Improving Your Performance in League of Legends

You Play, You Learn, you are improving

Welcome to League of Legends, where almost every odds are against you, but we see it as challenges to overcome. Therefore, difficulties as incompetent teammates overpowered enemies, and not being able to pick our best heroes; gives us the room for enhancement and become somewhat like a professional. Similarly to any MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) in the gaming market, you get to play in a five versus five matches and hope for the best.

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Everyone has to Start Somewhere

Rather than a single versus encounter, when you queue by yourself, you are obligated to form some form of cooperation between other four random players. Furthermore, you’ll never know from the start if these new acquaintances have the same level of knowledge of the game as you do. Similarly, you have no idea if they even speak similar languages or that have the “team spirit.”

Still, though, between all the obstacles, everyone sometimes finds the “funny” side of everything. Above all, in these experiences, you always have the room to proliferate as an individual or how to play as a group. Seems like, Improving your Performance is almost automatic with every gaming session. Indeed, as you gather knowledge by yourself and learn the “do’s” and “don’t’s” will lead you in the path of perfection. Consequently, if instead, you gather hints that have the potential in reducing the learning curve, you’ll get the chance to improve and become a better player in a short time.

Therefore, to guide you on the right path to become a better League of Legends player, here are some tips for your journey.

Become a Better Player

Better Player
We Want YOU to Practice

Let’s face it; we all want to increase the winning probability to our accounts. Therefore, we’ll have higher chances to climb the Ranking ladder, get more experience/items, or be known by the gaming community. Indeed, to reach that spot in the League of Legends, the podium of fame is not an easy task at all. First of all, you’ll probably need to unlock almost all of the champion’s roster available in the game. Additionally, you have to know all the abilities, their buffs/debuffs and know their requirements.

Furthermore, you’ll have to deal with teammates that probably aren’t on the “same page” as you are at the moment. Similarly to any other multiplayer game out there on the Internet, you always have the chance to cross your path with some Toxic Players. Indeed, in a team-based game like any other MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), one of the primary requirements to win is to find an acceptable cooperating group. Above all, when players are not looking for the same objective, the winning probability goes below zero percent.

As a result, you either “grind” one or two Champions which you will master in a short time, or become lucky and continuously play with capable friends. Even though this is an easy first answer, it doesn’t appeal to all the players in League of Legends. Hence, to those inspiring players out there, here are some valuable bits of advice that’ll give you on the right track for glory:

Unlock “Easy to Play” Champions


Sad Times

One of the best options due to its tank capabilities on the battlefield. Therefore, you’ll have more chances to throw all your skills in the Jungle or Bottom Lane as a Support. Additionally, since Amumu doesn’t have many skill shots, you have better opportunities to land all your skills without too much effort. Above all, if you manage to move in the middle of a team fight, you’ll deal tons of damage with all your abilities.


Burn everything that comes between your path to victory. Between Annie’s passive and ultimate (R) ability, you’ll be stunning the entire enemy’s team on every occasion. Therefore, remember to activate your “Tibbers” first, and then spam everything else as you please. As a result, you’ll see more than often how playing with fire will have some compelling advantages.


You There, FREEZE!

If burning stuff is not your cup of cake, why not freezing all instead? With Ashe, you’ll have the potential to slow the movement of your adversaries with just your regular attacks. Therefore, it will be easy to set a Gank to your Jungler with those weak targets that barely get the chance to escape. Furthermore, if you’re able to land your ultimate, the stun will give you much time to set up a perfect ambush.


One of the best champions to start in Top Lane and figure out how ability combos work in League of Legends. Therefore, check the difference between all the cooldowns and spam your skills as long as you like. Remember though, that you always need to save your Ultimate to End the combo. As a result, with some practice and calculations, you’ll dominate your lane without too much effort. Additionally, when you become familiar with Darius’ abilities, doing damage in team fights in the next step.


Who Needs Some Lessons?

Another answer if you want to start playing on the top lane by yourself. First of all, Garen doesn’t need Mana to cast his abilities, which means that you only need to pay attention to his cooldowns. Furthermore, his passive gives Garen much regeneration, keeping you active in the lane as long as possible. Last but not least, the gaming mechanic from his ultimate gives you another layer of fun as you hunt the “villain” and throw Demacian Justice at the enemy.


If playing support is what you’re looking for, always have Leona in mind and your collection. Due to her abilities that give her damage resistance and keep the enemy stunned, you’ll always have the answers. For example, if your ally carry tries to go brave and move forward without thinking, you have the potential to rescue his neck. At the same time, if the enemy carry becomes reckless, target him with your spear and keep the threat in place for a chance to kill your opponent. Indeed, with the recent buffs, you have more opportunities to land more stuns to the enemy’s team.

