Is the LoL Battle Pass Worth Buying?

Battle Passes are considered the most worthwhile product to buy in most video games because they often give a lot of rewards that would otherwise be locked behind expensive deals and prevents games from becoming totally Pay-to-Win. Almost every video game today features a battle pass and League of Legends isn’t free from this form of optional product. Let’s take a look at whether or not it’s worth buying LoL battle passes and how you can spend your money better in this game. Batt

LoL Battle Passes

LoL Battle Passes or Event Passes are seasonal products that players can purchase for 1650RP. However, players can opt not to buy the Premium Pass and still earn some rewards from the Battle Pass. In the Event Pass, players can earn various rewards such as EXP Boosts, limited-time icons, emotes, and most importantly – Event Coins. Event coins can be used to purchase a huge variety of premium products from the Event Store that a lot of players want to have.

The LoL Battle Pass rewards and progress bar.
There are many rewards that can be earned from Battle Passes!

The Battle Pass works by giving players rewards every time their pass levels up. Players can earn experience by playing games or completing event missions. The Battle Pass doesn’t have a level cap but the unique rewards only go until level 50, after which players will receive the same reward for every level (usually 20 coins). Those who did not purchase the Premium Pass will still get an assorted set of free items from the Pass as well but the amount and value will be significantly lower.

Battle Passes often last for more than a month, giving the players a lot of time to earn Event Coins and finish missions. The event shop contains a lot of good loot as well with the most coveted being the event-exclusive Prestige Skin or the 125 Mythic Essence which can be used to purchase prestige items. Minor rewards are also extremely worth it since players have a large assortment of items to choose from that can help their account.

The inclusions players get from the Premium LoL Battle Pass.
Purchase your battle pass today!

The best part about Battle Passes is the event missions that give experience and loot whenever they are completed. These missions are relatively easy to complete and can be done whether you’re playing Solo Queue, normal games, or Flex Queue. Once the event is over, there is a 1 week grace period for players to spend their event coins to purchase any of the items in the shop. Once that is over, players will lose all their coins.

Is the LoL Battle Pass Worth Buying?

The rewards that you get from purchasing the premium battle pass are definitely worth it. If you manage to collect all of the coins from completing all 50 levels, you’ll have enough to buy the Prestige Skin and have some left over to buy something that you really want from the shop. The items that you can buy at the event shop are also really well worth the price in terms of their aesthetic value that you get as a hardcore gamer.

The biggest problem that you come across when you purchase a Premium Pass is that the number of games and the amount of time you have to invest to reach level 50 (at least) is ridiculous. Unless you have about 3-5 hours of gaming per day for at least 5 days a week, you probably won’t be able to reach that mark until the event period expires. That makes it extremely difficult to get value out of your money if you have responsibilities such as work or school.

Katarina skin as a reward for the LoL battle pass
It’s designed to be worth your money!

Players can purchase experience to accelerate their progress but that isn’t worth the money you are spending because the price you pay will allow you to buy other stuff. Only people who really want the exclusive prestige skin should consider purchasing battle pass experience. Any further expense aside from purchasing the Premium Pass would not make it worth it. You’d rather purchase the Event Coins directly in the LoL shop.

Overall, the LoL battle pass is only worth it if you have the time to play the game regularly. People who can only play less than 4 times a week wouldn’t get the full value of what they paid for but will still get a large portion of the rewards from the pass. We would still recommend buying it because it gives players a period where they have more goals to do in the game and be more motivated to play but don’t expect to get the full value out of your money if you can’t afford to play regularly.

How to Make Full Use of the LoL Battle Pass

The best way to make use of the LoL battle pass is to play as many games as possible during the event period and reach Level 50 as soon as possible. At that point, you can play regularly and try to reach the highest level that you want to without feeling the obligation of getting more coins. Players who force getting experience in the LoL battle pass may experience burnout and can actually affect their ability to earn as much experience as possible.

Once you’ve completed the Battle Pass, all you need to do is spend your coins wisely. The most important rule is to buy what you really want to get. It is your account and you should do things according to your preference as the top priority. However, if you’re unsure on what you want to get from the list, here is a ranking of what we would consider the best products that you can purchase in the LoL battle pass.

An aesthetic orb containing skins from the LoL Battle Pass
You should get these items!
  1. Exclusive Prestige Skin
  2. 125 Mythic Essence
  3. Exclusive Skin Chromas
  4. Event Shop Orb
  5. Random Champion Shard
  6. Frames + Icon bundle
  7. TFT Products (can be higher if you play a lot of Teamfight Tactics)
  8. Hextech Keys
  9. Mystery Emote
  10. Blue Essence (the worst product you can buy, avoid getting this)

Avoid buying the Blue Essence as much as possible because it’s absolutely terrible in terms of value. If you are in need of Blue Essence, you’d rather purchase Random Champion shards since you get about 5-10x more BE from disenchanting the shards that you get. If you don’t have a Premium Pass, you should probably aim to get Event Shop Orbs and Random Champion Shards instead since those are great despite having less coins.

Should You Buy Every Battle Pass?

League of Legends regularly released Battle Pass events and they all have the same structure and rewards. The biggest difference is that the highlighted exclusive prestige skin and name of the coins changes according to the event. There is usually a specific theme that the event follows and that will give players more incentive to purchase the premium battle pass so that they can get the exclusive items for sale.

If you collect cosmetics or you are looking to buy all of the 160+ Champions in the game without using the XBOX Game Pass subscription, you’ll want to purchase every Event Pass that the game releases to accelerate your progress. An alternative option would be to purchase League of Legends Smurf Accounts that come with a large number of unlocked champions and Blue Essence that you can use to purchase units that you want for yourself.

Can You Refund LoL Battle Passes?

No. Premium Battle Passes and Battle Pass levels are non-refundable. This means that once you’ve spent your RP to buy the pass, you can’t get your money back even if you haven’t made any progress. You might as well get the value for your money by trying to get as many levels and coins as possible.

How long does the LoL Battle Pass last?

The battle pass lasts for about 30 days depending on the event period. The Event Shop will extend for at least an additional 7 days, giving players time to decide on what they want to buy.

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