The King of Solo Queue: Dopa League of Legends Story

One of League of Legends most storied players is a man that is banned for 1000 years from playing the game. Dopa League of Legends’ notorious ELO booster and the unofficial greatest player of all time is a man that only some of the most avid fans of the game will ever get to know. We know that Koreans Have The Greatest Players in the World but if you’ve always thought that Faker was the real king of the region, you might change your mind after reading this article about Dopa.

The Origins of Dopa

Dopa/Apdo is a Korean League of Legends player and streamer was considered the country’s undisputed best player. “Why is that?” You may think. For one, Dopa was the Rank 1 Challenger player in both the Korean and Chinese servers, arguably the two most competitive regions in the world. He did all that while working full-time as an ELO booster who would boost other accounts up to Challenger with EASE. If you want to know which lane he plays in, he is capable of playing any role but prefers that mid lane, as all great players seem to do.

FAKER vs DOPA BEST OF 3 - Who Wins? | Skill Capped
Faker vs Dopa: Who do you think is better?

ELO boosting isn’t really one of Riot Games’ favorite professions. Dopa became an outlaw whose account would get banned every time Riot Games would figure out which account he was using. He would continue boosting accounts and creating smurfs of his own but Dopa League of Legends’ main account would forever be taken down by Riot Games. He continued to do so until one event would introduce something other than money that Dopa would strive for.

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Dopa, Faker, and Team Dark

After Korea, led by SK Telecom T1 and Faker won Worlds, Dopa wanted to try his chance for glory by creating his hand-picked team of Solo Queue players so he created Team Dark. He wanted to beat the best players in the world outside of Korean Solo Queue and get a feel of what it would feel like when he’s playing against organized teams like SKT. So, Team Dark signed up for Pandora Champions Winter 2013-2014 to give Dopa League of Legends’ pro-debut an epic intro.

Unfortunately, Riot Games still hasn’t forgotten about Dopa’s ELO boosting antics so they banned him from playing professionally for 2 years and banned his main account for 1000 years. Devastated and lost, Team Dark completely lost the will to take the tournament seriously and started trolling the tournament by paying tribute to CloudTemplar’s Retirement instead by drafting an all-jungler team. The Match Ended in 8 minutes and 20 seconds which held the title for Fastest Match in Esports until 2019.

Dopa Continues

Dopa League of Legends account was now banned for 1000 years and he couldn’t come back to esports. He had essentially been disgraced in the esports scene but that didn’t knock him down. He knew he was still the best so he continued playing League of Legends but he did so in China. He climbed the ranks and started streaming, continuing his daily routine and making money in the process. After all, bad publicity is still publicity.

Dopa League of Legends winning CHallenger 1 in China
Who else wants to carry a plate of cash?!

Dopa continued and continues to be a beast in Solo Queue. In September 14, he won 500,000 Yuan for placing 1st in Challenger Ladder, a challenge he only completed within one month. If that doesn’t convince you that he’s unofficially the best player of all-time, then nothing will. He was widely considered by both Chinese and Korean fans as one of the two most impactful players to have ever touched the game, the other person is Faker.

Head-to-Head: Faker vs Dopa

Faker and Dopa have never met head-to-head in the Esports scene since he got banned by Riot Games. Faker continued to dominate the pro-scene by winning two more World Championship Titles with SK Telecom T1, which is now known as T1. In terms of achievement, there’s no doubt that Faker would blow away Dopa and get international recognition due to his hardwork and diligence in the league. Outside of the Faker vs Dopa League of Legends rivalry, Faker is clearly unmatched too.

Dopa on the other hand is an incredibly smart player and is often considered the grandmaster of macro play, a Korean specialty. He is able to consistently reach Rank 1 in Challenger and can even do it in such a short amount of time. Dopa is also a master of the 4 major roles (support excluded) and is able to carry the game in those positions. Faker is a master of the mid lane but is not really on the same level as Dopa when it comes to the other lanes.

Both players have admitted that they respect each other and see each other as a master at their lanes. Dopa admitting that Faker is a great player is a praise that he only gives to a handful of people and is not said just out of shallow respect. Of course, these two often meet in Solo Queue but there really isn’t a source out there that can confirm who has the better record against the other in terms of their solo queue head-to-head.

Where’s Dopa Now?

In 2015, Dopa released a statement apologizing for ELO boosting so we can assume that he has stopped that endeavor altogether. Jumping to 2020, Dopa announced that he will be playing for one final season before doing his mandatory Korean Military Service since he’ll be turning 28 on 2021. In 2021, he claims that he was able to postpone his military service and will continue to play during Season 11. He spends most of his time making a living by streaming League of Legends.

Who is better Dopa or Faker?

Dopa is widely considered as the King of Solo Queue since he’s able to reach Rank 1 Challenger easily in both Korea and the Chinese Super Server. Faker on the other hand has won 3 World Championships and is considered the Greatest LoL Esports Player of All-Time. Both won in their respective areas.

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