How To Use The Teleport Summoner Spell Effectively in League of Legends

The Teleport summoner spell is one of the most gamebreaking abilities in League of Legends with proper usage being able to change the tide of the fight in proper situations. Even though it’s such an important spell, not all champions are able to utilize it and even fewer players properly execute it in high-pressure situations. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some tips on how players can execute the teleport summoner spell more properly.

Tips on Using the Teleport Summoner Spell

There are many ways to use the teleport spell but not all of them are advisable in all situations. Since League of Legends is a team game, it’s completely unadvisable to randomly use the teleport spell whenever you simply feel like it. It’s important to take note the key moments that you need to use the teleport spell in throughout the game so that you’ll be ready to assist your team or consolidate an advantage in the laning phase.

1. Watch Out for Advanced Wards

Advanced wards refer to a stealth ward, control ward, or any other items that you can teleport to in the enemy lane. The most important advanced wards to look out for are in the bottom lane. Laners with the teleport spell are expected to study the map state once they get Unleashed Teleport at the 14-minute mark. This allows them to catch the enemy laner in a horrible position and either force them to use their summoner spells or get a few kills in response.

Ward placed in the enemy bush for teleport summoner spell
Look out for these wards!

The best time to teleport an advanced ward is when the enemy bot laner is locked in combat and are recklessly advancing. It’s also a great idea to simply teleport when they’re too far forward. A good indicator of this is when they have passed the river and are pushing in the wave into the allied turret. Both these situations make sure that they can’t retreat without using their summoner spells. Just make sure to let your laners know so that they can respond to your play.

2. When To Teleport Back to Lane

For players with the teleport spell, there’s only one valid way to teleport back to lane and that’s when the wave is crashing towards your turret. The biggest mistake players make is teleporting back to lane when the lane is crashing towards the enemy turret because that’s a big waste of your spell. When the minion wave is moving towards the enemy turret, it’s better to walk back to lane no matter how slow you are or how quickly the enemy can clear the wave.

Graves using the teleport summoner spell on an allied turret
Don’t waste valuable resources!

It’s also good to teleport back into lane if you are trying to apply pressure to the enemy laner when you have the advantage or are ahead. This should only apply if you can constantly harass the enemy laner regardless of whether or not they can turtle under the turret and they have no efficient way of clearing the wave while doing so. However, you place yourself in danger of getting ganked by the enemy jungler so do this only if you have advanced knowledge of jungle pathing.

3. Teleporting When Split-Pushing

Split pushing is one of the most important situations where the teleport summoner spell can play an impactful role in the game. There are two rules in this situation:

  1. Never use teleport to start split-pushing a lane unless it has the chance of ending the game.
  2. Always hold your teleport before you start split-pushing so that you are always ready to join your teammates in a fight.
Graves split pushing top with the teleport summoner spell active
Apply pressure around the map!

These two situations force the enemy team to react or risk losing multiple structures while trading for another objective. In this case, the person with teleport is tasked with always checking the state of the map so that you can join your allies even without some sort of signal that asks whether or not a fight begins. Unless you think you can end the game in the next 20 seconds, it’s always better to teleport to join your team rather than continue split pushing.

4. Mid Laner/Bot Laner Teleport Rules

Mid laners and Bottom Laners with teleport often have more freedom to use there teleport than top laners. In this case, these people can teleport to lane whenever they need to catch a minion wave. This is because these players are expected to farm as much gold as possible so that they have the potential to carry the game with their damage. This should only be applicable if your top laner also has teleport or a global ability.

Ziggs as a master arcanist - teleport summoner spell tips

Top laners shouldn’t do the same because they have more options such as split pushing and flanking. On the other hand, mid laners and bottom laners flanking the enemy team is often a bad idea because they are high-priority targets that the enemy team can easily turn towards if left isolated. If you’re not a top laner, the only time you should start thinking about saving your teleport summoner spell is when an important fight is about to happen in the next 2-minutes or so.

5. General Teleport Placement

A few general rules when using the teleport summoner spell is never to use it in the middle of a minion wave if an enemy or enemies are nearby because it gives them an opportunity to preemptively launch an attack once the channel finishes. This is unless the enemies have very low health and/or you have the chance to kill them when the channel finishes on time. Otherwise, teleport to the nearest ward or structure that the enemy can’t freely access.

Teleport Summoner Spell being used in mid lane
Get those juicy waves!

In the late game, top laners and assassins should teleport at a ward that’s nearest to a high-priority target. Oftentimes, this means looking for an advanced flank ward that allows you full access to the back line. If you’re a bottom laner or an artillery mage, it’s always better to teleport with the team that the enemy can’t freely access so that you don’t end up dying immediately after you finish channeling the spell.

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