KCorp is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the LEC

The prominent French esports organization – Karmine Corp – has officially begun competing in the LEC and it’s safe to say that it is the best thing to ever happen to the LEC aside from winning the 2019 MSI tournament, maybe. The point is that the region has been revitalized due to the introduction of one of the most active esports fanbases in the scene that there’s no way the LEC will ever come back to a time without KCorp.

The KCorp Fans are Amazing!

Karmine Corp has been a hot topic in the European League of Legends scene for the past few years but because they were only competing in EMEA Masters tournament, they didn’t really achieve a lot of global popularity. However, their names were always a part of the conversation in Europe, so much so that they’d oftentimes be more popular than some of the LEC main squads.

KCorp marching forward - KCorp Debut
KCorp is ready for the LEC!

The main thing about KCorp that make them such a stellar organization is that they are backed by an extremely passionate fanbase. The French League of Legends fanbase absolutely adore Karmine Corp and not a quiet way. These fans would scream their lungs out and jump around whenever they would watch any games from KC. Being on the same venue as them whenever there is a KC game ongoing, is an absolutely amazing experience even if you are rooting for the opposite team.

However, a popular team isn’t built by the fact that they are representing an entire country. KCorp’s success is something they built by fighting their way to the top. Even if the EMEA Masters tournament isn’t a tier 1 competition, the league was filled with a lot of powerful teams. Despite that, they proved time and again that they were the best that the tournament had to offer and it was only a matter of time before they would compete against Europe’s best in the LEC as a whole.

KC Upset in an interview - KCorp Debut
These names are stacked!

The team is a powerhouse that won many titles with the same players. Those players will also be coming into the LEC with the organization with an upgrade on some roles. It’s not an exaggeration when we say that the fanbase is expecting this team to make it into Worlds this year but it’s hard to say at the beginning of the season. Winning an LEC title during their 1st year might be difficult but certainly not unlikely with the players they currently have in the team.

Karmine Corp Revitalizes the LEC

For a long time, the LEC has been one of the more active regions in the entire world. They always release content that hype up the fans. However, there are seasons when the region isn’t doing so well even with a lot of entertaining content because they are constantly reminded that there is a massive gap between their region and the east. Recently, the mood of the region has dropped even worse when NA managed to make it into the group stage at Worlds by beating EU’s last hope.

Despite the European League of Legends scene being one of the more fun and optimistic regions, there is no doubt that a lot of fans have stopped watching because of the constant losses they have been witnessing in the past few years. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the spirit that the region has of being optimistic that they’ll once again bring a miracle at the international stage by proving that there is a team from the LEC that will beat the best teams in the East.

The first days of SAKEN's career - KCorp Debut
Are you ready to watch them dominate the league?

With the mood of the LEC moving downwards, having fresh faces join the organization will definitely make a much-needed improvement to the region’s atmosphere. The KCorp fans were definitely successful in bringing an energy to the region that will make them believe once again that anything is possible even if it will take them a few years to achieve it. Reviving the region’s competitive spirit is the first step for the teams to pursue that goal.

Now that the popularity of the LEC has gone up once again, we can expect that the main organizations are willing to invest more money into building competitive teams. It’s naïve to think that these esports organizations won’t act on financial interest as their priority. Luckily, there’s a lot of interest in esports for the European League of Legends scene that we won’t see these teams stagnate anytime soon.

Is Karmine Corp a Top Contender?

It’s too early to say. They lost their first few games in the LEC but that’s because they had to face the tournament favorites in Fnatic and G2 Esports. However, the Winter Split is more like a trial period for these teams and we never know whether or not they will improve once the next season begins. There’s also the chance where they will be one of those overhyped superteams that end up disappointing everyone once the real tournament begins.

KC Saken and Coach Reha trophy - KCorp Debut
Hopefully, we see another trophy for the squad!

However, we’re not wishing the worst for Karmine Corp especially if we want them to stay in the LEC. The arrival of their fanbase has truly done wonders to revive the region and give its fans something to look forward to. It’s too early to make an assessment on who the best teams are especially when there are some teams who looked weak in the past that ended up being top competitors.

Who is the best player in Karmine Corp?

KCorp is home to some of the best players that Europe has to offer. There are familiar names on the roster and there are those that you probably have not heard of before. Some names that you want to take note of are:

1. Upset, ADC
2. SAKEN, Mid
3. Bo, Jungle

These 3 players have established themselves as one of the most accomplished players in their careers. However, League of Legends is a team game and having 3 superstars won’t win you any titles unless they areable to work together.

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