How to Win Hard With Rengar in 2020

win hard with rengar
How to Win Hard With Rengar

Ever since his introduction in Season 2, Rengar has been known as the “King of the Jungle” in League of Legends. He’s been used in many e-Sports competitions by pros such as SKT-Faker, Dyrus, and even the ex-pro turned YouTube star, Imaqtpie. In this guide you’ll learn how to win with Rengar using our best researched tips.

Due to his quick and deadly damage dealing, toxic League players would see their League of Legends accounts banned after cursing out the player who killed them. It can bring about great pleasure to use Rengar to shed blood within the enemy lane. 

For a lot of new players, it can be exciting to see this beast in gameplay, but he does require some skill to learn and win with Rengar. Fortunately, we’re here to help Iron and Bronze players get used to playing as Rengar. 

If used correctly, he will help you eliminate your enemies as soon as you snap on your ultimate. Once you’ve completed reading this guide, we’ll help you find the right lol Smurf accounts so that you can get started in Ranked Mode. So, get ready, and learn more about the infamous “Pridestalker”! through our Rengar guide.

Before going any further and to make sure you catch every aspect of this guide, you need this; Our very own, easy to follow guide on the basics in LoL. It’s a must for everyone looking to learn more or to freshen up their knowledge on the game.

Rengar Lore

Rengar is an interesting character, to say the least and his origins only prove that he was born to be a savage hunter. 

The hunter was born in a village named Kiilash, where each member of the society had taken pride in hunting. Even though he was born to Ponjaf, the chieftain of the village, he was the runt of the litter leaving him to become scrutinized and ignored by his family. 

Feeling rejected, Rengar had left his tribe. However, he was nearly killed by a legendary human hunter named Markon. Markon would spare his life and teach the young Rengar how to hunt until he had gotten tired of him. At this point, he had placed a knife across Rengar’s neck and threw him off a cliff. 

Still, Rengar survived. 

He would continue to improve himself by going to Shuriman and taking down the largest of prey. While he wasn’t the largest in his tribe, others would notice that he was twice as ferocious. Rengar would grow confident in his hunting abilities and receive multiple trophies to the point that he would attempt to go back to his tribe. 

However, he was still rejected by Ponjaf once he returned to his tribe. Ponjaf stated that Rengar needed to give the head of a Void abomination in order to regain respect from the tribe. 

Rengar would return to his tribe to tell Ponjaf about his failure, only to have been rejected by him again. In a fit of rage, Rengar jumped on Ponjaf and began to cut his entire body into pieces. The hunters in the village began to praise him and crown him as the new chieftain. 

But Rengar would not take the new title, but instead, left the Kiilash tribe to continue to hunt. He would continue his lifelong goal to get revenge on Kha’Zix, the only formidable opponent that he deemed worthy of hunting. 

Badass isn’t it? If you want to learn about his story more in-depth, feel free to watch this video:

Prey (Rengar Lore)

How is Rengar Used? 

Like his lore, Rengar is mainly used in the Jungle lane. While some players like to use him for mid-laning, this leaves him open to ganking by enemy junglers. So, for the sake of this guide, we’ll help you learn how to jungle and win with Rengar like your hero is in the Challenger rank. 

Pros and Cons of using Rengar

Pros Cons 
Damage Output: Rengar has been nerfed for his high AD damage multiple times. Even still, he’s a vicious threat to his opponents. 95% of the time he can successfully 1v1 the enemy ADC. And 80% of the time, he can successfully take out the mid-laner if the player is skilled enough.Teamfights: Rengar’s ultimate is not useful in team fights, unless they are around bushes, you will find it difficult to engage with the enemy. If they have vision, they could spot your ultimate and attack you, making your team fighting efforts pretty much useless. 
Counter Ganking: Once learned well, you’ll become a god of counter ganking. When he ganks, the enemies run into bushes to hide from getting attacked by him. But once he starts getting kills, the enemies will hide more, which gives you a free kill most of the time. This is because when you run in bushes, you’ll receive extra stacks of ferocity which increases your damage by a ton.  Ferocity Management: When starting off, it will be difficult knowing how to manage Rengar’s ferocity. You will find it hard to use his ferocity until you’re in that certain situation. 