Master Yi

Master Yi
Cutting My Way In

Confuse every player and monster alike with the different
attributes from Master Yi’s abilities. Therefore, the key to master this
champion is to acknowledge the different cooldowns from your skills. As a
result, you’ll know when to go full aggressive or retreat for a bit and heal
yourself. Due to his possible effectiveness in the late game, if your Ganks were successful, dominating team fights comes next.

Miss Fortune

Create chaos and dominance in the lane as you spam abilities that deal damage to both the minions and the enemy’s champions alike. Consequently, due to low health from your enemies, they’ll have no other choice but to retreat to the base, wasting precious time. Indeed, if your Jungler wants to join the party in your lane, you can set up kills with your ultimate. Above all, to acquire mastery with Miss Fortune, you always need to be aware of your champion’s position.


Boom Goes Me!

Blast everything up, until there’s nothing else to aim your cannon. Furthermore, thanks to her mobility abilities, you’ll always get the chance to shoot everything in your arsenal to the enemy’s team. Because Tristana belongs to the “ADC” category, you’ll need to have items that boost your “right-clicks” damage. As a result, when you have two or more complete equipment, it’s time to begin the orchestra. Most noteworthy, the knockback from your ultimate always have the potential to leave your enemies in a wrong position.


Scare your enemies away as you hunt those misfortune players that have low HP (hit points) in their respective lanes. Therefore, the less health they have, the more damage you’ll inflict in a partially short time. Indeed, the only thing that may be a little hard to master is the leap from your ultimate, which means that you need to calculate the trajectory before pressing the button. Besides that difficulty, you have the freedom to spam your abilities and deal as much damage as possible in a couple of seconds.

Spend Your Resources Wisely

Champion Shards

Unlocking Everything

It is advisable that you always keep a couple of them in your inventory for future uses. First of all, you have the chance to unlock any champion with almost half of the “price” with your current Blue Essence. Sadly though, depending on your luck, you can either have powerful Champions or something less appealing. Due to the lack of control in this matter, you cannot always rely on getting what you are looking for with the Hero Shards. Additionally, “Rental” isn’t recommendable to use, although it gives you a choice to try the Champion right away, you won’t have the chance to master it.

Blue Essence

Accumulate as much as you can to improve your collection as far as you’re capable. First of all, to gather this critical resource, you either have to level up your account or disenchant Hero Shards. Most noteworthy, try to unlock those champions previously mentioned in this article since almost all of them are cheap. Consequently, if you get the chance to gather much essence for the new stuff, it is not recommendable if you’re new to the game. Even though these options tend to be overpowerful when they appear in the League of Legends roster, they always get nerfs later on. Therefore you’ll have much trouble to accommodate the constant changes and will leave you stuck with that champion for a while.

Skin Shards and Orange Essence

Since anything is this matter doesn’t affect your gameplay at all, you have all the freedom to do as you please. First of all, you can disenchant all those skins that require unlocking the champion first, giving you better options later on. Furthermore, if you’re feeling lucky, you have the opportunity to exchange three skin shards to a random permanent skin. Hence, no matter what your choices will bring, all these cosmetics have no relevance in your performance in the game.

Riot Points

Blue Essence
The More, the Better

If you’re willing to invest some of your hard-earned money to the game, there are some things to consider before you pick anything on the store. At first, if you haven’t already, get the New Player Pack (search for it in Loot section on the Store). Hence, you’ll have the chance to unlock champions that you probably do not have in your collection. Secondly, you have to option to invest even further and buy the “Champions Bundles” that comes with 20 elements each. Later on, you may want to focus on those items that have a “Sale Price” that appear from time to time.

Choose the Role That Suits You


If you like playing your own game against an opponent without possible interruptions in the early game (around 15 minutes), you should try this lane. Due to the lack of interaction with the rest of the team for a short while, your only focus is to gain farm and counter your opponent’s movement. Hence, almost all of the Champions from this lane have some health regeneration or survival abilities to keep them glued as much as possible to your tower. As a result, you need to have some experience in dealing “last hits” and land your abilities accordingly. Above all, when you see the opportunity to attack your opponent, do not hesitate and throw a couple of your unique skills.

Top Lane
Going for the Top


Be the director or your team’s orchestra as you win this famous lane and give support to another part of the map with your presence. It may look like another version of “Top-Lane” at first, but due to its location in the Summoner’s Rift, you get to see more interactions with your teammates. Due to the importance of your assistance after the 15-minute mark, you always need to be aware of the performance of your team. For example, if you keep getting pop-up messages telling you that your carry remains getting owned; setting up a couple of Gank may be the best way to help him/her back up.


