5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Rank in League of Legends

When it comes to League of Legends, this is one of the most searched topics on the internet. Every online multiplayer has players that are stuck at a certain rank due to some reason. If the “barrier” is hard to overcome for a couple of months, players may take it as a challenge. But, when players are stuck at the exact same Elo for a long time, the game might not be fun for them anymore. And, that is exactly what we’re trying to ensure doesn’t happen in providing 5 proven ways to increase your rank in league of legends.

The internet has a bunch of similar guides that offer certain “tips and tricks” to improve your rank and get yourself on the leaderboard. Well, we hate to break it to you but most of those tips and tricks are just ridiculous. So, what makes us different for everything other party that claims to hold the key to the Elo bank?

We’re going to be offering a mixture of both psychological and in-game techniques that have been tested to be 100% effective to gain ranks in a short span of time. They’ll let you know what changes to make in your play style to snag W’s every match. And, they’ll also let you in on the mindset you need to have in order to be a key player for your team. So, without further ado, let’s drop right into our guide on increasing your League of Legends rank.

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Rank in League of Legends

Mastering a Single Champion

Sure, some people think that spamming one or two heroes means that you aren’t a good player. Some of the folks here at LoLFinity also didn’t appreciate spammers. But, now we all agree that mastering a single champion is extremely important if you’re going to be raising your rank.

There’s a very common misconception that you have to choose according to the situation. We see the pros doing it all the time, so we automatically think that situational selection is the key to victory. This is true to some extent, but you need to know how to play the hero in order to actually achieve the scenario you were hoping for. One thing that you have to realize is that you can’t expect to counterpick a champion with one that you have no idea how to play. You can’t possibly pick Sion against a Ryze if you don’t know what items builds you’re supposed to build on a Sion. No matter how strong one hero is against the other, your skill is what will win you the game.

Practice, practice and keep on practicing. In such a complicated game, you’ll learn something new even if you’ve played hundreds of matches with a single champ. Play dozens of games with the same hero in normal matches before you try it out in ranked matchmaking. You need to be absolutely sure that you’re good enough to tilt the game in your favor. Otherwise, you’ll just be creating a frustrating environment for your fellow teammates. They’ll be losing even though it is not their fault and they tried their best to win the game. Imagine yourself in their shoes – Not a very pretty picture, is it?


We just can’t emphasize the importance of communicating with your team. If we were to highlight a single heading in this blog that is the most effective, then it would be this one. Communication can win you games. If you let your team know exactly what you’re doing or you’re about to do, it can be game-changing. Let them know what you think the enemy is doing or just give some suggestions to a player that is struggling in the match. Even simple directions like “push” or “don’t push” could win you games. Just think about this, people up in the higher ranks really know how to communicate with one another. Maybe, that’s how they got there…

The chat is decent, but if you’re looking for something a little powerful, then the answer is a microphone. There’s almost no extra equipment needed because almost every headset has a mic installed. Typing can put you at a small amount of risk because you might get ganked while you’re offering your precious opinion. So, a microphone is a much better choice. However, if you can’t speak fluent English, don’t bother with a microphone. Other players will troll you because of that and it might just make you throw the game.

Another thing to remember is that you have to keep your team’s spirits up. Try to encourage your team. If someone isn’t playing well, don’t start abusing them and definitely don’t narrate everything you did to their mother. This doesn’t bode well with anyone and it will ruin the entire atmosphere of the game and make it a burden for everyone. There are some pro players that say that they win just because they know how to keep their team calm and collected. You have to make sure that you do the same. Communication has a technical as well a psychological advantage that is hard to overlook. Seems ineffective? Go ahead and play a single match with a mic and don’t flame your teammates. Instead encourage them and coordinate with them, there’s a pretty small chance that you’ll lose the match.

Buy a League of Legends Account

Sure, this also seems like a wrong thing to do in order to get a higher rank, but it works better than anything else. League of Legends accounts can be purchased extremely easily for affordable rates from various providers on the internet. Yours truly, LoLFinity also has a database full of high ranked cheap LoL accounts on sale. While some people may call this a “cheat”, the people sitting pretty on the leaderboards because of our accounts aren’t really complaining.