Split Pushing: You’ll want a good Rengar on your team because they make great split pushers. In fact, he can successfully 1v1 anyone that tries to counter Split Push. He can destroy towers quick and using his Q to reset his auto attacks. 

Squishy: While he’s a deadly threat and a good assassin champ, Rengar is very squishy. If he doesn’t have his 4 ferocity, he can be cc’d by a good ADC. This means that you’ll have to be quick with Rengar, and in some situations, you’ll have to learn how to escape without getting the kill.

Early Game: Farm Bot first to Win with Rengar!

In early game, you’ll want to spend your first 6 levels farming. Without your ultimate, you are unable to get the advantage of stealth on your enemies, making ganking more difficult. 

During this phase, you should start jungling at the bot lane. This makes it easier for you to receive a leash, making it easier to farm faster and catch up with the enemy jungler. Once you get to level 6, then it’s time to get ready to gank and spank everyone. Rengar is ready to win!

In every League of Legends game it’s basically a race on who gets to Level 6 first. However, one very important thing to note is that in order to win hard with Renger, you also need to know what to do at Level 6.

Getting farm fast gets only 50% of the job done. The other half needs to be executed just as beautifully starting with acquiring the right items needed to get the job done.

Before we move any further, here’s a guide on how to improve your performance in League of Legends. You should find some useful pointers there as well.

Your first items should be: 

Win hard with Rengar First Item Build
Rengar First Item Build

Mid-game: Start Ganking!

Win hard With Rengar Mid Game Item Build
Rengar Mid Game Item Build

Now you’re starting to gain some traction. As a jungler, you can start going into your ally lanes and help them take down their enemy laners. But you have to communicate with them clearly to let them know that you’re going in for the gank.

When going in for the gank, you’ll want to have four stacks of Ferocity to help slow them. Once your ferocity is full, press E and aim it towards your target. Since the bolas are at max ferocity, they will root (keep your enemy standing still) and make it easier to finish them off. 

Even if your enemy escapes via flash, you’ve reduced their mobility and you’ll be able to create an advantage in your ally lane, helping your team pick out that champion and continue to pressure them. 

At this stage, you’ll want to increase the lead by taking down towers, getting at least 2 dragons for the team, and helping ally lanes stay fed. Since he’s not good at engaging in team fights, you’ll want to wait for the enemy team to be on cooldown on their spells so that they are unable to react to your strikes. 

The mid-game stage of the game is crucial as well. It’s what sets the final stage and result on whose side the scale is going to tip to. If you manage get a strong mid-game going on, chances are that in late game, you’re gonna dominate.

But, if things aren’t looking so good and the match is moving into the late game stage, don’t fret. There’s still chances available to win. Just keep going at it!

End Game: Finish Strong

Win Hard With Rengar End Game Item Build
Rengar End Game Item Build

Now if you’ve been playing Rengar correctly, you and your team will have a huge advantage against the enemy. Keep your R ready and engage once you catch an enemy off guard, or if all of their spells are on cooldown. This will surely allow you to win some kills with Rengar.

For example, let’s say that the enemy ADC is alone and you have your R off cooldown. Press R and click on them and go wild. If done correctly, you’ve successfully picked off the enemy champ and force them to wait 40-60 seconds to get back in the game. Use this time to secure dragons, baron, or end the game. 

Also, while this is a tip that applies to every champion, you can also check our guide on Knowing the Playstyle of a Diamond Player which should also help you win hard with Rengar.

Recommended Summoner Spells for Rengar

Win Hard with Rengar(Flash): Always use this spell as it can help you get out of sticky situations and ganks. 

League of Legends Summoner Spell Icon Smite(Smite): You’re a jungler and you’re going to need this to make your farming efforts easier. 