If you perceive that staying in a lane for a long while, kind of looks annoying, well, look no further. In contrast to the other Roles in League of Legends, being a Jungler means that you need to be in constant movement almost all of the time. Therefore, you’ll have to move from a monster’s camp to another camp to gain gold and experience as fast as possible. Additionally, you have the chance to set-up Ganks in different parts of the map and earn some kills for the team. Indeed, even though you aren’t successful in this endeavor, the enemy won’t have the confidence to be more aggressive if you’re around.

Gotta Kill Them All!


Be the player that brings the victory condition to your team with this vital role in League of Legends. Above all, before you become the dominant driver for victory, you need to obtain a couple of critical equipment as soon as possible. Hence, when the first minion wave appears on the map, you automatically become a participant of a race between you and the enemy carry. Therefore, the player that earns more gold or gets more kills, potentially has the potential to win the game.


Probably the least favorite for the entire League of Legends community, this role is often perceived as not relevant. In contrast, though, being support is essentially equally crucial as the carry or any other Role in the game. Therefore, if the player for this particular role is not helping at all, or gives free kills; the carry player has a higher probability of losing his lane and consequently, the game.

Get Ready to “Climb the Ladder”

It’s Only a Badge

Before you even consider playing Ranked Draft Pick, there are some things you need to achieve in your League of Legends’ account. First of all, you need to reach level 30 by playing standard random matches. Indeed, getting to this point it may take a couple of days or even weeks, depending on your gaming sessions. Secondly, you need to have at least twenty Champions unlocked in your collection. Again, getting that many elements in your account may take a little while. Above all, you’ll have experience in the game as you progress towards this particular goal. Still, though, you have to option to buy a Smurf Account and skip almost all these steps and start playing Ranked as soon as possible.

Improve Your Role Performance at Professional Players

Who was that Guy Again?

Thanks to the vast increase of the eSports events and coverage, we get the chance to watch how the professional players play their tricks in League of Legends. Furthermore, since the client also recollects essential information of each player in a match, you have a better idea about the timing and the game’s dynamic. Additionally, as you compare your performance and the difference between a professional player, you’ll soon have a better idea of what milestones to overcome in your preferred Role.

Most noteworthy, the more you play League of Legends, the more things you’ll notice when you see those fantastic tournaments live in your favorite streaming service. While you continue this feedback of playing and watching, the more comfortable, you’ll find to discover how to become a better player.

League of Legends is a Team-Based Game

Team Mates
For Victory!

Even though more than often you’ll come across some Toxic players all over your random matches, you kind of need their help to win a game. While this is true, everything has its limits, even when you deal with troublesome people. Therefore, if you give them a chance to consider their stance, calm down, and start participating more in the game; if they still don’t listen, it is best to let it go. Above all, it was just a single game that went bad, move on and continue with the experience.

In contrast, you also have the chance to meet amazing people that follow the same mindset as you do. Indeed, if you come across positive players in a particular random match, do not hesitate and try to add them on your friend’s list. Hopefully, you’ll have the chance to complete a five-person party and get better results in your gaming sessions.

Play for Fun


Always remember the vital part of all of this, that this is a video game, meant to give you some fun. Therefore, if you keep on losing and feeling miserable after your Nexus blows up into pieces, take a break. Most noteworthy, your account will remain the same, waiting for you to continue in the nearest future. Hence, if things start to look sour, move on, and try your luck somewhere else. Consequently, when some steam has evaporated, and you find peace of mind, you may give it another try.

The same thing can be said when your playing Ranked in League of Legends. Above all, is just a medal that will inevitably change as you keep practicing the game. Indeed, the game won’t go anywhere, so take your time, you’ll overcome all the obstacles with time and experience.


Knowledge is Power

Due to the considerable roster available in League of Legends at the moment, it may look overwhelming to a new player at first. Still, though, even though is difficult to acknowledge all the different attributes from the abilities of all the champions, it is not impossible. Indeed, within a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to classify every Champion by their role and capabilities. Furthermore, in a month or two, you may have every name memorized in your brain, with a couple of powerful Ultimates as well.

The gaming mechanics though, are much easier to master. Due to the low learning curve that League of Legends is well known for, you don’t need much time to understand the basics. Most noteworthy, with all of the knowledge that you can gather in this article, you’ll be playing this game like a professional in practically no time.

Gather as many friends as you can, keep a positive mind, and enjoy a couple of matches in this neverending journey to completely master League of Legends.

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