that you planned out so that you don’t get confused during the tournament. It’s imperative that you make time to do this if you are serious about getting a win. On-the-spot team compositions are not recommended because you’ll need to try to make it work without a clear vision on what you need to do as a team. Make sure to practice these team compositions using smurf accounts to avoid getting scouted by the enemy team.

Use Voice Comms

Communication is the key to success in any team-based game since it allows you and your teammates to have a clear goal on what you need to do instead of guessing your ally’s next move. Players often use Discord as their primary communication medium because it has the best features in terms of gaming needs but you can use any application as long as it is accessible to all of your teammates and doesn’t require too much processing power to run as that might affect your game’s smoothness.

Discord call featuring League of Legends clash participants
Remember that communication is key to success!

A great tip to give players when using voice comms is to keep it clean. This means that you ensure that people are actually being heard and information is being conveyed. You do this by making sure that people don’t talk over each other and you keep conversations short and simple. Avoid trying to shout over your teammates and instead let them finish what they want to say so that you can deliberate as a team what you want to do.

Pick a Shotcaller

The shotcaller or the leader is the most important member of the team. They are in charge of making decisions for the team and conveying useful information to avoid the voice comms from being cluttered by players who each have different ideas and goals on how to play the game. The shotcaller should be a person everyone respects and listens to as well as someone who is good at communicating with the team.

Garen leading the troops - League of Legends clash
Choose someone to be the leader!

The Jungler and Support are usually the best shotcallers as they are more aware of the state of the map and have freedom to roam and gather information on the enemy team. However, your shotcaller doesn’t have to be tied to a specific role. The most important thing is that they have a great understanding of the game and can unify their teammates to follow the plan even if they don’t agree with it.

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