League of Legends Summoner Spell Icon Ghost(Ghost): This spell might be useful if you have Rengar Guide Spell Icon as a secondary tree on your runes.

Runes for Rengar

What runes should you use on Rengar? Here are the most common runes high ELO players tend to use:

Electrocute League of Legends Rune(Electrocute) or Dark Harvest League of Legends Rune(Dark Harvest): In most games, it’s best to use ELECTROCUTE because it’s easier to carry teams with this rune. But if you have a long-term match, then you should get Dark Harvest. 

Sudden Impact League of Legends Rune(Sudden Impact): This rune procs your Ultimate and Passive which makes it easier to obtain more kills. 

Zombie Ward LLeague of Legends Rune(Zombie Ward): This increases your overall vision, which is great when fighting against high ELO teams. 

Relentless Hunter League of Legends Rune(Relentless Hunter): This gives you 8 bonus movement speed out of combat which reduces the need to buy MOBILITY BOOTS because the movement speed will really benefit you. 

Inspiration League of Legends Rune(Inspiration): This rune helps increase Rengar’s attack speed and is useful when ganking enemies that are out of position. 

Future’s Market League of Legends Rune(Future’s Market): This might seem ineffective, but it does help you get Tiamat early which can help you steam roll your opponents. 

Cosmic Insight League of Legends Rune(Cosmic Insight): Reduces the cooldown of Rengar’s attacks and ultimate by 5%. 

Depending on the play style you end up preferring, feel free to play around with any of these runes. Each Rengar player that wants to win hard has his own way of handling him which is why this champion is still so very much popular.

It allows you to be unpredictable. On some other champions, the layout might look simple when you look at it and you’ll always know what to except. When it comes to Rengar however, people will always have a hard time deciding whether the choice to jump you is a good one or not, as they might not end up on the happy end of the stick.

Passive Skills of Rengar

Unseen Predator

INNATE League of Legends Passive Skill

INNATE: When camouflaged or hidden in a bush, Rengar’s attacks gain 600 range and allows him to leap beyond his normal melee range. This lasts for 0.5 seconds once he’s out of the bushes. If you have 0 Ferocity when landing this attack, you’ll gain 1 Ferocity.


Rengar gains 1 Ferocity whenever he casts his abilities. When reaching 4 in Ferocity, his next move will become empowered, has no cooldown, and can be casted independently and he gains 30%/40%/50% added movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Getting a 4 Savagery in bola strikes will root an enemy for 1.25 seconds. All of your savagery points will reset if you’re out of combat for more than 8 seconds. 

Bonetooth Necklace Green: 

This passive gives Rengar a trophy upon each unique champion that he attacks up to a maximum of five. Killing his rival Kha’Zix gives you the Head of Kha'zix Head of Kha’Zix which upgrades the Bonetooth Necklace and gives you the power of 20 trophies upfront. 

Head of Kha’Zix which upgrades the Bonetooth Necklace and gives you the power of 20 trophies upfront. 

Rengar’s passive is also one of the best in the game in our opinion. You can see our personal ranking here if you’re curious.

Active Skills

Q – Savagery

LoL Rengar Skill Q Savagery

ACTIVE: Rengar’s next two basic attacks within the next 3 seconds will have 40% speed. The first attack will also have bonus Attack and Physical damage. 


EMPOWERED ACTIVE – Savagery’s physical damage increases by 30-240 (based on his level) + 30% AD). Using the empowered version of this spell will increase Rengar’s attack speed by 50-101% for 5 seconds. 

W – Battle Roar – Effect Radius: 500

Cooldown 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5/ 10 

LoL Rengar Skill W Battle Roar

PASSIVE: Rengar stores 50% of enemy damage as gray health (75% when against monsters). 

ACTIVE: Rengar roars into the crowd and deals magic damage towards his nearby enemies. 

