Is Perkz Leaving G2?

After G2 Esports‘ semi-final exit against Damwon Gaming, the LEC lost its final representatives to win the World Championship Trophy. With the European League of Legends scene getting so close to the trophy once again only to fall short at the last minute, we can expect major changes to happen once again to increase the chances of the region on the next tournament. One major change that is spreading like wildfire is the rumor that superstar mid laner turned AD Carry, Perkz leaving G2 to go back to the mid lane.

G2 Perkz showing his G2 Jersey with his player name
A new journey for the G2 superstar?

G2 Esports and Perkz

Luka “Perkz” Perkovic is still signed with G2 Esports until 2023 prior to the organization extending his deal until the said period. The European community has always seen Perkz as the franchise playing for G2 Esports even though he role-swapped into the bottom lane to make way for the arrival of Caps. Unfortunately, this role-swap was only viable for him when the meta allowed for mid lane champions to be played in the bottom lane.

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It is unclear whether Perkz nor G2 Esports wish to pursue a future with him in the bottom lane but the rumors are starting to slowly make sense. Despite being considered a franchise player, it is clear that G2 Esports wants to keep Caps in the mid lane especially with his consistent performance throughout the regular season and his worlds run. Perkz leaving G2 won’t hurt as much as Caps leaving the organization performance-wise.

Can Perkz Leave G2?

Perkz can’t technically leave G2 since he’s not open for Free Agency. The decision to let him join another team has to be in mutual agreement between him and the organization. Unfortunately, G2 Esports will have the bigger say on his release as a player to ensure that they will either profit from the deal or make a fair trade. Perkz leaving G2 isn’t impossible especially since he and the organization are on good terms. The question is: how can Perkz leave G2 Esports?

Perkz and Mikyx in an interview laughing together | Perkz leaving G2
What are his options moving forward?

1. Contract Buyout

The most likely case of G2 releasing Perkz is if another Esports organization is willing to buyout his contract. The organization will have to pay a large sum of money for someone as key to the organization as Perkz is. With Jensen recently banking in a $4.2 Million deal with Team Liquid, it seems likely that organizations are willing to do the same when it comes to one of Europe’s most prominent figures.

2. Player Trades

Another way to get Perkz is if an organization is willing to trade a player of equal value. Since Perkz will be role-swapping back to the mid lane, the trade will most likely be a Mid Lane to AD Carry trade so that G2 Esports can get someone to play in the bottom lane. Players who are of equal value to Perkz when it comes to a Mid-Bot Trade would be Kobbe, Hans Sama, and Upset. Rekkles has too much value to be traded off that easily.

3. Player Loan

G2 doesn’t necessarily have to let go of Perkz. To satiate his hunger to go back to the mid lane, G2 Esports can opt to loan Perkz to another organization for one season or so. This way, G2 Esports won’t be losing their franchise player while being able to tend to his needs in a way that both parties aren’t able to take too many losses. This also seems like the most likely option if the rumors were true in the first place.

Best Teams for Perkz

Perkz leaving G2 will be a surprise to everyone, especially G2 Esports fans who has been following his story for quite a while. However, Perkz going back to the Mid Lane will be a huge win for the LEC as a region since they will be able to have another superstar mid laner back in the mix. There is also a chance that Perkz won’t stay in EU to pursue a more profitable deal overseas. Regardless of the reason, here are the most beneficial teams that he can join to-date.

Perkz wiping his eyes while smiling
Where will he go?


Everyone sees G2 Esports and Fnatic as Europe’s greatest rivals. Unfortunately, the rivalry has become quite one-sided for the past few years especially after G2 secured Caps from Fnatic. If Perkz were to join Fnatic, they could finally fill their weak link and create a powerful mid-jungle combo that can control the map in every game. It only makes sense that Fnatic would take one of G2’s after they’ve taken one of their own. This change would also be the spiciest event in all of EU history.

Team SoloMid

With the recent retirement of League of Legends’ most recognizable name in Bjergsen, TSM is looking to fill the void in mid lane by looking towards someone that can carry the legacy of the organization for the years to come. While this ultimately means that Perkz is retiring by going to NA, the money he’ll make from this deal will most likely secure him for the years to come. Perkz leaving G2 to play in an NA team seems far away since he still shows that he still has the drive to compete and win the trophy.

Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming seems to be rebuilding its roster in order to make it more competitive. A great addition to this developing team would be Perkz who is able to bring along much-needed experience and leadership the team. Right now, this might be the worst deal for Perkz but it’s up to the organization if they want to build around their new star mid lane. The organization also seems to have enough funds to make it happen one way or another.

Is Perkz leaving G2?

The rumor that Perkz is leaving G2 lies in the fact that he wants to return to playing in the mid lane. While the chance of him leaving G2 to make that happen is low, there are many organizations who would want a player like him.

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