The reason behind purchasing an accounts is to run away from the cancerous clutches of the lower ranks. There’s not going to a proper support and no one is going to willing pick a jungler. People will fight over the midlane and sometimes, players just get sick of it and want to escape the toxic play style of the lower brackets. It’s not only frustrating, it’s hard to win because League of Legends is a team-game. And, if you’re just getting teammates that have no idea what they’re doing, climbing the ranks will be a formidable feat. That’s when you can purchase a League account and get a chance to play with civilized teammates that know how to play. However, you have to take a look at your skill level before you purchase an account. You can’t possibly hope to win with a Master account right after you’re starting the game. Your account will be slowly dragged back down to the nightmare that are the bronze and silver leagues. Try to learn the game and improve your skill level before you purchase an account. You’re not only going to lose, you’ll be costing your teammates the win. Once you’re convinced that your skill level is good enough but it is your teammates that are costing you the win, then you can go ahead and buy an account.

Believe it or not, there are people that are doing the exact opposite. Instead of purchasing high ranked accounts, they’re purchasing LoL smurfs. These accounts are much lower in rank as compared to their own accounts. When you buy a LoL smurf, you can move away from the serious competitive gameplay and goof around a little bit to have fun. You can try out weird item builds and learn new heroes. You’ll have a fun time because you can easily crush all those that are so low ranked than you are. There are a lot more players in lower brackets than higher ones, so you won’t have to wait for matches that long. You can be a low-rank player purchasing a higher bracket account or a high-ranked player that is going to buy a league smurf – Either way, we can guarantee that you’ll have a great time.

Split Pushing the Right Way

Split pushing is an extremely powerful tool is executed correctly. But, this is something that takes time to learn. There are so many factors affecting a successful split push and failure of even one will result is you getting picked off easily. However, higher the risk, greater the reward. Split pushing can win you the game even if you’re at a huge deficit. It doesn’t matter how many kills ahead the enemy team is, you can still win with a split push.

So, we’ll sum up the video linked embedded above. The perfect time to split push is when you know you can’t fight the enemy team because they’ve gotten too fat. Now, you should think of their pushes as an opportunity to siege towers. Heroes like Caitlyn are born and bred to knock down their turrets before they can respond. With some experience, you can easily “rat” with any hero, but heroes that can siege quickly are preferable because you’re competing with an entire team on your own towers. If you can’t take as many towers as they do in the given time frame, your split push will be in vain.

These are just some basic techniques, but you should run as soon as enemies disappear from the map. The best way to split push is under vision, but if you don’t have vision of the area around you, you should be careful of enemy movements. Try to predict their TP rotations and back off when you think you’re about to be targeted. Dying is the worst case scenario in split pushing. It doesn’t matter if you can only damage a tower and not take it out completely. Back off ASAP because you don’t want to die. Split pushing is mostly used when your team is at a deficit and you don’t want to die to increase that deficit.

Abusing Statistics to Increase Your Rank in League of Legends

This is another shady approach to win, but as you can see from the title, it has been proven to be quite effective. You might think it’s cheap, and to extent it is. But, you won’t be complaining once you win with it. So, this little trick involves exploiting statistical analytic tools like LolKing and OP.GG. Before the match starts, you can search up the players to see their skill levels. You might think that there’s nothing to benefit from, however, there are two great outcomes.

The first is finding out which enemy is a pro. Some people develop skills exceptionally fast and they might be much better than you even though your rank is pretty much the same. This will give you an insight about which player will be making cheeky players. It’s really helpful to know which dude isn’t going to slip up and give you an advantage. Check their stats and put a bulls eye on their back – Easy win…

The second scenario is the nastier one and it involves ruining the game for someone. Yeah, yeah, cheap – But, it does work. So, once you check the win-loss streaks of your opponents, you’re bound to find at least one guy who’s on a losing streak. This means one of two thing. They’re either totally crap at the game; or they’re having a bad day on League. Both possibilities work wonders in your favor. If they’re crap, target them again and again because they’re an easy kill. Kill them enough times and they’ll eventually leave. If they’re having a bad day, a snide remark will make them lose it. In such cases, the guy will probably just disconnect out of pure frustration. The 5 v 4 scenario almost always means that you’re going to win…

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