Magic Damage: 

50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 80% AP) 

LoL Rengar Skill W Battle Roar 2

E – Bola Strike 

LoL Rengar Skill E Bola Strike

ACTIVE: Rengar throws bolas towards the enemy’s direction. It deals physical damage upon first hit and slows them for 1.75 seconds. 

Physical Damage: 

55 / 100 / 145 / 190 / 235 (+ 80% bonus AD) 


30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90% 


EMPOWERED ACTIVE: The Bola strikes have a larger Base damage by 50-350 (based on game level) and roots his targets for 1.75 seconds. 

R – Thrill of the Hunt 

LoL Rengar Skill R Thrill of the Hunt

ACTIVE: Rengar stays camouflaged after 2 seconds and will gain movement speed during the spell. Casting or attacking will end the Thrill of the Hunt. 


12 / 16 / 20 


40 / 50 / 60% 


12 / 18 / 24 

Level up Rengar’s abilities using this table: 

Chart leveling Rengards abilities
Chart leveling Rengar’s abilities

You can also play around with all these stats, see what fits you and what not. It’s not a written rule to use everything exactly step by step.

Sometimes certain situations demand a versatile approach and you need to adapt to this, figure out what the best plan of attack is and which skill would be crucial to max out first.

A good website to test out some item builds and see what skills other people use so you can win hard with rengar is OP.GG


League of Legends Chempin Kayne

Kayn is easy to kill during the early stages of the game. In fact, he’s weak against your counter ganks because his kit is less effective than yours. Counter gank him by taking out his raptors, wolves, and kurgs.

League of Legends Chempin Nidalee

Nidalee isn’t much of a threat against you, but will cause problems for your teammates. We suggest that you get red buff to help increase your offensive ability. You can use your  LoL Rengar Skill W Battle Roar  to heal yourself after her burst damage. Make sure to kill scuttle crab and ward consistently to alert your teammates of her location.

League of Legends Chempin Kha'Zix

Kha’Zix is an even opponent in terms of assassinations and kills, but his follow-ups and ganking power is better than yours. To kill him, you have to get fed early and start taking out his reds to reduce his ability to grow. 

League of Legends Chempin Warwick

Warwick is one of the hardest counters against Rengar. This is because everything in his kit can either CC you or reduce your attack power. Fight against him with your team and buy Quicksilver Sash to stop his constant chain CC attacks against you.

A great way to check how other champions are and provide yourself with a better learning experience on how to approach the game, feel free to check our ARAM Tips and Tricks guide.

Ward Locations

Since you will have enemies attempting to counter farm your jungle, always ward. I repeat, ALWAYS WARD. Here’s a good example of a warding map that you should use to help you create vision and see hidden enemies within your jungle.

League of Legends Ward Location Map
League of Legends Ward Location Map

Green: Starting at Blue 

Purple; Starting at Red 

Warding will save you a lot of time when jungling. And you’ll also help alert your teammates from enemies who are attempting to gank them. Remember, to win with Rengar you need to have good map awareness, and you’ll have to learn that skill if you hope to defeat your enemies. 

Having vision all around the map makes the game easier to handle not just for you, but for everyone in your team. It enables you to think outside the box and come up with new strategies on how to snatch in some kills.

It’s always fun to catch behind an eager enemy explorer that decided that exploring the other side of their safe base is a good idea.


Now that you know how to play as Rengar, you have a deadly melee champion within your champion pool. If you’ll keep in mind the tips we’ve shared in this guide, you will win with Rengar with no problems. If you’re seeking to fight high ELO players without wasting time in Iron and Bronze rankings, we can help you buy cheap lol accounts. 

Get Your Smurf – Start playing Rengar

The hardest thing to obtain during your first few days on League are the runes to help your Rengar become the powerful assassin he was designed to be. Thus, you should participate in our lol sale, so you can buy League of Legends smurfs that have them available at your will. 

Also, there’s a special sub-reddit made for Rengar mains that you could also check out. Who knows what you can find there.

Do you have any more questions on how to win hard with Rengar? Want to share your own tips?
Please do so by leaving a Comment below!

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